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  1. “Gangsta” Batman’s Profanity-Filled Rant in Times Square Required Two Spider-Men to Calm Him Down

    Na-na na-na na-na na-na Gangsta Batman! Pow! Whap! You ain't tough!

    Gangsta Batman doesn't so much "fight crime" or be the "world's best detective." No, Gangsta Batman doesn't have time for wussy stuff like that. He's busy doing really tough things like complaining to police that someone isn't tough or gangsta and swearing in front of small children while dressed as Batman. You know, Gangsta stuff.

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  2. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Take Pictures With Time Square Elmo Because They’re The Best

    I'm just going to leave this here.

    Patrick Stewart posted a pretty amazing photo on his Twitter account a few hours ago. Shouldn't Stewart be on his honeymoon right now? With his wife? Not the dude who married the two of them? Wait, who am I kidding. Of course Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan would go on a honeymoon together. Bless their hearts.

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  3. Spider-Man: Threat or Menace? Man in Spidey Costume Punches Woman

    Say it ain't so, Spidey! Say it ain't so! Police say 35-year-old Philip Williams was arrested yesterday for punching a woman in Times Square. Why does that concern us? He was dressed as Spider-Man when he did it. Between J. Jonah Jameson and Dan Slott, Spidey's been getting all the bad press he can handle right now. This is the last thing old webhead needs right now.

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  4. Giant Heart in Times Square Beats Faster With Every Touch

    Architectural group BIG has given a large, glowing Valentine to the city of New York with their BIG♥NYC project. It is, quite literally, an enormous heart in the middle of Times Square made from 400 transparent rods that form a 10 foot-tall cube. Lit by LEDs, a large red heart resides in the center of the big cube which can be affected by visitors. Simply pressing a nearby plate will activate the heart, but linking together more people make it beat faster and brighter. Hopefully people will keep some hand sanitizer around, lest this "heart"warming display become a disease vector. See a video of the installation, after the break.

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  5. BioWare Stages Freeze Mob for Star Wars: The Old Republic in Times Square

    In honor of the release of what BioWare hopes will be the next big MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, they staged a freeze mob in the middle of Times Square in New York City. The stunt featured some costumed Jedi and Sith, duking it out and freezing in dramatic poses. There's a surprise twist to the mob that was pretty fun, so you should probably check out the video -- along with (hilarious) shots of what we felt were the highlights of the video -- after the break.

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  6. Hacking Times Square TVs with an iPhone [Update]

    In this probably fake but still neat video, a man claims to have created an iPhone peripheral that allows him to hijack the signal of any nearby video screen. To prove his point, he walks around Time Square with his unseen companion, taking over screens before his grand finale. I won't spoil it for you, but here's a hint: it involves CNN and a balloon. Many of the commenters have already pointed out that there's almost no way this could be real. Their complaints hinge the processing power of the iPhone and the unlikely utilization of the headphone jack as portrayed in the film. With nearly all hope of this device being real handily torpedoed by the clever folks on YouTube, all we can do know is congratulate the video's maker on such a splendid display of video-editing craftsmanship. (via Boing Boing)

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  7. Pop-Tarts Opens Times Square Store and Cafe: “Pop-Tarts Sushi” on Menu

    This morning, the world changed. It changed because within it, a smaller, more horrifying world was birthed out of the ooze -- a Pop-Tarts World, to be exact. Food company Kellogg's opened the snack food's flagship Times Square location today at 8:30AM, a 3,000 square foot monstrosity filled with "interactive Pop-Tarts-inspired features."

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  8. Leno’s Mean-Spirited Facebook Gag Puts Times Square Bomb Suspect on “Team Coco”

    Add this to the list of things Jay Leno has done to Conan O'Brien that Conan would probably never do to him: In a Facebook-centric gag on last night's Tonight Show, Leno briefly showed a fake Facebook page for Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing this past weekend. (Since fake Facebook pages are always funny.) In addition to participating in such uproarious activities as "rollerblading" and "blowing up Nissan Pathfinders" and being a member of "Al Qaeda" and the "Pakistan Frequent Flyers Club," Leno makes the terror suspect a member of Team Coco.

    And this isn't some Photoshopped ONTD scam, either: You can see it at the 3:45 mark in Hulu's official clip from the show. Video evidence after the jump:

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  9. That’s Not How it Works: CNN Thinks Google Earth “Blurred” Times Square After Bomb Scare

    Last night there was a bomb scare in Times Square, New York, that was less a scare than an actual, you know, bomb. The "amateurish" car bomb was an SUV carrying three canisters of propane, ten gallons of gasoline, and some fireworks. While it's a bit beyond our purview to cover the event itself (we'll leave it to Mediaite), we did notice something funky on CNN. Weekend CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon was alarmed that he was unable to get a clear picture of the Times Square area on Google Earth. After using blurred footage from Google Earth as an illustration of the tight security around the area, he asked his guest, Tom Fuentes, former FBI Assistant Director of International Relations, what this might mean. His guest's answer was not exactly... well. Informed.

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