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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

video games

Bloody Good Fun

Game of the Year: Telltale Games’ Super Mario Bros. [Video]

Look, Luigi, your year had to end sometime. Don’t take it personally.

This short by Dorkly brings us the unholy mashup of Super Mario and The Walking Dead. Somehow, this combination strikes me as even more emotionally traumatic than the original. I’d still play it.


it's time to play the music

If You Watch Only One Rock Band Playing The Tetris Theme Today, Make It This One

I’m not sure I’ve ever described a cellist as “badass” before, but now seems like a good time to start.

The band you see here is Critical Hit. By the time you read this, I will have remedied my lack of their video game cover album.



Review: The Wolf Among Us, Episode Three

The thing that sucked me into Fables was how intimately familiar it was with the inner workings of the stories it drew from. There have been many contemporary stories with old-school fairy tale characters, but Fables had an eye for tiny details. It delighted in turning some tropes on their heads while preserving others for posterity (with varying degrees of success). Reading those comics was like falling along a Mobius strip, going from reimaginings to classic story and back again.

Until episode three, I didn’t realize that this was the thing I’d been missing from The Wolf Among Us. In all other ways, it felt like a Fables story. Same characters, similar-enough artwork, the correct balance of darkness, magic, and wry humor. But it was missing that secret ingredient — something that became apparent the minute it was mixed back in.

Mild spoilers for all three episodes of The Wolf Among Us, as well as for those who haven’t read the comics.


eye candy

Steph Caskenette Recreates Videogames in Nostalgic Digital “Papercraft” Art

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I’m not really sure what digital papercraft means. But I do know what a dang cute Kirby looks like.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Avant-Garde Watercolor Wonder Woman

Does this count as cubism? It’s been a long time since Art Appreciation for Non-Majors. (via So Geek Chic, artwork by Adam Lister)



Exploration Game Ether One Is A Head Trip Well Worth Taking

I’m walking through Pinwheel, a sleepy English seaside village. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and I can almost taste crisp ocean salt mingling with the rich air exhaled by the trees up the hill. There are no cars to be seen on the town’s winding stone roads. Just a bicycle here and there, and a small clutch of boats resting in the harbor. The quiet is broken only by occasional trill of birdsong, or the sound of the gentle river rushing. This is a town I want to live in, I think. This is how towns should be.

Except there’s nobody there. I’m not walking through the town itself, but through decades of memories, fragmented and fading. There’s a painful quality to this place, like thinking back on good times shared with a family member who has died. The colorful bunting, the birthday presents, the guitar resting by the window. Pleasant remembrances, but ones that represent something lost. I don’t know these memories, but part of me wants to let them lie.


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Game Developers Walk Out of Scripted Reality Show, With Sexism as the Last Straw

GAME_JAM was supposed to be a YouTube-based webseries, a reality show about four teams of game developers competing to win prizes and promote their careers. According to many of the folks involved, it was hamstrung by terrible contracts, mismanaged sponsorship, and a director who sought every opportunity to fabricate conflict against the will of participants, and a general misunderstanding of what game development actually involved. But the thing that united the sixteen contestants into walking off the show was when it attempted to get them to impugn the place of women in coding and game making.

And we think that’s pretty cool.


Submitted For Your Approval

Telltale Releases A Trailer For The Wolf Among Us, Episode 3

When last we left The Wolf Among Us, Bigby was f*#$@ing pissed. In this trailer for Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ series based on the Vertigo Comic, it seems not much has changed. That said, I’m very much enjoying this game and I look forward to threatening more Fables with my wolfy-ness.

Side note: how nice is it some folks are now taking the time to put a spoiler warning in the actual video? We saw that just yesterday with the Game of Thrones Honest Trailer.

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Morrigan disapproves

Dragon Age: Inquisition Voice Actors Claudia Black and Brian Bloom Talk About Their Craft [Video]

I’m not sure which moment was more exciting for me: Seeing Morrigan appear in the first teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, or playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time and hearing Aeryn Sun’s voice come out of the character who would become my very, very favorite.

No need to worry about spoilers here. It’s just two talented folks in the studio, talking about what they do best.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Han Solo and Batman Riding Atop Swift Wind

We’ll allow it. (via Nerd Approved)