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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Neverending Story

Today in Awesome

Illustrator Gives The Neverending Story A Modern Twist

The Neverending Story was one of my very favorite movies growing up. I practically wore out the VHS and, later, the book. (If you haven’t read Michael Ende‘s original book, oh my God go now and read the book it is so much better!) One sunny day in my teens I decided to rewatch the film and was very disillusioned when I saw how poorly it had aged. I dunno, maybe the puberty hormones were messing with me that day. But as good as The Neverending Story is, some of the effects have not aged particularly well. Which is part of its charm, but I’m not going to say no to these slick character redesigns by Nicolas Francoeur. The fact that I never say no to anything The Neverending Story is beside the point.

(via: Kotaku)



Heroes of Sci-Fi and Their True Loves

Rhett Hildebrandt used these graphics of sci-fi/fantasy OTPs (that’s One True Pairing, y’all) to propose to his fiancée through social media (I’ll let When Geeks Wed explain how). She said yes, but the drawings are still up on the internet for the rest of us to enjoy.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Turn Your Kindle into The Neverending Story

Best Kindle cover ever. None others come close. Etsy seller GeekifyInc has also made tablet covers that resemble H.P. Lovecraft‘s The Necronomicon, the Red Book of Westmarch from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and To Serve Man from The Twilight Zone. (/Film)


eye candy

Travel Posters for Pop Culture Locations, by Dave Perillo

We’re no stranger to travel posters for fictional locations, but Dave Perillo’s art sure is charming. Ventur in for more ’80s nostalgia, and then a bunch of stuff that isn’t even a travel poster but that’s cute enough anyway.


I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Here, Have Some Feels: The 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes [VIDEO]

I made myself sit through this five minutes and seven seconds of pure emotional turmoil, and now I’m passing it on to you. Via the miserable sadists at Movie Miscellany, here’s a montage of the 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes. Some of them are legitimately heartbreaking (ARRRTAAAAAX!). For others, your narm mileage may vary. Some of the deaths aren’t really geared toward being depressing at all, like that of Marion Crane in Psycho, which is more of the bone-chilling variety. And there are a few particularly tragic examples missing (Littlefoot’s mother from The Land Before Time, for example. And any of Sean Bean‘s many, many deaths, which the video description acknowledges).

Still. Something tells me that you’ll need to see something chipper and uplifting after watching this. Here’s a baby kangaroo.

Now excuse me while I try and stave off The Iron Giant feels.

(via: Pajiba)

Pretty Pretty Princess

Art Nouveau Prints For All the Non-Disney Princesses

Okay, Lydia Deetz and most of the other female characters featured in Kishokahime’s DeviantArt gallery aren’t princesses, but you know what I mean. They’re the leading ladies of a bunch of animated and genre films from an era that corresponds to a lot of childhoods these days. And they may not get as much play in the media as Cinderella, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. So here’s to the strange and unusual movies where unicorns are a far more likely occurrence and  Tim Curry is almost always the villain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Batman Meets The Scream

The Scream: Gotham Edition by tattoo artist Brian from Sarver, PA’s Inner Vision. (Geeks are Sexy)


Power Grid

10 Badass Ways of Getting Around

So you’re a bad ass. So you’re in a position to know of the significant challenges that you face, as a bad ass. You can’t just eat any old thing: you’ve got to go on a bad ass diet. You can’t just wear any old clothes: you’ve got to wear the clothes of a bad ass. And you can’t just roll up in your mom’s mostly powder blue Nissan Stanza.

We’re here to help.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: R2-Tutu

J!NX fashion designer Samantha, aka Leeloo on Flickr, pulled out a spectacular Halloween costume this past October. She was a ballet R2-D2.  Or Artoo Tutu as she puts it. Check out a whole set of her in the creative costume. (via Purple Lightsaber) Hit the jump for more of what we saw today. 


Power Grid

The 10 Saddest Animal Deaths in Geekdom

Gluttons for punishment, aren’t we? Only a week after writing an entire Grid about food, where we couldn’t write more than a few sentences without a snack break, we decided to do a grid about Sad Animal Deaths. Well, let it never be said that we didn’t share the pain, so here goes.