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True Facts

  1. New True Facts Video Proves Tarsiers Are Even Weirder Than They Look

    The really quite excellent Ze Frank is back, reciting poignant facts about strange animals in dulcet tones, and making our workdays the better for it. This time, Frank has set himself to educating us on the tarsier, a task he manages with admirably little giggling, considering how weird these things are. For example, did you know that tarsiers are mighty hunters, and the only entirely carnivorous primate? This fact should not leave you intimidated by tarsiers, unless you are an insect, lizard, or small bird, which our audience research metrics suggest that you are not. So, no need to worry -- just watch the video below and enter your weekend more educated on all matters tarsier-related.

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  2. We Exist Because Morgan Freeman Narrates That We Exist

    Last week we showed you True Facts About Sloths by YouTube genius Ze Frank, but according to this week's episode of True Facts we only did that because Morgan Freeman narrated us showing you True Facts About Sloths. It seems that the world is controlled not by elaborate laws of physics, but by the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman's voice. For example, did you know that penguins didn't exist until Morgan Freeman recorded the narration for March of the Penguins? It's true, because it's on the Internet, and the Internet would never ever lie to us.

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  3. Learn the Ugly Facts About the Even Uglier Anglerfish [Video]

    We assume the reason people don't take the time to engage in a thorough, extensive study of the anglerfish is because one can't go five minutes without getting nauseous looking at the thing. Really, it's that aesthetically repulsive. In spite of the anglerfish's horrendous visage, the world does know a few things about its natural behavior and other nuggets of knowledge that may walk that fine line of being too much information. Enter YouTube user zefrank1 and his groundbreaking documentary on the runner-up for most disgusting aquatic life form to swim Earth's vast oceans. After the sea cucumber, of course.

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