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  1. Our WeLoveFine Design Contest is Now Open for Fan Rating!

    Let us know what shirts you want!

    The bad news is that the deadline for art submissions in our WeLoveFine contest is over. The good news is that you can now vote on which designs you like best!

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  2. A Message From Your Editors

    The Mary Sue has undergone some big changes recently, changes which have made a lot of our longtime (and newer) readers unhappy. And, on that subject, we'd like to ask you to hear us out on a few things.

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  3. Questions About Our Merger With Geekosystem? We’re Hosting a Reddit AMA at 2:00PM ET

    We know a lot of you have questions about today's news that we've merged with Geekosystem, and we'd like to answer them. That's why today at 2:00PM ET we'll be answering questions on Reddit.

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  4. Welcome to the New and Improved The Mary Sue.com!

    On Our Redesign and Merger

    There's something different about us today... No, we didn't get a hair cut. These aren't a new pair of glasses. And we haven't been going to the gym any more or less than usual. No, we've got ourselves a brand spanking new redesign! Isn't it lovely? *twirls* But that's just the candy coating on our brand new status quo. And it's an exciting status quo. So here's the story of how we are becoming one big happy family with our sister site Geekosystem.com.

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  5. We’d Like to Talk to You About… The Merger Initiative

    The Merger Initiative

    The Mary Sue and Geekosystem are merging! We decided to announce it with an animated special from the great Leigh Lahav and written by our own Glen Tickle.

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  6. Yes, This Is Real Life: The Mary Sue & Geekosystem Are Joining Forces!


    If you're a frequent visitor of Abrams Media sites, you might have already heard the news. The Mary Sue and Geekosystem are merging! If you're excited/worried at the prospect, please watch this highly informative video we've put together just for you!

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  7. The Mary Sue Is Looking for Contributors!

    The Mary Sue

    Good afternoon, gentlefolks of the internet. Some of you might know The Mary Sue is always open to new contributors, but we thought it was time to make sure everybody knows.

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  8. Fan Expo Canada Addresses Cosplay Harassment Concerns, Gets Us Caught In Crosshairs

    This whole day has been really weird.

    We tend not to follow cosplay and convention harassment as often as our sister site, The Mary Sue, does. That doesn't mean we aren't interested in seeing convention leaders step up against harassment, of course, so we've been following The Mary Sue's recent exposé on Fan Expo Canada pretty closely. Today, the whole thing just got really weird.

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  9. Happy 3rd Birthday To The Mary Sue: Why I Love Our Logos (And Hope You Do Too)

    The Mary Sue

    Three years ago today, an inauspicious little thing happened. Some electrons moved from one place to another and all of a sudden this website was live on the internet. At the time I was very worried nobody would like us. I'm happy to report that that has turned out to be not true a great many times. In the past year alone we've hosted an advance movie screening, an incredible reader party, and a New York Comic Con panel. And that's just our IRL achievements. We've also written about some crazy stuff in the past year, and it's a safe bet there's more crazy stuff in our future. (Trust me on this, I have some very secret "inside sources.") Turning three years old has us feeling pretty nostalgic, so as your fearless Managing Editor, I'm going to take a look back at our logo ladies, show you all of them in one place, and talk about why I like them so much.

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  10. This Graph Says Your Movie Will Do Better If It Has Two Women Talking to Each Other

    It also implies Sharknado did something right, so keep that in mind.

    From the baffling nudity of Star Trek Into Darkness to the inadvertent sexism of the head animator of Frozen, 2013 seemed like a bad year for women on screen.  However, The Mary Sue still found reason to celebrate, with a chart that demonstrates a possible connection between a strong female presence in a film and its box office success.

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