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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Tom Hardy


Daenerys Targaryan Might Play Sarah Connor In The Terminator Reboot

We’re just going to pretend those are a bunch of Terminators standing behind Emilia Clarke, ready to do her bidding. Read on to find out which other actresses are testing for Sarah Connor as well as which actor from The Dark Knight Rises director Alan Taylor would like for John Connor.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Pajamas

Wibbly-wobbly, comfy-womfy stuff. (by ThinkGeek, via Fashionably Geek)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Tom Hardy Continues To Strain Credulity That He Is Actually A Real Person

Did he pose with a cute kid dressed as Bane again? Nope. He went on a date with a fan of his who’s suffering from an aggressive form of cancer after being informed by fiancée Charlotte Riley of said fan’s desire to meet him. Said 23-year-old Kayleigh Duff: “I nearly died when I saw him. I was shaking. He was so lovely and down to earth. We had lunch and tea and scones and he bought me a diamond necklace.” Emphasis alllll mine. (Digital Spy)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Tom Hardy Adopted the Adorableness. This Kid Was Born in It

Tom Hardy and a tiny Bane, making people all over the world want to have babies. Some of them with Tom Hardy. (Digital Spy)



Is Tom Hardy Your New Snake Plissken In The Escape From New York Reboot?

Yes, we already heard an Escape from New York reboot was in the works but some big names have been thrown into the ring for the lead role. Tom Hardy among them. Hit the jump to find out who else might play Snake Plissken. 


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Anyone Who Says They Don’t Want a Hover Sloth is Lying

Sure, it wouldn’t be the fastest of rides, but look at this illustration by Mike Bear and tell me you don’t want one. (Neatorama)


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Bane Gets Back-Breaking Poses In His Lifelike TDKR Hot Toys Figure

Besides the artist who repaints character dolls, I’d probably say Hot Toys does the best job at replicating an actor’s precise looks in doll form. Their Loki, based on Tom Hiddleston’s character in The Avengers, still takes the cake for me but their recently revealed Bane from The Dark Knight Rises also does a pretty great job looking like actor Tom Hardy. This is also the first Hot Toys figure I’ve seen with its shirt off, which is vaguely uncomfortable. You’ll see why…

(Hot Toys on Facebook via MTV Splash Page)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Star Trek Into Darkness‘ Villain Looking Ominous

Why so serious, CumberVillain? Check out three more new images from Star Trek Into Darkness at Empire.



Bane the Freestyle Rapper [VIDEO]

So maybe Bane’s face being covered by a mask, coupled with his accent, meant that he was a bit hard to understand during The Dark Knight Rises. If that gives people room to dub over his scenes with freestyle rapping, I’m all for it. Whoever this guy is, his Bane voice is scarily accurate. I’m not 100% convinced it’s not Tom Hardy, unable to let go of the character. If you like this, check out Auralnauts’ extended edition of their “Bane outtakes,” in which Bane is obsessed with strawberries.

(via: ScreenRant)

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Wally Pfister’s Transcendence, Starring Johnny Depp, Is Looking More Awesome By the Minute

We’re getting a surprising amount of information about the plot of the upcoming Johnny Depp-starring sci-fi flick Transcendence, considering it’s executive produced by the notoriously secretive Christopher Nolan and directed by Wally Pfister, a frequent collaborator of his. I remember that people were scratching their heads at what the heck Inception would be about even after the trailer was released. But courtesy of The Wrap, we now have a basic plot for the film… and it looks awesome.

Beware: If you consider basic plot information for a film that may undergo substantial revisions by the time it makes its way to your eyeballs spoilers, don’t click the jump, as they are unmarked. You’ve been warned.