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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Travis Beacham

And I'll Form the Head!

Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Legendary Pictures CEO Says Pacific Rim 2 Chat Will Happen Soon

Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures makes it sound like his company is ready to start a Pacific Rim sequel just as soon as Guillermo del Toro says yes.


Almost Totally Excellent

New Series Hieroglyph From Pacific Rim Writer Coming To Fox

Travis Beacham, the writer who brought us Mako and Raleigh taking down kaiju in Pacific Rim, has created a new television show called Hieroglyph, a fantasy series set in ancient Egypt.


And I'll Form the Head!

Pacific Rim 2 Is Not Greenlit; Is Being Written Anyway

Pacific Rim is out on DVD and Blu-ray this week and that means that a) fans have another chance to pour money into the franchise in desperate hopes of a sequel, and b) that Guillermo del Toro is doing the press rounds.


Here Be Dragons

Pacific Rim Gets Box Office Boost From China, Might Just Be Enough for a Sequel

The folks behind Pacific Rim haven’t exactly been silent on what they’d do with a sequel, with Guillermo del Toro already promising a kaiju/jaeger hybrid monster and more digging into the implications and consequences of humans drifting with the kaiju hivemind. All that depends, however, on the movie’s performance at the box office: no one’s really certain that Pac Rim will make more than it took to create and promote, and if it does, it’ll be primarily up to the film’s pull at the international box office.

Fortunately for the hopeful, Pacific Rim just bagged Warner Bros. biggest opening in the Chinese movie market in history.



Guillermo del Toro On Writing Pacific Rim 2 and Haunted House Gothic Romance Crimson Peak. Are We Sure There Aren’t Two of Him?

Seriously. Pacific Rim is still in post-production. There being multiple Guillermo del Toros has got to be the only way he can do this many things at once, right?

In an interview with Total Film the busier-than-you filmmaker talked about Pacific Rim 2, which he’s currently writing (of course he is; this is Guillermo “Do ALL the movies!” del Toro we’re talking about) and shared some details on Crimson Peak, his first post-PR project.