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  1. Dancing Mad: How a Video Game Character Came to be the Standard by Which I Measure All Villains

    "You licentious howler!"

    When I was in high school, my younger brother showed me a video game he had just gotten into. It was called Final Fantasy 6 (or 3, depending on whether you go by the Japanese or American release number). There were so many things to like about it, from interesting characters to fabulous soundtracks and interactive storylines… but the thing that did it for me, the reason I stayed and watched as my brother played FF VI, was the villain.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Genderbent Sherlock Cosplay

    *standing ovation*

    Um. I. Uh. Someone send help. I have forgotten how to words.

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  3. Dorkly Presents 5 Of the Saddest Moments In The Last Of Us

    Brace for spoilers, tears.

    If you want to put some salt in your The Last of Us wounds, Dorkly has compiled a list of the game's 5 saddest non-story moments. Read 'em and weep.

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  4. Perfect: The Guardians of the Galaxy Opening Scene, Recreated In Destiny

    Come and get your love, Guardians.

    Ah, yes, we all loved that big entertaining thing this summer. You know, the one with a ragtag band of Guardians, defending space from evil aliens, and honing their sweet dance skills... wait, are we talking about Guardians of the Galaxy or Destiny? One intrepid soul recognized the similarities between 2014's biggest movie and game and re-created the opening sequence from the former in the latter. And it's beautiful.

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  5. Dorkly Maps Out Which Video Game Franchise Is Like Which Country On The Map

    Dorkly only picks a few countries and franchises to poke fun at here, but you could probably do this with the entire map if you wanted. Like, for example, I think France would probably be Gone Home, because it's esoteric and weird and doesn't give a crap what you think it's supposed to be like, but everyone's obsessed with it anyway. Any other ideas, gang?

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  6. Nintendo Releases New NES-Themed 3DS XL And Oh So Much Yes Please

    It's-a me, your drained bank account!

    Well, we didn't need money anyways, right? Nintendo has just announced that they're releasing three new variations of the 3DS XL before the 2014 holiday season - including one that looks like a classic NES controller. And the box it comes in? Shaped and designed like an NES console.

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  7. Awesome Video Game Hopes To Destigmatize Tampons By Using Them As Projectiles

    "Don't run out of tampons or it's GAME OVER." Just like in real life!

    Just about half of the world's population is capable of menstruation, and yet when it comes up in conversation, people sometimes act like it's the grossest thing to ever conceivably happen to a human being. You know what those menstruhaters need? A tampon to the face. Or, you know, better education and a society that teaches them not to bee so squeamish about others peoples' bodies, but gosh—throwing tampons is so much more cathartic.

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  8. BREAKING: Microsoft Looks to Be Buying Minecraft For a Lot of Money

    The Wall Street Journal is saying Microsoft is working on a deal to purchase Mojang AB, makers of Minecraft. Guess how much they're reportedly offering...

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  9. SEGA’s Alien: Isolation Asks, “How Will You Survive?” I Don’t Have An Answer.

    WARNING: scary/gross/creepy things.

    How am I going to play this game when my eyes are closed the whole time?

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  10. Dorkly Explains The Top 6 Reasons To Pre-Order a Game

    Spoiler alert: most of them are unfeasible.

    Pre-ordering massive AAA games has become a contentious issue in the gaming community, because no one exactly runs out of copies anymore and all you're really doing is throwing money at really huge developers who don't actually need it to be successful. But as Dorkly points out, there are there are some reasons why you should preorder. They're not... you know, amazing reasons. But they are reasons! That's very much a thing they are.

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