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University of Colorado

  1. Good News, Everyone! The Sun Won’t Actually Die As Soon As We Thought

    The bad news is that death, however slow its approach, continues to be inescapable.

    We know you were all worried about the possibility of our  sun becoming too hot and eventually drying up all the Earth's oceans with its fiery wrath. Well, it's okay! You can all relax now. It's probably going to happen a few billion years later than we thought it would, so we have plenty of time to destroy the planet ourselves first.

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  2. Cougars And Sugar-Daddies Are Largely Creatures Of Myth, Says New Study

    Conventional wisdom seems to lean toward the idea that marriages between individuals of very different ages are about the money, but new research says that couples in marriages where one spouse is significantly older than the other tend to earn less money, be less educated, and are even less attractive than their similarly-aged counterparts. Tough break, cougars.

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  3. Obvious Study Says Unfriending on Facebook Has Real Life Consequences

    It may just seem like a small click in the virtual world, but did you know that unfriending someone on Facebook can impact your real world relationship with them as well? Yes. Of course you did. Everyone knows that. That didn't stop researchers at the University of Colorado from proving it with a new study. Besides proving what we already know, the study also quantifies what percentage of people care about being unfriended, and gives some factors that affect how strongly your real life is impacted by an unfriending.

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  4. Good News, Junkies: Scientists Block Addictive Properties of Opioids, Keep Painkilling Factor Intact

    Anyone who has ever been in the hospital for a major injury knows one incontrovertible fact about morphine: It is pretty damn spectacular. Opioids have been in use as pain relievers for centuries, and we have yet to find anything that is anywhere near as effective at managing physical discomfort. Morphine was the best painkiller surgeons had on hand hundreds of years ago, and it's still among the best today. Its only drawback, really, is that it's too good. The pain releiving qualities of opioids are deeply intertwined with the qualities that make it one of the most addictive substances known to science. A collaboration between researchers at the University of Colorado and Australia's University of Adelaide may have hit the jackpot of pain relief, though. In a paper to be published later this week in the Journal of Neuroscience the team is reporting a breakthrough that lets opioids retain their pain-killing punch while dulling their addictive qualities.

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  5. University of Colorado Auctioning Off Basketball Flooring

    In case you're in the market, the University of Colorado is auctioning off their basketball/volleyball court flooring. Yes, that's right, this is a thing that people apparently can do. The auction is happening over at Higher Ed Plus, which appears to be an eBay of sorts for public goods, where the bidding starts at the low, low price of $5,000. While supplies last.

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