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The Twilight Zone

  1. The Twilight Zone Movie Gets a Director; Hopefully He’s Amenable to Pig People

    Oh Hollywood

    Last we heard of the Twilight Zone movie, Leonardo DiCaprio's production company Appian Way had been trying to make it happen for approximately forever-and-a-half. There was even a vague, questionably accurate plot summary involving time travel. And now there's even more progress, as producers DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran have reportedly chosen whom they want to direct. So who's likely going to be helming the triumphant comeback of this legendary, much-beloved sci-fi franchise? The guy who directed TRON: Legacy. Er.

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  2. Probably Not Drift Compatible: Seven Fantastic Examples of Technobabble

    A selection of defining uses of technobabble in sci-fi and beyond

    Technobabble -- the scientific-sounding gibberish that scientist characters spew in every episode of Star Trek -- is the dilithium crystal in the warp engine that makes science fiction run. It can get to ridiculous levels. Ron Moore steered clear of it in Battlestar Galactica because his Trek scripts filled up with [INSERT TECH HERE], but ultimately it's hard to get by without it. Technobabble generally does make sense on a superficial level, since there's so much speculative science out there that there's bound to be a field related to whatever the story requires. For better or for worse, take a look at the greatest ways technobabble has been put to use.

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  3. J.J. Abrams to Resurrect Twilight Zone Creator’s Script for Television


    It seems like a Twilight Zone story itself: the creator of a beloved, classic media phenomenon, dead nearly four decades when his final script, and the last project he finished, months before his death, is picked up by a company for production. A younger man, the newest phenomenon in the same genre of television with a twist, is taking the script on to get it to the screen. Will the younger man buckle under the pressure? Will a series of accidents mar the production? WILL THE RESTLESS SPIRIT OF ROD SERLING HAUNT J.J. ABRAMS? Heck, lets just make a show about that.

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  4. Because You Can Never Have Enough Twilight (No, Not That Twilight), CBS is Rebooting The Twilight Zone

    All this has happened before...

    When I first saw this headline cavort across my browser I confused Bryan Singer with Bryan Fuller for a second (easy mistake to make) and thought the latter was the one doing a The Twilight Zone reboot. Alas, the Bryan in questions is not the one behind Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and the upcoming Hannibal, but rather the one behind X-Men, X2, and House M.D.. Sigh. But it's probably a good thing that it's not Fuller, as it's well-known that his involvement increases a show's chances for premature cancellation tenfold.

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  5. The Twilight Zone Movie Is Still Happening, (Probably) Won’t Involve Pig People

    The Future Is Now!

    You remember that The Twilight Zone movie Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company is making? No? Well, it's a thing that's happening. Not much progress has been made in the five years since it was put into development; the only major recent announcement is that director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) ditched the project for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel. Until a few days ago, that is, when out of nowhere came evidence that, holy crap, this Twilight Zone movie might actually still be happening, you guys! The evidence in question is a vague plot description; according to Vulture, the film will be about "a test pilot who winds up breaking the speed of light; when he puts down his craft, he discovers that he’s landed a bit late for supper — 96 years late." Tweedle-deedle-tweedle-deedle...

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  6. A Friendly Reminder That the Annual Twilight Zone Marathon Is Still, Indeed, Happening

    Submitted For Your Approval

    It's that time of year again, ladies and gents -- SyFy's New Year's Viewer's Choice marathon of The Twilight Zone if officially upon us, starting at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning! The Twilight Zone is a favorite of TMS staffers, and we urge you to share your favorite episodes in the comments section. We'll also direct you to SyFy's web site, which has an episode guide for all five seasons of the show, which ran from 1959 to 1964. So, go ahead and share! Feel free to discuss what you love about the show, what you don't love that much, times you feel like you're in the Zone, and times you wish you could visit ... The Twilight Zone! (via SyFy)

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  7. Matt Reeves Will Direct The Twilight Zone Movie

    Submitted For Your Approval

    At the very beginning of the month, we reported on a "short list" of directors being considered to direct a new Twilight Zone movie for Warner Bros. One of those directors was Christopher Nolan (!!!), another was Michael Bay (???), and a dark horse candidate was Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). And none of the directors mentioned were Matt Reeves, director of Cloverfield and Let Me In. But Reeves is now the man with the job, beating out a group of strong contenders, now taking his spot to direct ... The Twilight Zone.

