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Tom Scott

  1. How Much is Your Soul Worth? Find Out With Facebook and Get Offers to Sell It

    There are countless stories in which characters sell their souls in exchange for something, but like any commodity, you have to know the value of what you're trading. Why sell your soul for a new car when it's worth as much as a new jet? Wouldn't it be embarrassing to try to sell your soul for the power of flight, only to find out it's worth no more than a few frequent-flyer miles? Now thanks to Soul Compare, a website that uses your Facebook profile to measure your soul in "gigaMorgans," you can find out exactly how much your soul is worth, and get offers to trade it.

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  2. Klouchebag Knocks Social Media Obsessives Off High Horse

    If you're in an industry where social media matters (read: suddenly all of them) you may know about a thing called Klout. Using a series of, some might argue arbitrary, formulas and black magic, Klout assigns you a number that tells you exactly how important you are in your social networks. Klouchebag is its evil twin from a dark, sarcastic parallel universe. Klouchebag will assign you a number carefully calculated to tell you how much of an "asshat" you are. Its words, not mine. As you can see above, I am a bit of a prat. It's up to you to decide which score, on the whole, is worth more, or less.

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  3. Video Game Inspired Mini Golf Course Is As Amazing As It Sounds

    When it comes to games, you've got your video games, and you've got your everything else. Usually when there's crossover, it's because a non-video game is crossing over to the digital world, but in a fun little reversal, Tom Scott and friends ported some video games such as Minecraft, Portal, and The Crystal Maze to a classic physical game: Mini golf.

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  4. A Less Optimistic and More Hilarious Take on Google’s Project Glass [Video]

    Google's new smart glasses initiative "Project Glass" was revealed to some pretty genuine excitement, and even though the concept is a bit different from anything we've seen so far, their little video made it seem awesome and frankly inevitable. Of course, it glossed over some other things that might be less awesome but just as inevitable, things like running into telephone poles and accidentally sending speech texts. Tom Scott decided to make Project Glass a second video highlighting those "features" to hilarious effect. I think Tom might have a point, but I also trust Google, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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  5. Journalism Warning Labels

    British funnyman Tom Scott devised a set of stick-on "warning labels" for faulty journalism; he claims that he's been wandering the London Underground sticking them on newspapers. My favorite is the one above:

    The Daily Mail's attempt to classify everything as either 'causing' and 'curing' cancer is already well documented, but there's plenty of wacky medical claims in all the newspapers. Ooh, look, some healing crystals.

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