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  1. NASA Hosting Curiosity Rover Teleconference at 3pm ET, Watch It Live Here

    This afternoon NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be hosting a live teleconference to update everyone on how the Mars Curiosity rover is doing. It seems like things are going well. Earlier today the team behind the rover confirmed that Curiosity collected the first ever sample from the interior of a Martian rock. The teleconference will start at 3pm ET, and we have the live feed right here for your convenience.

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  2. Digital Rights Management Robots Killed the Hugo Awards Stream

    Winning in one of the categories at the Hugo Awards is basically the science fiction equivalent of winning an Oscar. Yet, in a scenario that wouldn't have been out of place in one of the stories awarded, the Ustream broadcast from Worldcon this past Sunday, September 2nd, was cut off in the middle of Neil Gaiman's acceptance due to copyright infringement. The feed had been automatically dropped by digital rights management software and couldn't be brought back up.

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  3. Ustream Outperformed Cable News During Curiosity Landing

    The NASA livestream apparently did really well for itself this past Sunday during the Curiosity rover's landing on the surface of Mars. According to Tony Riggins, spokesman for Ustream, more than 3,200,000 folks watched the rover's descent via their streaming platform. Across the various streams, the landing had 500,000 concurrent viewers during its peak. Cable networks, on the other hand, did surprisingly poorly in comparison.

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  4. Geekolinks: 7/5

    Big Bang Big Boom (blu)

    The Facebook Economy (VisualEconomics)

    The Space Savingest Furniture (Core77Inc)

    Ereaders Take Longer to Read than Books (Mashable)

    Brazil Has More Fun Than You (Surf with Berserk)

    The ExtraLives Marathon UStream (UStream)

    Weird Japanese Thing of the Day (Wimp)

    (image via Threadless.)

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  5. The Hawaiian Tsunami Was Amazing – If Only For The Science

    Within minutes of the earthquake just off of Chile's coast early this morning, the US Geological Survey had it pegged - an 8+ on the Richter scale, ten times as strong as Haiti's 7.0.

    A short time later, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration presented a map of expected energy distribution throughout the Pacific Ocean. In other words, where one could expect tsunamis. Hawaii, it appeared, was well within the danger zone.

    The state moved into action, sounding tsunami warning alarms before sunrise, evacuating beaches and low-lying areas, sending boats out of harbors and into the open sea, where surges of high water posed no harm. KHON Fox 2 in Honolulu went on the air, exploring possible ramifications and providing updates.

    Then someone put a camera in front of his TV, aimed it at KHON, and put it on At its peak, the stream had over 80,000 viewers.

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