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  1. Thank You, Toronto Citizen Who Demanded a Library Remove Hop on Pop, For Protecting Me From Being Hopped Upon

    I will not be hopped upon!

    A library in Toronto has received a request to remove the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop for fear that it will inspire kids to violently attack their fathers in a hopping fashion. As a father with no desire to be hopped upon, I applaud this brave Torontonian for taking a stand to protect me from my child.

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  2. The Best Cosplayers We Saw at Toronto ComiCon 2014

    Nerds clean up good.

    In spite of the awful way in which the organizers of Toronto ComiCon treated the cosplay community in the days leading up to the convention, the cosplayers were out in full force on this chilly Toronto weekend! To celebrate their bravery and beauty, we've put together a gallery of the very best (and most hilarious) outfits we saw this weekend.

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  3. Our 15 Best Finds (So Far) From Toronto ComiCon

    Gotta buy 'em all!

    Toronto ComiCon is in full swing, and your Weekend Editor Sam (that's me!) has been there checking it all out! I'm putting aside my displeasure at their horrific attitude towards cosplay harassment (which I'm not okay with) in order to support some of the amazing artists selling their goodies at the con. And the goodies have been awesome.

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  4. Toronto’s Streets Are Full of Anthropomorphized Monster Objects

    Or art. Whichever.

    Aiden Glynn is a street artist who likes to put together wacky nerd-related grafitti and tags up all around Toronto. His latest project involves glueing eyes, teeth, and sometimes tongues to different objects like grates and trash cans. The result is something that looks like like Sesame Street mashed up with Pixar's Cars. We're big fans.

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  5. Because It’s Monday Morning, Here Is A Well-Dressed Monkey In A Canadian IKEA

    Look, we've all been there -- you find yourself needing a new bookcase, so you decide to head to the local IKEA to purchase some new shelves, and maybe grab a couple of tasty meatballs while you're at it. In the rush of excitement of shopping for new furniture, though, you accidentally leave your pet monkey behind. Happens to the best of us, right? OK, on second thought, maybe that's not a series of events that you're familiar with, but at least one Canadian shopper presumably is, judging by the rhesus macaque monkey found wandering a Toronto IKEA yesterday afternoon. Lest we neglect the most important part of this story, we now direct you attention to the monkey's little coat, because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS LOOK AT HIS LITTLE COAT!!!

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  6. Toronto Batman Battles It Out With Toronto Spider-Man [VIDEO]

    My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

    Before Batman and Spider-Man get to duke it out in theaters, they take it to the streets. It's the latest from the always hysterical Toronto Batman, this time, with additional Toronto Spider-Man. The heroes are really gathering quite the following in their local haunts. This is creator Sean Ward's official video but you can check out an uncut fan capture of the subway sequence with some hilarious dialogue as well. Keep up the good work, fellas! (via io9) Previously in Toronto Batman

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  7. Toronto Batman Is Back And He’s Brought Darth Vader Along For The Yelling [VIDEO]

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    Yes, folks. He's back. Darth Vader, aka Chad Vader, was visiting Toronto so Toronto Batman decided to show him the sites. Beef jerky makes another appearance, and perhaps so does another superhero. This may be the best one yet. (via Tipster Elton) Previously in Toronto Batman

    • That Time Batman Roamed Toronto And Yelled At Everyone
    • Batman Is Back In Toronto, Looking For Smoothies, And Yelling
    • Toronto Batman Needs Help Opening His Beef Jerky

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  8. Batman Continues to Roam Toronto and He Needs Help Opening His Beef Jerky [Video]

    It's Technical

    Won't someone please help him? He's an orphan, you guys. And he can't save Gotham (or Toronto) if his blood sugar is low. And he can't be Batman without those gloves. And he can't open that beef jerky if he's wearing those gloves. We'd suggest an apple as an alternative, but why begrudge Batman his beef jerky? Wow, what a mess. No wonder Batman is so cranky. Life is hard. (via The Sean Ward Show on YouTube) Previously in Batman in Toronto

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  9. Batman Is Roaming Toronto Again and Looking For Smoothies (and Yelling) [Video]

    where does he get those wonderful toys

    A couple of weeks ago, Batman was spotted wandering around Toronto, yelling at random people, and the internet loved it. Well, he has returned, and he appears to have some time to kill. Smoothies to buy, games to play, and more people at whom to shout. Special thanks to Sean Ward, producer and director of both Batman videos, for the tip! (via TheSeanWardShow on YouTube) Previously in Batman

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  10. That Time Batman Roamed Toronto and Yelled At Everyone [Video]

    We Can Be Heroes

    This is what happens when Batman drinks too much alcohol in Toronto: he wanders around, shouting in people's faces, expecting help with his beef jerky wrapper. I'm not a comic reader, but this confirms what I've always kind of suspected: Batman is mentally ill and needs some Ricola. Won't someone help him? Then again, this would be a brilliant marketing strategy for The Dark Knight Rises. (via Topless Robot)

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  11. The Joy of Books [Video]

    You can do a lot with eBooks: Carry hundreds of them in a device that weighs a few ounces, read them across multiple platforms, you can even loan and borrow them. However, I don't think you'd be able to create as impressive and charming an animation as this one from a husband and wife team over many nights at the  Type Books store in Toronto. Made using only the books in the shop, this video is a love letter to the printed word.

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  12. Multicolored Paper Sculptures Are Astounding

    Artist Jen Stark has recently put some paper sculptures on display at Toronto’s Cooper Cole Gallery and even from all the way over here on the Internet, they look amazing. Created from pages upon pages upon pages of florecent colored paper, Stark's sculptures come at the idea of paper art from a number of different directions, all of them very pretty. I used to make paper balloons in middle school; Suddenly I wish I had never stopped.

    See some more pictures after the jump.

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