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  1. Awesome Video Game Hopes To Destigmatize Tampons By Using Them As Projectiles

    "Don't run out of tampons or it's GAME OVER." Just like in real life!

    Just about half of the world's population is capable of menstruation, and yet when it comes up in conversation, people sometimes act like it's the grossest thing to ever conceivably happen to a human being. You know what those menstruhaters need? A tampon to the face. Or, you know, better education and a society that teaches them not to bee so squeamish about others peoples' bodies, but gosh—throwing tampons is so much more cathartic.

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  2. BREAKING: Microsoft Looks to Be Buying Minecraft For a Lot of Money

    The Wall Street Journal is saying Microsoft is working on a deal to purchase Mojang AB, makers of Minecraft. Guess how much they're reportedly offering...

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  3. SEGA’s Alien: Isolation Asks, “How Will You Survive?” I Don’t Have An Answer.

    WARNING: scary/gross/creepy things.

    How am I going to play this game when my eyes are closed the whole time?

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  4. Dorkly Explains The Top 6 Reasons To Pre-Order a Game

    Spoiler alert: most of them are unfeasible.

    Pre-ordering massive AAA games has become a contentious issue in the gaming community, because no one exactly runs out of copies anymore and all you're really doing is throwing money at really huge developers who don't actually need it to be successful. But as Dorkly points out, there are there are some reasons why you should preorder. They're not... you know, amazing reasons. But they are reasons! That's very much a thing they are.

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  5. The Shadow of the Colossus Movie (Yes, Still Happening) Has A New Director

    AGRO, NO!

    Shadow of the Colossus was a watershed moment in video games. It's one of those games that belongs in a museum, or in a course about the history of games as art. Yes, it has flaws, but at the time, Colossus hugely pushed the boundaries of what a game could be. "Influential" doesn't begin to cover it.

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  6. Your Downloadable Games May Be Worse for the Environment Than Game Discs

    No wonder those birds are so angry.

    All those darn vidya games that you kids are downloading over the online are clogging up the air! There's just too much data flying around up there, and it's polluting everything! In my day, we used a series of tubes!

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  7. Dorkly Shows Us the Unsung Heroes of Video Games: Skeletons

    No bones about it.

    The conclusion of this Dorkly comic, titled "Video Games from the Skeletons' Point of View" and drawn by Tony Wilson, was enough to make me gigglesnort, but I might have an ulterior motive in sharing this particular post with you. And that is these rad skeleton gifs you need to see:

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  8. BioWare Shares All Romances For Dragon Age: Inquisition, Inclusive Of Different Orientations

    But which one will make me cry forever?

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is (finally) coming out on November 18th. And yeah, there will be dragons, and fighting, a presumably-excellent storyline, but as someone who has had her life ruined by both Garrus and Alistair, I know that we are all pretty stoked about the in-game romance options. BioWare's Mike Laidlaw has presented all the LI details—read on if you don't mind mild spoilers!

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  9. Nintendo Tweets 2014/15 Release Timeframe List With Wii U Zelda and Star Fox

    Get N or get out.

    Nintendo is getting aggressive about its release timetable to try to turn things around for the Wii U, and this newly-tweeted schedule for 2014 and 2015 says we'll have both a new Zelda and Star Fox by the end of the year—not to mention the huge list of Wii U games for the first half of 2015 on top of both Smash Bros. games coming out this year. That's certainly one way to turn around the idea that there's no reason to buy your company's console.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: In Space No One Can Hear You Sleep

    Etsy user CBedroom is selling some beautiful looking space bedding sets in their shop. My only worry is I'd wake up from an afternoon nap and think I fell through a wormhole.

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