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  1. Ice Beats Cancer: New Technique Freezes Lung Tumors

    We've seen treatments with lasers, and treatments with tiny gold nanoparticles, but this is a new one on us: Secondary tumors that form in the lungs of cancer patients can now safely be killed using tiny ice crystals. Unlike other treatments, the process known as cryoablation has seen phenomenal success in a small-scale study, allowing patients to return home as soon as the day after their treatment. It is by no means a cure, but it looks like it has the potential to be a safe and reliable way to treat these types of lung tumors, and its future looks bright for more applications as well.

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  2. GMO Corn Researcher Starts to Look Even Sketchier, Won’t Turn Over Data to Food Safety Agency

    Proving the principle that putting the words "Causes Cancer" in a headline behind literally any other string of words will guarantee you some news coverage, a French study showing a link between cancer in rats and genetically modified corn has been getting a lot of play over the last couple of days, with a truly heartening proportion of the coverage calling shenanigans on the study. Today, author Gilles-Eric Seralini is defending the study, even as he refuses to turn over his data to ESFA, the European Union's food safety watchdog for a counter study.

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  3. Aggressive Tasmanian Devils May Need to Chill Out to Survive

    Today in Solutions to Problems That Probably Don't Really Count As Solutions, scientists are proposing a new remedy to the bizarre, contagious facial tumors that are slowly but surely wiping out the world's Tasmanian devil population. That solution? Make the creatures less aggressive. The disease that causes the tumors is spread by biting, which, aside from spinning rapidly in circles and being manipulated by Bugs Bunny, is pretty much all Tasmanian devils are really good at. Their whole raison d'etre is more or less based around biting. If you take that away, there's an argument that you're not really dealing with a Tasmanian devil at all anymore, but that may also be one of the only ways to save the species.

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  4. Researchers Track Cancerous Tumors Back to Stem Cells

    Our understanding of cancer and tumors has grown tremendously over the years. Ways to help prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of cancers have cropped up over time, but we still haven't been able to eliminate it at the source. That may very well change as we continue to investigate a recent series of experiments. A group of researchers have tracked cancerous growth in mice back to a specific subset of cells for skin cancer, brain cancer, and stomach cancer.

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