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  1. Ladies Kickin’ Butt on Hulk: The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview with Disney Infinity 3.0 Designer Jeff Bunker

    You're no match for Mulan and Minnie, big guy.

    Last year The Mary Sue spoke to Disney Infinity 2.0's executive producer John Vignocchi about Disney Infinity's commitment to having tons of awesome playable female characters, and Disney Infinity 3.0 is no different.

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  2. Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund Officially Getting Back on the Grid for Disney’s Tron 3

    Flynn lives?

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund are gearing up to reprise their Tron: Legacy roles for a new Tron film set to begin shooting this fall in Vancouver. (Not Tronronto, sadly.)

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Manfeels Park, a Webcomic of Found Internet Dudefeels

    Excuse me, but do you have any evidence of that claim?

    More than just the merciless "exercise in flogging a pun for all it’s worth," Manfeels Park takes all the sea-lioning, concern-trolling, and other Internet argument tactics and turns them into little nuggets of cathartic joy.

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  4. NASA’s Next Spacesuits Look Like A Weird Cross Between TRON, Gru, And Buzz Lightyear

    If Buzz Lightyear wore awkward shorts.

    NASA is developing a prototype for a brand-new spacesuit that will begin testing this fall, in anticipation of a manned mission to Mars. Super exciting! Science! The future! And also... the ugliest, weirdest looking outfit we've ever seen? With shorts?

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  5. Things We Saw Today: A Life-Size Replica of Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite

    Things We Saw Today

    Yes, for a mere $7000, Han Solo can become your favorite decoration, too. You'll have to practice the evil laughter on your own, though. (via Collider)

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  6. Things We Saw Today: New International Poster for Monsters University

    Things We Saw Today

    And speaking of Pixar, the film previously known as Untitled Disney-Pixar Inside the Mind Film now has an actual title: Inside Out. It's "told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl" and is directed by Pete Docter, who also directed Monsters, Inc. and Up (via The Daily Blam, /Film)

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  7. Ripley Fights for the Users

    Peanut Butter and Chocolate

    We don't have any better ideas than you on this one, I'm afraid. And if you're not familiar with the original scene, throw some headphones on. It's NSFW for language. (via Dvice.)

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  8. Tron 3 Has Found A Writer But Will It Have An Audience?

    Thank You?

    I remember seeing preview footage of Tron: Legacy at San Diego Comic-Con and being pretty impressed. The 3D actually made sense and they seemed to have a good handle on a story that would do the original film justice. When I saw the full movie I thought it was good, not great, and didn't expect them to make any more. While the idea was bounced around for a while, it looks like it's finally gaining momentum.

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  9. Cats Invade Your Favorite Movie Posters

    Today in Awesome

    Think you know your movie posters? What if they starred felines instead of people? Because cats make everything better, artist Brian Kirk replaced the usual folks in these film posters with them. Can you name them all?

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  10. Famed Artist Jean Giraud (Moebius) Passes Away At 73

    Today in Depressing

    Last week I had to bring you the news of Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie's passing. Today, another huge blow for art lovers. Jean Giraud, known in the art world as Moebius, has died at the age of 73. Moebius was a French artist best known for his comic book work but also his work on films like Tron and Alien. Hit the jump for a look at his work. 

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  11. Bruce Boxleitner Says Tron 3 is On …3

    And So It Begins

    Can't... not... rhyme... There have been rumors of yet a third dip into the setting of Tron since literally before the DVD release of Tron: Legacy. No, wait, I just checked. They've been around since the April before Tron: Legacy's December release. So lets just say that for better or worse there's a precedent, and furthermore one does not cast Cillian Murphy in a role with three minutes of screentime unless perhaps one plans to use his character in a later movie. And now the Tron sequel's sequel is getting its confirmation biased by none other than Bruce Boxleitner, Tron himself.

