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Universal Studios

  1. AoT/Marvel Crossover Will Feature Avengers-On-Titan Action In NYC; Universal Studios To Erect “Life-Sized” Display

    But why eat people when there's shawarma, you fools?

    So remember the Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover that was teased earlier this week? Some pleasingly-epic details were just released about what the storyline will offer for both properties, and damn if those flesh-eating monsters don't have a busy schedule ahead of them.

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  2. 13-Year-Old Girls Take On Universal Studios After Being Harassed At Halloween Horror Nights


    An upsetting story with a surprisingly positive ending: on September 26th, 13-year-old girls Roxy Fisher and Kayla Beals were called sexist slurs by a performer at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

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  3. Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Rights Secured by Universal, More Vampire Movies Incoming

    Too! Too many vampire movies! Ah ah ah ah.

    It looks like Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have sympathy for the devil: They—along with Brian Grazer—have secured the rights to Anne Rice's entire series of Vampire Chronicles novels. Although, the only way they'll ever have time to make movies out of all those books is if they're undead immortals.

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  4. The New Wizarding World of Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts Ride Looks Like So Much Fun [VIDEO]

    It's lev-i-O-sa!

    Having finally visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year, I can honestly say if you're a Harry Potter fan, it's a must-see. And it will be more so soon as the Escape from Gringotts expansion is set to open this summer. Look ahead for a shot of the actual ride car and a few more details.

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  5. Anyone Want To Grab A Beer At Moe’s Tavern? We’ll Be Able To Soon Thanks To Universal Studios

    Universal Studios is getting a Simpsons area and bringing Moe's Tavern and Duff beer to life!

    Stop arguing over which Springfield you think The Simpsons is set in, because the answer is going to be Florida -- sort of. Universal Studios is adding a Simpsons area to the park that will include a Krusty Burger, Lard Lad donuts, and even Taco Fresho run by Bumblebee Man. If you're a parent dealing with dragging your kids around a theme park, stop by Moe's Tavern for some Duff Beer that's brewed just for the park. Let's all say it together. Ready? On three. One. Two. Three: I want to go to there.

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  6. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: Back to the Future LEGO Set’s Really Happening

    LEGO's just released the summer review results from their CUUSOO website, which is a system where modelers can submit their creations in the hopes that they'll eventually become actual sets. Once a submission manages 10,000 votes from the community, LEGO reviews them and makes a call on whether they move forward with the project. That's how that sweet Minecraft LEGO set came to fruition. One of those in the spotlight this time around was an impressive Back to the Future DeLorean model. You can probably see where this is going. Yes, a Back to the Future LEGO set is really, truly happening.

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  7. Universal Delays Bourne Legacy, Baldfacedly Admits It’s Because of The Avengers


    Back when Paramount announced that it would be postponing the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation nine entire months, ostensibly to retrofit it with 3D and reshoot some scenes, we raised our eyebrows suspiciously. Hollywood is sort of reeling from the success of The Avengers, because while it means great things for Marvel Studios and everyone else involved in the production, it's kind of sucking the life out of the rest of the summer blockbuster season. See, the thing about The Avengers is not that it had a huge spike in attention, made a bunch of money, and then got out of the way for the next batch of action blockbusters. It's sitting around, the 800 pound gorilla and the unexpected houseguest all in one. Which brings us to Universal's press release on why they've delayed the latest installment of their highly successful Bourne franchise.

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  8. This Back to the Future LEGO Set Could Become a Reality

    While there are many official LEGO tie-ins available, Back to the Future sadly isn't one of them. That might be changing, however, now that user m.togami has received 10,000 votes on LEGO's CUUSOO website. With the passing of that important milestone, the possibility of this becoming an official LEGO set moves tantalizingly close to reality. But it's not there yet.

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  9. Universal Studios’ Jaws Ride Closes Down, but You Can Experience It With This Simulated YouTube Tour

    Universal Studios' Jaws ride may be closed and gone forever, but a well-shot, simulated tour of the entire experience -- including the walk through the midway leading up to the ride -- forever lives on thanks to InsideTheMagic's YouTube account. The video tour, and nostalgia, after the break.

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  10. Jaws Re-imagined As a Heartwarming Family Tale [Video]

    And All Was Right With the World

    In case you happen to follow me -- or The Mary Sue -- on Twitter, you might know that I was on vacation in Orlando last week. But the day I left for said vacation, I was really disheartened to find out that the Jaws ride, one of the original attractions at Universal Studios when it opened in 1990, will be closing! So, I rode it one more time, and it was a truly sentimental experience. (Eh, not really.) In fact, the video above -- by Caleb Hepler -- echoes my feelings almost exactly. (Again, not really.) I'll miss that curious shark! (Ehhhhhh ... maybe a little.) (via Laughing Squid)

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