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  1. Sharknado Gets a Video Game, Because Why Not?

    Chainsaws for everyone!

    Sharknado is getting an iOS game released the same day as the new movie.

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  2. Denny’s Is Remixing Atari Games Into Breakfast-Themed Slices of Weirdness


    Today in "What is this? Why is this?": Denny's, that bastion of fine American cuisine, has teamed up with Atari to provide the teeming masses with some free mobile games. Their titles: Centipup, Take-Out, and Hashteroids. I think I'm in love. And also hungry. But not for Denny's. Ew. IHOP all the way.

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  3. This Luigi Death Stare Cosplayer Won Anime Expo 2014

    I fear for my life.

    Cosplayer D Piddy usually attends cons as Deadpool—he's the one behind all those Deadpool vs [Insert Con Name Here] videos you watched when you were supposed to be working—but he mixed it up at Anime Expo 2014. Instead of the merc with a mouth, he attended as Mario Kart 8 Luigi, complete with death stare and blue shell. No one was safe.

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  4. SEGA Announces Sigourney Weaver & The Original Alien Cast Will Feature In Alien: Isolation Pre-Order Bonus Content

    In space, no one can hear you squee.

    BRB, running around the room screaming.

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  5. Build Your Own Handheld “Game Girl” For All Your Retro Gaming Needs

    But can it run Crysis?

    Calling all makers! Do you like to play with electronics? Do you have access to a 3D printer? If so, you can make your very own DIY handheld gaming device, thanks to the mad geniuses at Adafruit.

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  6. IeSF World Championship Changes Stance On Gender Segregation, Now “Open for All”

    All you gamer ladies, show us what you got!

    The International eSports Federation re-wrote their rules to allow anyone to enter their main World Championship tournaments.

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  7. Finnish Hearthstone Tournament Isn’t Accepting Female Entries

    Apparently girls aren't as good at video games.

    Finnish Assembly isn't allowing women to enter their Hearthstone tournament - but it's not entirely their fault.

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  8. The Number of Female Video Game Developers Has Doubled Since 2009

    Someone has to do all those animations.

    Like a lot of forms of media, gaming has a boring white dude protagonist problem. That's often attributed to the lack of women in game development, but new data released by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) shows that the number of female game developers has doubled since 2009. Hopefully that translates to more diversity in games, too.

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  9. And So The Steam Summer Sale Goes, With One Final Batch Of Deals

    Winter is coming.

    Do you hear that sound? That faint, rustling, sobbing sound? That is the sound of your wallet, crying with relief. It's almost over.

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  10. Neil Gaiman’s First Video Game Gets A July Release Date

    *spooky ghost sounds*

    Hearken back to 2013, and you may recall mention of Neil Gaiman teaming up with The Odd Gentlemen to create a video game. If that news had you all a-flutter, then get your mice and keyboards ready: The game in question, Wayward Manor, will be here in just two weeks. Huzzah! Hooray!

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