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  12. Brand New Footage From Tron: Uprising

    It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

    Going behind the scenes of the program revolution, the new Disney XD animated series Tron: Uprising takes place directly before the events of Tron: Legacy, and now we can get a proper look at it with this new trailer for the show. It follows Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood), the leader of uprising against The Grid. The 10-part micro series also features the voice talent of Mandy Moore, Lance Henriksen, Bruce Boxleitner, and Paul Reubens. (via i09)

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  13. More Evidence For A Third Tron Movie

    i'll just leave this here

    Rumblings and rumors of a planned third Tron movie have been going on for months and months, beginning with some dubious hints garnered from, of all things, the British Board of Film Classification. A mystery track on the Blu-ray edition of Tron: Legacy listed some of the major actors from Legacy as starring in it, but no one could figure out what it was. That track turned out to be, instead of a teaser of a movie to come, more of a coda on the end of the last movie, a ten minute short about what actually happened to Flynn the Elder at the end of the movie and the post-movie career path of Flynn the Younger. But now, in the form of a leaked easter egg from the Tron: Legacy DVD, we've got another tease.

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  14. Tron: The Next Day is Probably Not A Teaser for Tron 3


    A 10-minute Tron short was released online with a story that filled in what happened between Tron and Tron: Legacy. Featuring unused footage from the latter, everyone is wondering if it's an extended version of a 3-minute short that is set to appear as an easter egg on the Tron: Legacy DVD (expected in April). Some rumors are that the short is meant to be a possible teaser for a third Tron movie. (No such movie has been officially announced or green-lit, though there's been a lot of speculation despite Tron: Legacy's performance in theaters.) Before watching, this video does include SPOILERS, specifically related to the Flynn Lives. (/film via io9)

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  15. A Slew of Maybe-Coincidences Point Towards a Third Tron Movie

    Consider the following: rumor has it that a trailer for the as third Tron movie is hidden on the DVD of Tron: Legacy.  A third Tron movie remains un-greenlit.  The DVD doesn't come out until April 11th, in the UK.  The American release date is unknown. But Ain't It Cool says it has confirmed, with pictures, that there is a teaser for Tron 3 that will be included in the DVD release of Tron: Legacy.  They've even seen the footage, so don't click if you'd like to remain spoiler free.  (The rest of our post has no spoilers.)

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  16. The 1982 Tron Holiday Special

    Jeff Bridges may not have been on board for this recently unearthed 1982 Tron holiday special which is not actually real, but at least they got such hot contemporary stars as Jefferson Starship, Welcome Back, Kotter's Gabe Kaplan, and Fraggle Rock. (FoD via Soup)

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  17. Geekolinks: 12/15

    Don't Fry Gnocchi (Webstaurantstore) This is A Ladybug Playing With Sprinkles (The Daily What) This Graphic Novel Fills in the Plot Between Tron and Tron: Legacy (Wired) There's Something Fishy in the State of DeviantArt (Bleeding Cool) Are Customs Authorities Seizing Devices Just Because They Have Adult Comics on Them? (Comic Book Resources) The Green Hornet is Getting Its Own Mythbusters Episode (aidsmap) Dylan Meconis on the Finances of Webcomics Work (Get Currency) (pic via Kotaku.)

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  18. TRON: Legacy Scores the First iPad-Specific iAd

    Early reviews of TRON: Legacy have been mixed, but Disney seems intent on making the movie into a full-blown cultural event, and it's been doing a pretty good job, inspiring waves of fan nostalgia, more lightcycle tributes on the Internet than you can shake a stick at, and even a TRON-inspired Playboy shoot. Now, TRON: Legacy is pioneering a new advertising format: iPad-specific iAds. Ad Age says the format will be launched widely in early 2011, but TRON: Legacy is getting the first crack at it.

    The full-screen "Tron" ad, which will run in iPad apps such as TV Guide, includes close to 10 minutes of video, images from the movie, a theater locator with showtimes, and a preview of the movie soundtrack with the option to purchase on iTunes without leaving the ad. For the first time in any iAd, users will also be able to send email straight from within the ad.
    (Ad Age via TNW)

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  19. Classic Movies Tron-itized

    Ain't It Cool News recently held a contest asking its readers to "Tron-itize" classic films like Aliens, A Clockwork Orange, and even The Big Lebowski, and piling on the glowy textures and Daft Punk music. Some might ask "why on Earth would you Tron-itize The Big Lebowski," but then, why not? A few below:

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  20. Animated Tron Has Surprisingly Stellar Voice Cast

    Disney has officially announced a long rumored animated series based on Tron, to debut in the summer of 2012, so, only a year and a half after the movie comes out. But the news here really is not really the what. It's the who. By the off-screen credits alone, Tron: Uprising will have Baconesque connections to Dexter's Laboratory, Animaniacs, Ren & Stimpy, Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toons, and Lost. And then there's the cast.

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