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the moon

  1. Astronaut Knicknacks: Armstrong’s Secret Souvenirs from Apollo 11

    One small step for history. One giant leap for awesome.

    So Neil Armstrong left a bag in the back of his closet containing a bunch of stuff he'd once taken to the Moon. Now we get to see what was inside. Hint: it's pretty cool.

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  2. You Can Finally See the “Dark Side” of the Moon Thanks to a NASA Video

    Pink Floyd has been waiting.

    We only see one side of the Moon from the Earth because the Moon is impossible and obviously make-believe over time, it has come to rotate at the same speed that it revolves around our planet. Since actually changing that to give everyone a look at the other side would be difficult and possibly apocalyptic due to the Moon's importance in everything, NASA made this neat video se we could all see what we're missing.

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  3. Evangelion Fans In Japan Launch Crowdfunding Campaign To Send a Spear of Longinus To The Moon

    Bang, zoom!

    2015 isn't just the year that we're all supposed to get hoverboards and power laces—it also marks the beginning of the classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which a group of teenagers must save the world from the aftermath of a cataclysmic event. Thankfully our teenagers today don't actually have that problem, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to recreate an iconic part of the show—AKA, that part where the spear of Longinus gets stuck into the Moon.

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  4. The FAA Is Encouraging U.S. Businesses to Set Up Shop on the Moon

    But what happens when they mine all of the cheese?

    We might not know what the Moon is (we actually do), but that won't stop our businesses from buying it up. A letter from the FAA suggests that they want to help companies in the United States set up shop on the moon. The Mooninites will be thrilled to have their own malls to rob.

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  5. QVC Hosts Argue Over Whether the Moon Is a Star or Planet; We Weep for Science Education.

    That's no moon. I don't know what it is, but it's definitely no moon.

    If you want to feel better about the state of science education in today's world, pretend Shawn Killinger and Isaac Mizrahi are doing a scene from a Star Wars draft before the Death Star existed, where Obi Wan is just like, "That's no moon. It's a star!" Then Han is all, "NO. It's a planet," and then Obi Wan says, "Shut up, fool. You use parsecs to measure time."

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  6. The European Space Agency’s Not-So-Crazy Plan to 3D Print a Base on the Moon

    Do you want to build a moon base?

    Architectural firm Foster + Partners produced this video along with the European Space Agency showing how a lunar base could be constructed by 3D printing robots and an inflatable dome. 3D printing the base out of lunar dust would cut down the cost significantly by removing the need to launch a heavy housing structure from Earth and put a Moon base within reach.

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  7. Be Sure to Check Out Summer’s Last SuperMoon Tonight

    Instructions: Go outside. Look up.

    Tonight brings the last of this summer's string of "SuperMoons." If you were trying to pick the perfect night to take a look at the sky and think, "Doesn't that look pretty," your search is over. The moon will appear bigger, brighter, and approximately 50% more beautiful* than normal. *Actual results may vary.

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  8. If the Moon Were as Close to the Earth as the ISS, We’d Be in Big Trouble [Video]

    Welp, so much for a miracle romance.

    Fun fact: the ISS is actually way closer to the Earth than you'd think it would be. Like, only about 240 miles. That's basically less than a three and a half hour drive on your standard highway road in the U.S. Which is fine, because as far as space objects go, the ISS is pretty small. But what if the Moon were traveling at that distance instead?

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  9. The Moon and Venus Snuggle Up Close Tonight, Here’s How and When to See It in GIF form!

    Moon <3's Venus 4evah, maybe not 4evah, but definitely tonight.

    Tonight you'll be able to see a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus next to each other in the sky. Sure, they'll still actually be millions and millions of miles away from each other, but it's all about perspective, and tonight's perspective will be lovely. Here's how to see it in seven easy steps and eight silly GIFs.

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  10. Senator Announces NASA Project to Park Asteroid Near Our Moon

    We first heard of the plan to capture a small asteroid and park it near our Moon, essentially giving our Moon a moon of its own, back in January, but now it seems all but official. Chairman of the Senate Science and Space Subcommittee, Senator Bill Nelson said on Friday President Obama will include $100 million in the 2014 budget for the asteroid project, calling it a "clever concept." I wonder what William Shatner will suggest we name it.

