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The X-Men

  1. Channing Tatum’s Gambit Solo Film Set to Explode With Robocop Reboot Writer

    "You like it, chere? I get you one for Christmas."

    Officially official!

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  2. Another Blast From the Past: Marvel Just Announced Years of Future Past Series For 2015



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  3. Holy Nostalgia! Funko Releasing A Line of Classic X-Men Bobbleheads

    With superhuman adorable abilities!

    Funko has announced they are releasing a line of Marvel Classic X-Men figures for your head-bobbling pleasure.

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  4. Her Universe Launches All-New Line of Marvel Themed Apparel

    This makes me want to fondue.

    We all knew this was coming when Ashley Eckstein tweeted out a teaser of that Captain America hoodie yesterday, but now it's official: Her Universe has just released an all-new line of Marvel clothing!

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  5. Geekolinks: 6/26

    Pixtar Wars (Sillof's Workshop) LA's Rush Hour Puppet Show (The LA Times) Video Games Keep Kid From Going Blind in One Eye (Kotaku) Fictional Drugs and Their Real-Wold Equivalents (SciFi Wire) 30 Facts From 30 Games That You Don't Know (1Up) Mickey Mouse, With Bugs (Neatorama) Lightning Strikes 3 Chicago Towers at the Same Time (Craig Shimala) (image via Bleeding Cool, and why you should be nice to your letterer.)

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  6. Matthew Vaughn is Directing X-Men: First Class in a Year

    It's official: Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass and Stardust, is at the helm of X-Men: First Class, the reboot of the X-Men movie franchise. This new prequel film (a long the same world-exploring lines as Wolverine: Origins) will "chart the epic beginning of the X-Men saga," which probably means Professor X and Magneto as young rebellious allegory-for-civil-rights-leaders.

    This dashes our dreams of watching a movie where the X-Men sit at the front of an airplane for two and a half hours, enjoying complementary drinks.

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  7. Marvel Wants B- and C-List Studios to Take Care of Their B- and C-List Characters

    As far as superheroes go, the big studios tend to favor the ones that come with the most CGI, the biggest explosions, and the most renown. It's easier to get a studio to pour billions of dollars into a movie if the average person on the street has heard of the main character, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, or the X-Men, for example. Big heroes, for big money.

    According to, Marvel is experimenting to see if this is a true x=y equation: maybe smaller money could work for smaller characters. We don't mean like the Atom or Henry Pym -

    Well, actually we do.

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  8. Rumor: Olivia Munn to Play Scarlet Witch in Iron Man 2? reports that G4 personality Olivia Munn's role in Iron Man 2, and possibly the upcoming Avengers movie, is that of the Scarlet Witch. To quote: "Today our spy’s over on the set of  Marvel’s movie, “Thor”, has revealed to us here at FanboyWEB that  Olivia Munns will be playing the Scarlet Witch in “Iron Man 2”!" Just... throw the [sic]s on anywhere.  You almost can't miss. Newsarama, however, is skeptical:

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