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Vi Hart

  1. In Which Vi Hart Explains Why Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Others [VIDEO]


    I have a vague grade school memory of countering someone's declaration that they were cooler than me "times infinity" with my being cooler than them "times infinity plus one." Turns out, my claim has at least some potential for validity, because infinities come in different sizes. I'll let the brilliant Vi Hart explain.

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  2. Insert Math Into Your Thanksgiving Meal Equation [VIDEO]

    Do Try This At Home

    We all know cooking requires math (unless you're my mother, in which case it's "ohh, about this much salt, that much flour") but have you ever thought of creating a meal revolving around math? Victoria Hart, aka Vi Hart, has done just that with some Thanksgiving themed videos. Watch here as she makes Mathed Potatoes and hit the jump for how to make Borromean Onion Rings and Green Bean Matherole.

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  3. Vi Hart’s Mathematical, Musical Doodles [Video]

    i'll just leave this here

    Musical/mathematical artist Vi Hart has put together a meditative and lovely video featuring math-inspired doodles and music. Parts of it sound like they could be in a yoga session, in a good way. It's a nice way to zone out during your lunch break. After the jump, read Hart's description.

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  4. O, Hear the Musings of Henri the Ennui Cat, and Then a Response From a Dog [Videos]


    A few years ago, Henri the Ennui Cat took the internet by storm, not that it even mattered though. We're all just floating along in this world, waiting for time to pass, until we all head to that litter box in the sky -- unless that doesn't exist either. Featuring piano music from Vi Hart (known for her math videos), Henri makes his existential crisis-filled return in "Henri 2, Paw de Deux." And after the jump, the canine response.

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  5. Vi Hart Hosts a Doodletastic Triangle Party [Video]

    Fast-talking math-whiz Vi Hart has some thoughts to share with you about how triangles are really cool. 

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  6. Happy Pi Day! (Or Is That Half Tau Day?)

    By geek tradition, 3/14 is widely celebrated as Pi Day, because, well 3.14 and all of that. Hardly just the mathematical constant used to define various key properties of circles, pi is symbolic of the enigmatic power of math. The symbol is teasingly simple, yet the number goes on forever; truly, a most poetic idea. And it sounds like "pie," and everybody loves pie. OK, we'll admit it: A big part of Pi Day's appeal is that geeks want to stuff themselves with baked goods, but hey, you deserve it. Here's the thing: Though everyone likes pie, not everyone likes pi. Vi Hart, whose work we've featured in the past, is one such person: In the video above, she allies herself with tau (τ), the mathematical constant defined as 2π. For reasons outlined in the video, Hart and tau proponents (Tauists?) argue that if history and schools had worked together to ensure that tau rather than pi was adopted as the circle constant of choice, math education would be a lot less confusing and many equations would look much more elegant. All fascinating stuff, but if that sounds a little dry, Hart bakes two delicious pies in the video, so we all win. (via TDW)

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