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  1. 23 Nuclear Power Plants are Potential Fukushimas

    Researchers issued a warning that the meltdown seen at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan two years ago could be far from an isolated incident. Around the world, 23 nuclear power plants housing a grand total of 74 nuclear reactors are situated in areas that are at risk of suffering a tsunami like the one that crippled the Fukushima Daiichi reactor, says a study published today in the journal Natural Hazards.

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  2. Japanese Dock Torn Loose in Tsunami Washes Ashore in Oregon Bringing Unwelcome Guests

    This past Tuesday, another somber reminder of last year's horrific tsunami that devastated Japan washed up on the coast of the United States. An enormous section of dock from Misawa in northern Japan traveled across the Pacific ocean for over a year before finally washing ashore on Agate Beach, Oregon. Removing the enormous piece of debris will be tricky, but the non-native species onboard may pose the real threat.

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  3. Ghost Ship from Japanese Tsunami Sunk Off Canadian Coast by U.S. Coast Guard

    In late March, the derelict 200-foot long shrimp trawling boat Ryou-Un Maru was spotted off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The boat had been missing since March 11, 2011 when it was thrown out to sea during the deadly tsunami that ravaged coastal Japan. Days after being spotted, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Anacapa intercepted the boat and blew the ever lovin' hell out of it. See more pictures, after the break.

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  4. A Shocking Visualization of Every Earthquake Around Japan in 2011

    For those of us observing at a distance, the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last year seemed like a singular, horrible event. However, this visualization created by StoryMonoroch shows that it was, rather, a shocking surge in geologic activity. Using red circles and sound effects to indicate the magnitude and depth of each earthquake, this video is a sobering reminder of the powerful forces at work on our planet. See the video, after the break.

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  5. Google Street View Now Provides Look at Post-Tsunami Japan

    In July, Google said they were going to digitally archive the areas of Northeastern Japan that were hit by the March earthquake and tsunami. Yesterday, Google -- as they put it themselves -- made good on the promise, and have made the digital archive available to the public on Google Street View.

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  6. TEPCO Releases Photos of Fukushima Nuclear Plant on Day of Tsunami Impact

    TEPCO, the beleaguered energy company that owns the Fukushima nuclear plant that experienced a meltdown following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th, has for the first time released photos of the plant the day it was hit by the tsunami. The photographs present a scene of great chaos and destruction: However, recent evidence suggests that the plant's nuclear reactors may have been critically damaged by the earthquake which occurred hours before the tsunami hit. More photos:

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  7. Things We Saw Today: How Big the Tsunami Wave Really Was

    Things We Saw Today

    This is an image from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory illustrating just how world-engulfing the tsunami wave from the Sendai earthquake was. Click here for the full version.

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  8. Videos From The Sendai Earthquake

    We live in a highly connected age, with millions of cameras and an extremely vibrant news industry, that is able to put eyes on even the most harrowing events and bring them to the world. That was especially apparent today when after a record-setting earthquake struck Japan, videos and news coverage poured out of the country. For those of us far away from today's events, these images are likely to be the indelible images that we remember. This first video, from the BBC, shows a terrifying and amazing scene, taken not long after the tsunami hit the coast of Japan this morning, showing a boat caught in a huge whirlpool. Commentators on the video and other sources say that this was likely caused by the interaction between the forward rushing water and the sea floor. There's no word, as of yet, as to whether the boat was occupied or not.

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  9. 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan, Tsunami Follows

    Natural Disasters

    At 2:46 pm local time, a massive earthquake hit Japan, causing between 200 and 300 deaths and hundreds more reported missing (at the time of this writing). Thousands of residents are evacuating in the wake of the tsunami that followed, and coastal flooding has resulted in extensive damage to rice fields, homes, and entire towns. The quake itself sparked at least 80 fires, according to Japan's Kyodo News Service, and residents have felt 67 aftershocks with magnitudes as big as 7.1. The epicenter was approximately 230 miles to the northeast of Tokyo. Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, but this 8.9 event is being called the biggest in 100 years. Waves from the tsunami have rocked the Pacific Ocean and reached the shores of Hawaii. They are expected to reach the west coast of the United States this morning but serious damage is not expected. Residents of California are not, however, advised to visit the shores today. The Red Cross is now accepting donations for earthquake relief. (Top pic via Business Insider, Story via CNN)

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  10. Hacked Twitter of Indonesian President’s Disaster Advisor Warns of Fake Tsunami

    The Twitter account of the Indonesian disaster management advisor, Andi Arief, was hacked yesterday and used to issue a fake tsunami warning. The message in the screen capture translates to "Jakarta tsunami tomorrow," which, considering Indonesia has the second largest Twitter user base in the world, was recently hit by a tsunami, and Andi Arief is Indonesia's disaster management advisor, caused a little panic. To everyone's relief, Arief regained his Twitter account and let everyone know about the hacking and the lack of actual tsunamis.

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  11. Hackers Exploit Chile Earthquake, Tsunamis to Spread Malware

    We could have seen this coming based on past tragedies like the Haiti earthquake last month, but that doesn't make it any less wrong: hackers are already exploiting the widespread concern over the earthquake in Chile and the threat of tsunamis to infect people's computers with malware and viruses.

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