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  11. The Moon is Not Really That Big, Your Brain is Just Teasing You With an Illusion

    Why does the Moon sometimes looks really big? It's not really getting closer to the Earth or growing, threaten to come down here and smash us all, so what gives? Is it a trick of the eyes? This is an illusion. The fine folks at AsapSCIENCE are back on the job to tell us why the moon can sometimes seem to loom so large in the night sky. Or actually, they tell us that there are a couple likely explanations for this not-quite-understood phenomenon.

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  12. This Picture From Apollo 17 Will Make You Feel Insignificant

    Hey, how's it goin'? Feelin' like you accomplished something with your life? Good job, good education, good prospects. That's nice. That's real nice. See why nothing you do with your life will ever matter, after the break.

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  13. Watch The Moon Age 4.5 Billion Years In Under 3 Minutes [Video]

    The moon may seem barren and boring, but each of those craters has a story, the story of an awesome space collision. Over its 4.5 billion year life, the moon has had an awful lot of those, turning it into the pockmarked celestial body we know and love today. Fortunately for you NASA's Goddard Multimedia team has comprised this lovely little video that gives you the quick version. At a quick but impressive 2:42, it's definitely worth a watch and sure beats staring at the sky, slack-jawed, for 4.5 billion years.

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  14. NASA Launches GRAIL Spacecraft to Study Moon's Interior, Let Middle-Schoolers See Cool Pictures

    Earlier this morning, NASA launched the spacecraft that will be under taking the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission, which aims to shine some light on the moon's internal structure, history and evolution. The two spacecraft, GRAIL-A and GRAIL-B, launched together this morning, strapped to a Delta II rocket and are slated to reach the moon on New Years Eve 2011 and New Years Day 2012 respectively. One there, they'll fly around the moon in formation, measuring changes in gravity and using the data to infer all kinds of things about the Moon's core and history. In addition to all that gravity stuff, the GRAIL spacecraft are also equipped with cameras devoted to the MoonKAM project (a pained acronym for Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) that will let middle school classrooms request picture of specific parts of the moon. In addition to acquiring moon knowledge, these lucky kids will get to experience the concentrated joy of interacting with and having an effect on an actual spacecraft that is in space. I'm pretty jealous. (via NASA, GRAIL MoonKAM)

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  15. One Cool Aspect of the Formation of the Moon: Lava Rain

    The "prevailing hypothesis" on how Earth got its moon these days is that a massive asteroid crashed into the young planet about 4.5 billion years ago.  The heat and force of the impact vaporized a lot of rock and metal and threw it into the atmosphere, where it eventually formed a ring, and then that ring coalesced around the remains of the asteroid and eventually became our lovely lunar satellite.  We just had to spend a few million years looking like Mustafar. One hitch in this hypothesis is that if the moon is mostly made of Earth stuff, and the Earth is mostly made of Earth stuff, how do we account for the far more irony iron-y content of the Moon, and the far more magnesium-y content of the Earth? As it turns out, scientists think the answer lies in something totally awesome: rains of molten lava.

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  16. Batman is Pregnant. And on the Moon. And Superman is Listening to his Unborn Child.

    A tipster -- who we're guessing may have seen this on Reddit? -- sends along this interesting fan picture accompanied only by the subject heading "for you" and the word "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" -- Batman is pregnant. And on the moon. And Superman is listening to his unborn child kick while Batman smiles knowingly.

    That about sums it up.

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  17. Japan To Build Robot Moon Base

    I stand by that dangling participle, thank you very much. Japan heard you like moon bases and robots, so it's going to build a moon base for robots with robots on the moon. You see, unlike the US, Japan still has it's sights set on our loyal orbiter, and is investing $2.2 billion in putting humanoid robots on the moon by 2015.
    As currently envisioned, the robots that will land on the lunar surface in 2015 will be 660-pound behemoths equipped with rolling tank-like treads, solar panels, seismographs, high-def cameras and a smattering of scientific instruments.

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  18. National Budget Proposal Contains Changes for NASA: Robots and Rockets!

    This weekend we commented on the information coming out about President Obama's then unrevealed national budget proposal. Well, its Monday, and the cat's out of the bag: the rumors were right.

    As we reported on Saturday, the White House's proposal calls for a change in direction on our path to the Universe, canceling the Constellation program, extending the life of the International Space Station, and turning to the private sector to replace the space shuttle.

    Join us after the jump for some of the hard numbers.

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