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Time Lapse

  1. Cut Video Looks At 100 Years of Hair and Makeup in Mexico


    The fifth installment in the "100 Years of Hair and Makeup" series is here, and this time Cut Video and model Reyna Marquez are taking a time-lapsed look at Mexico's mainstream fashion from the past 100 years. Want more history lessons from Cut Video? You can also check out their videos on the hair and makeup of Iran and North and South Korea.

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  2. “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” Series Takes a Look at the Fashions of North and South Korea

    Cut Video has previously showcased 100 years' worth of Iranian and African-American women's fashion, and now model Tiffany and the team are taking a decade-by-decade look at the makeup and hairstyles of North and South Korea.

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  3. Cut Video Looks at 100 Years of Hair and Makeup in Iran

    For their third installment in the awesome "100 Years of Hair and Makeup" series, Cut Video and their model Sabrina take a look at how fashion has evolved in Iran over the past century.

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  4. 100 Years of Hair and Makeup Part 2, Featuring Hairstyles For Black Women


    Early last month we showed you all a video featuring popular hairstyles for each decade of the 20th century, and at the time, we were kind of hoping they would do more for different kinds of people in the future. Now Cut Video has made our hope a reality with this new video; it's the same "100 years in 1 minute" format, but with a specific focus on the sort of looks that were popular for black women.

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  5. Watch 100 Years Worth Of Mainstream Hair and Makeup Styles In One Minute

    How accurate is it, costume nerds?

    On the one hand, everybody knows that fashion evolution is too complicated to be broken down decade by decade, to say nothing of how these sorts of videos usually favor the dominant and mainstream modes of style over that of marginalized communities and counterculture. On the other hand, hellooooo hair porn. Sometimes you just wanna watch somebody go from victory curls to crimped ponytails in under 60 seconds, y'know?

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  6. Three Years of Selfies Create One Really Impressive Time-Lapse Lip Sync [Video]

    Can we end the "selfie olympics" now? This kid wins gold, silver, and bronze.

    A UK teen took a picture of himself every day for three years to create a time-lapse video for Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." He wound up with a pretty amazing result, but we're a bit preoccupied with the fact that he just happened to post the multi-year project during the selfie olympics. Is he on some kind of Queen-themed time traveling mission?

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  7. Here’s How to Get a Space Shuttle Off of an Airplane [Video]

    We've already seen the Space Shuttle Enterprise preparing for its flight on the back of a modified Boeing 747, and we've even seen it in the air over New York City. Now, here's a time lapse peek into what it took to get Enterprise off its piggyback carrier. Of course, this orbiter's journey isn't quite over yet. It's still got a barge ride to its final home at the Intrepid Air and Space museum on the Hudson river.

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  8. The Milky Way and Aurora Rise Over South Dakota [Video]

    Just a quick reminder from filmmaker Randy Halverson: The universe is a beautiful, wonderful place. Or at the very least, South Dakota looks pretty great in a long-exposure time lapse video.

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  9. Tortoise Eats The Heck Outta This Salad, Mercifully Time Lapsed [Video]

    Proving that you can make anything interesting by time lapsing it and slapping some cliche dramatic music on top, Matthew Hoyos' video of a tortoise eating fruits and veggies is a real treat. At this speed, that tortoise is a terrifying eating machine with a vegetarian diet. As fun as the video is, I ache to know how long it took the tortoise to get through his meal in regular time.

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  10. Beautiful Time Lapse Film Captures the Very Large Array as It Scans the Skies

    For those unaware, the Very Large Array is a collection of radio telescopes out in the desert near Socorro, New Mexico. With it, scientists are able to probe the edges of the universe, and witness amazing sites invisible to the eye. It was also a critical set piece in the film Contact, and what's more, the sight of all those radio antennas pointing skyward is more than a little iconic. Using time lapse photography and motion graphics, film maker Douglas Koke lets the amazing telescopes take center stage in his short film Signal to Noise. It's a pretty amazing look at an astounding piece of human ingenuity.

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  11. Yosemite National Park’s Staggering Beauty Captured in HD [Video]

    You've probably heard about how gorgeous Yosemite National Park is, but you probably have never seen it filmed so beautifully as it is here by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. In this time lapse video, filmed over the course of several days, you'll see roiling clouds, the Milky Way, and tiny people skittering about the enormity of nature. Simply beautiful.

