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  1. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gets a New Trailer Featuring The Rainbow Lanterns


    Next to Batman: The Animated Series Batman, LEGO Batman is my favorite Batman. BATMAN!!! Here's the latest trailer for the next installment in the LEGO video game series.

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  2. Dorkly Shows Us Just How Much Gaming Has Changed

    OMG, remember when you absolutely NEEDED Nintendo Power magazine? Sigh. Memories. Find out other ways video games have changed in Dorkly's "Gaming, Then & Now (Part 2)."

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  3. Games for Girls? How About Games for Everyone?

    Gender-neutral games are too hard to animate.

    The portrayal and treatment of women in and around video games is a sore subject for a lot of us. It’s been talked about to death, and yet it still doesn’t seem like we’re making much progress. It’s a very polarizing but uniformly upsetting issue that lingers on in this otherwise great community like cat pee on an oriental rug.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Dumb and Dumber To Posters Parody Lucy‘s “10% of Your Brain” Schtick

    "Dumb" is right.

    This is the only time we will share a Dumb and Dumber To poster.

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  5. The Mary Sue’s Exclusive Interview & Art Preview Of The Upcoming Gauntlet Reboot

    Jill needs game badly.

    I was skeptical of the new Gauntlet at first. Then I saw the trailer and got to talk to Art Director Rob Tatnell about our shared memories, what to expect from this new version, plus the Warrior, Wizard, Elf, and most importantly to me, the well-armored Valkyrie. Read on for all of that plus some exclusive character and environment art!

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  6. The New Alien: Isolation Trailer Only Solidifies My Horror (and Excitement)

    *screaming internally and externally*

    I just...the more I see about this game, the more excited I get (I got a close-up look at SDCC) but also, I'm slightly concerned I won't be able to play it due to me possibly FREEZING UP FROM FEAR. But seriously, Alien: Isolation, I can't wait.

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  7. What Would Twin Peaks Look Like as an NES-Style Video Game? Damn Creepy.

    "One day my log will have something to say about this."

    "Yes, look in the mirror. What do you see? Is it a dream, or a nightmare? Are we being introduced against our will? Are they mirrors? I can see the smoke. I can smell the fire. The boss battle is drawing nigh."

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  8. This Hurts You: The Mass Effect Honest Trailer

    Those elevators are no freaking joke.

    When we of the weekend editorial team aren't doing our actual jobs, there's an extremely high chance that we're talking about Mass Effect. We're also of the opinion that parody is one of the highest forms of affection, so we were pretty stoked that the always-scathing Honest Trailers set their sights on our favorite game franchise (on the Citadel). Yes, your favorite squad member gets skewered. Yes, they rag on the ending. Yes, "Captain Janeway fantasies" is my new favorite euphemism.

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  9. Twitch Already Walking Back Some Parts of Policies Announced Yesterday, Users Still Concerned

    I'm just going to watch Fish Plays Pokémon until this blows over.

    Yesterday, Twitch rustled a lot of jimmies with new policies that removed the ability to save streams forever and began scanning saved videos for copyright infringement. Users let Twitch know how they felt about the new changes in a Reddit AMA, and Twitch is already acting on that feedback to improve the situation.

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  10. DC Comics Announces The Best Marketing Crossover: LEGO Variant Covers

    Gotta catch 'em all?

    Not all fans were thrilled with DC Comics' recent "selfie" variant cover theme but something tells me they'll be a bit more receptive to this one. To celebrate the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game being released later this year, the publisher is letting the minifigs take over.

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