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  1. An Important Reminder: Everything Is Chemicals

    Someone gave my wife a “Chemical Free Weed Killer” recipe. I made some corrections. pic.twitter.com/xUvLBa7J6o — Glen Tickle (@glentickle) June 12, 2014 A recipe for “non-chemical weed killer” is making its way around the Internet and real world. It even made its way to my refrigerator somehow. Being the science-minded person I am, I fixed […]

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  2. Fargo Star Allison Tolman Takes Body-Shamer To Task On Twitter

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Oh no you didn't, random twitter dude.

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  3. This Analytics Website Uses Twitter To Track Flu Outbreaks

    So maybe you should be livetweeting all your meals.

    Anyone with a Twitter account knows that the first thing you do when you think you're about to get sick is tweet ad nauseum (no pun intended) about that oncoming flu or cold. Is it annoying to your followers? Probably. But it might also be helpful to researchers looking to track those diseases.

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  4. So… The CIA Now Has a Twitter Account

    And you all LAUGHED at my tin foil iPhone cover.

    It's tough to be the CIA these days. At worst, you're a joke. At best, you're the washed-up spooks that everyone used to be afraid of before the NSA rolled in and made spying on innocent civilians into an art form. So what's a shadowy government organization to do? Dick around on Twitter, I guess.

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  5. Nielsen Twitter Infographic Reveals The TV Shows We Talk About The Most

    The Boob Tube

    From Heisenberg to How I Met Your Aunt Robin, this broadcast TV season has been full of moments that warranted discussion (or angry, inarticulate yelling at screens). Nielsen Social used Twitter data to reveal the shows that got us talking, and wow...we obviously had a lot of feelings. Can you guess which geek shows made the top 10?

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  6. The Secret Service Wants to Buy a Sarcasm Detector, We Bet That Will Work out Sooo Well

    It's a good thing it doesn't exist yet, because the response to this news would have overloaded it.

    The Secret Service does not approve of the Internet's secret sarcasm. Come on, you guys. Don't you know that the Internet is most useful for spreading information quickly in an emergency and definitely not for snickering trolls and reaction GIFs? That's why they're looking to purchase software designed to detect sarcastic tweets.

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  7. They’re Iz Litterall Grammer Nazis — Ackual Nazis Who Are Care for Grammer — onn Twitter

    Who new?

    If you're the type of person who corrects people on the Internet you've likely been called a "grammar nazi" at some point, but did you know that there are ACTUAL nazis online who care about spelling and grammar? Neither did we until yesterday when the BBC's Benjamin Ramm found this tweet from the American Nazi Party.

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  8. The Best Twitter Reactions to Last Night’s Game of Thrones

    Hear Me Roar

    You may have heard, but a *cough* thing happened on last night's Game of Thrones. If you know, you know. For the sakes of those who haven't yet seen the episode, I'm not going to get into it. I'll let Twitter do that instead. Obviously, WARNING: Spoilers for last night's episode under the jump.

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  9. Twitter’s CEO Says You Should Always Pronounce the @ in Twitter Handles, Here’s Why We Think He’s Wrong

    In other news, I'm having flashbacks to the GIF wars of 2013.

    Last month, the Twitter account for On The Media, an NPR-affiliated radio program and blog devoted to discussing current trends in media coverage, ran a tweet that contained the phrase "an @Guardian article." Apparently, this usage is supposed to be grammatically correct. We still have issues with this idea, and we bet some of you do, too.

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  10. Stop Inviting Pope Francis to Facebook, He’s Never Going to Join

    Well, someone needs to play Words With Friends with me.

    If Pope Francis believes the Internet is a "gift from God," then Facebook is humanity's inevitable corruption of that gift. His Holiness said recently that he will not not be joining Facebook, because, you know, it's terrible—and even a special visit from the network's representatives couldn't sway him.

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