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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

video games

Pretty Pretty Princess

Anna and Elsa Let Their Pacifistic Ways Go In Frozen Grand Theft Auto Mod [VIDEO]

They’re just poorly rendered versions of children’s movie characters placed into gameplay vid from something I’m not even that familiar with, why am I laughing this much?

One more behind the jump. Hold onto your butts.


eye candy

Geek Chic Headphones & Sunglasses Will Make You The Envy Of All Nerds

Ketchupize is a design studio based in Athens, Greece.  Their work immediately caught my eye while surfing Etsy recently and since I’m both a nerd and have a sunglasses obsession, I basically want them all. Items range from about $40-85 depending on the style of headphones or glasses/sunglasses and feature designs from Doctor Who, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead, My Little Pony, and more!


old gods do new jobs

Classic Video Game Characters Cosplay Other Classic Video Game Characters

The art of Jorge Vargas takes us to the realm of video game-ception. BRRRRRRRM. No, I’m never going to stop using the Inception BRRRRRM. Why do you ask? I don’t care if it’s a bit old hat by now.


Bloody Good Fun

A Comprehensive Look At Video Game Easter Eggs [Video]

Some of my favorite video game memories involve discovering Easter eggs. This video covers a sampling of games from the ’70s to today, including everything from hidden messages to developers’ faces. I was happy to see a few of my favorites in here, too (Shifty Looking Cow, the hidden areas in Portal, Borderlands 2′s creeper cave, Whimsyshire…). One amendment, though: the Battlefield 4 Megalodon has indeed been found.


Hey! Listen!

A Compilation Of The Most Frustrating Moments In Video Games

Come, gamers, let us swap war stories and console one another. This video speaks to us all. And just in case this wasn’t emphasized enough:

All underwater levels.

All. Underwater. Levels.


Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

New Alien: Isolation Video Evokes An Old School, Low Tech Future

I am excited for this game. I am very excited for this game. Set fifteen years after the final voyage of the Nostromo, Alien: Isolation will cast the player as Weyland-Yutani employee Amanda, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother. Her mother, Ellen Ripley. This should end well!

The video above highlights the developers’ efforts to create an environment that looks and feels like the “chunky, analog, push-button” world of the original film. From this and other preview material I’ve seen, it seems like a lot of effort is being put into summoning that quiet, slow-burn tension Alien is so famous for. Bring it on.



Adventure Game Moebius: Empire Rising Gets Tangled Up In Itself

I have to be honest. I haven’t finished playing Moebius. I would guess that I have about an hour or two left. As I write this, I don’t think that’s going to change, even though I can’t tell you whether or not I recommend a game that I haven’t played through. There are folks who will dig this game, and more power to you. There is some good stuff in there, and I did enjoy parts of it. But I reached my limit. I didn’t finish it, even though it’s my job to do so.

Well, actually — no. My job is to tell you about my experience in a game. That much I can do.

Mild spoilers ahead, plus two puzzle solutions.


We Can Be Heroes

Today in Indie Comics: Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time

Ever wonder what’s going through the mind of your favorite video game characters once the console is off? Curious how the heroes you love spend their downtime between boss battles? Zac Gorman‘s gorgeous animated webcomic series Magical Game Time explores exactly those thoughts. The art’s use of texture and muted colors create a perfect isolated and self-reflective feel to the comic, which explores the inner lives of some of gamedom’s most iconic heroes as well as sharing the artist’s own musings on the way that video games, their stories, and their characters affect the lives of the players.


The Future Is Now!

Leeloo Is The Perfect 8-Bit Being In This Version Of The Fifth Element [VIDEO]

CineFix has put together an 8-bit version of my all-time favorite film, The Fifth Element (with a little 16-bit, they admit.) What I wouldn’t give to play this game. My only issue is they kept her in the bandage outfit the whole time. I personally prefer the orange suspenders.

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star-Lord Is a Cyberman

At least that’s how it looks in this new pic put out by Marvel. (Digital Spy)