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  8. Real Steel Was Based on a Twilight Zone Episode, Which Was Based on a Short Story by Richard Matheson

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    Contrary to popular belief, this weekend's box office winner, Real Steel, was not based on the game Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. It was based on a short story, Steel by Richard Matheson, which became an episode of The Twilight Zone featuring Lee Marvin. Matheson also wrote the stories for the classic William Shatner episode, "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet," and a bunch of other stories you might have heard of: A Stir of Echoes, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and I Am Legend, to name a few. So, how different is Real Steel from Steel?

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  9. The Short List to Direct the New Twilight Zone Movie Includes Christopher Nolan


    You might have heard that Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to produce a new Twilight Zone movie for Warner Bros. In a departure from the 1983 movie, which featured an anthology format -- four segments, four separate stories, four directors -- there will be only one story and one director. The story, which will be inspired by an episode of the original Twilight Zone series, will be written by Rand Ravich (The Astronaut's Wife). The director has yet to be chosen, though there is a "short list" going around that includes Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and frequent DiCaprio collaborator Christopher Nolan. I'll let the thought of a Nolan-helmed Twilight Zone movie simmer for a moment and then meet you all after the jump.

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  10. Twilight Zone Parody Asks: “Why Is Everyone Here?” [Video]

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    Submitted for your approval ... A small town. Okay, a large city. Suddenly populated with people ... people on laptops. So many people, with seemingly little to do, yet somehow too busy too move ... in ... the Twilight Zone (parody by comedy group Killing My Lobster). I hate when that happens. (via Laughing Squid)

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  11. Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Star Wars and The Twilight Zone, With Jar Jar Bashing as a Bonus

    For A More Civilized Age

    So, did anyone watch the Twilight Zone marathon over the weekend? Maybe you watched too much, and now everything seems to be taking on a weird, twisted tone ... and now Jedi Hero Luke Skywalker isn't looking too heroic anymore. Indeed controlling things with one's mind is not of this world. It's something that occurs in a place like ... The Twilight Zone. We always knew that Jar-Jar Binks came from a dark, evil place. (Blastr)

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  12. Way Out: The Roald Dahl Suspense Series [Video]

    this exists

    Back in the 1950s, CBS wanted to fill one of its half-hour time slots with something they could show alongside The Twilight Zone. So they created Way Out, which interpreted Roald Dahl's more adult, twisted stories (even though he was known for his more light-hearted, kid-friendly work) into a television series similar to its successful companion piece. It only ran for 14 episodes, but five of them are available online at This episode, entitled "William and Mary," shows a bitter, verbally abusive husband on his deathbed and the neurologist who wants to keep his brain alive after death. It's a really twisted story, and it certainly makes you want to read Dahl's work, but I'd be lying if I said this wouldn't be amazing if given the MST3K treatment. Especially the part when the good doctor says he's "been wanting to have a go at a man." Oh, yes. The full 26-minute episode is embedded above. (Metafilter via Boing Boing)

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  13. Netflix Gets Instant Streaming Rights to CBS’ Library for Two Years

    the internet is serious business

    In more exciting instant streaming of film news, today Netflix announced that it has reached an agreement with CBS to allow instant streaming of a good number of extremely popular titles from CBS'archive, including:
    Full seasons of sitcom greats "Frasier," "Family Ties" and "Cheers" will be streaming instantly from Netflix.  Episodes from the original "Hawaii Five-0" are included in the package, as are episodes from all generations of the definitive sci-fi series, "Star Trek," and the cult favorite, "Twin Peaks."  Installments of '60s classics, "The Twilight Zone" and "The Andy Griffith Show," will be available as well.
    Between all that Star Trek, Twin Peaks, Twilight Zone, and the more recent Medium this seems like a victory for nerds.

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