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  12. ISS Passes Over African Storms While the Milky Way Rises [Video]

    This all too brief time lapse video from the International Space Station shows our home planet with storms sparking over Africa. It's a breathtaking, if humbling, view, made all the more so by the enormous Milky Way galaxy rising behind Earth. Just a little reminder of how staggeringly huge and beautiful the universe is and how small we are.

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  13. 30-Story Building Built in 15 Days [Video]

    The Chinese construction company Broad Group have one-upped their previous record of building 15 stories in one week with this 30 story hotel built in just 15 days. Erected near Dongting lake, in Hunan Province, the hotel was assembled from pre-fabricated sections shipped to the work site. The finished product has all the comforts you'd expect from a modern hotel, and is also expected to be extremely earthquake resistant thanks to its unique design. Of course, one wonders how "complete" the building is with that crane still standing in the middle of it. Read on after the break for a longer, more in-depth look at this lightning fast construction project. 

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  14. Time-Lapse Construction of Life-Size Gundam in Japan

    Japan is rebuilding a life-size RX-78-2 Gundam that stood in the artificial island of Odaiba back in 2009. Relocating the Gundam to Tokyo, the series of videos seen below the break cover the construction of the Gundam, in a convenient, time-lapse format. Luckily for the human population of the world, the Gundam doesn't function as a real one, and is simply an intricate statue.

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  15. Time Lapse: Manhattan in Motion [Video]

    Josh Owens' time lapse video of New York has confirmed that I will never, ever, get sick of time lapse videos. This one is particularly fun, since it captures the little details: Buildings blink like 1950s computer mainframes, an office party blunders onward, and elevators bounce like pogo sticks. Watch and enjoy. (via Laughing Squid)

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  16. Puppy to Adult Dog in 40 Seconds [Video]

    Byron Louie and Aaron Adiego teamed up to tell the story of Byron's pet German Shepherd Dunder's growth from puppyhood to dogdom in 40 seconds. "A photo a day of Dunder the German shepherd. 8 weeks old to 1 year in 40 seconds. It really does feel like he grew up this fast." (via BuzzFeed)

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  17. Time-Lapse of Building a LEGO Ship in a Bottle [Video]

    MOCpages user Julia Morley decided to build a LEGO ship in a bottle, mainly because how cool is that. She bought a $7 jug of wine (which she poured down the sink due to it supposedly being awful to drink), filled the bottom of the bottle with glass beads and floral resin in order to create a flat surface on which to work, and made some tools to aid in the ship-imprisoning process. She used LEGO design program Bricksmith to design the ship, then devised a plan to build the ship back-to-front with LEGOs that would fit into the bottle. Being fully aware of the kind of digital voyeur world in which she lives, Morley documented the process with a time-lapse video and posted it for all to see. As the beginning of the video states, the "project took a week of planning, three days of building, a large number of expletives, and some interesting use of very long tools." Head on past the break to see the custom tools Morley made in order to build encase a LEGO ship in a bottle.

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  18. Time-Lapse Montage of Aurora Borealis [Video]

    Terje Sorgjerd, a Norwegian photographer, obtained this footage of the Aurora Borealis in the regions of Kirkenes and Pas National Park over the course of a week, then slapped it together to make the above gorgeous time-lapse video.

    (LikeCOOL via Geeks are Sexy)

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  19. A Time-Lapse Hike Along the Appalachian Trail [Video]

    Every day during his six-month hike along the Appalachian Trail, Kevin Gallagher snapped a few photos; he has condensed them all here to provide a four-minute tour of the 2,200-mile trail. (via TDW)

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  20. Time-Lapse Volcano Eruption [Video]

    The above is a time-lapse video of the inner workings of Mount Kilauea, a Hawaiian volcano that is one of the most active in the world. The scenes were captured this year between February 15 and March 6, featuring general laval flow and volcano walls breaking off and collapsing into the fiery crater. According to the US Geological Survey, one crater in the volcano houses a lake of lava two-hundred meters deep. Reports estimate that the eruption has caused about 150 detectable earthquakes, but luckily, locals aren't in danger. 200 meters deep of lava and 150 earthquakes add up to 350 scary things, by the way.

    (via New Scientist)

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