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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Last Unicorn

so long and thanks for all the fish

RIP the Rankin Half of Animation Legend Rankin/Bass Productions

We’ve just learned that Arthur Rankin Jr. passed away last Thursday, January 30th, at his home in Bermuda. He was 89. If the name “Rankin” doesn’t ring any bells for you, add “Bass” on the end and it probably will. Formed in 1960 by Rankin and Jules Bass, Rankin/Bass Productions is the company responsible for the classic stop-motion holiday specials all you parents reading this had damn well better still be passing down to your kids. The most well-known of those is Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer, co-starring Hermey, the Christmas Elf who wants to be a dentist. On the non-stop motion front, R/B put out animated versions of The Hobbit and Return of the King, a clip from which we’ve inserted above, because it’s Éowyn killing the Witch King and you know full well which site you’re on.

But Rankin/Bass’ most beloved (non-Rudolph) film has to be The Last Unicorn, which the studio’s two founders directed. We’ve included the original 1982 trailer under the jump. Watch it and pour one out for Mr Rankin.


And All Was Right With the World

What Happened When The Author Of Game Of Thrones Met The Author Of The Last Unicorn?

THEY MADE STUFFED ANIMALS FROM THEIR STORIES KISS. Ok, maybe there wasn’t actual unicorn to direwolf lip contact here but it’s damn close. Thank you for being adorable, Peter S. Beagle and George R.R. Martin.

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Katniss Looks At Something in a New Catching Fire Promo

So. *twiddles thumbs* (Think McFly Think)


Pretty Pretty Princess

Art Nouveau Prints For All the Non-Disney Princesses

Okay, Lydia Deetz and most of the other female characters featured in Kishokahime’s DeviantArt gallery aren’t princesses, but you know what I mean. They’re the leading ladies of a bunch of animated and genre films from an era that corresponds to a lot of childhoods these days. And they may not get as much play in the media as Cinderella, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. So here’s to the strange and unusual movies where unicorns are a far more likely occurrence and  Tim Curry is almost always the villain.


Power Grid

10 Worst Case Casting Scenarios

Whenever we hear about a movie being remade, or a book being turned into a movie that probably should just be left alone, or a TV show that has no business being made into a movie, the next thing we do, after swallow a small amount of bile, is wonder who will be cast in this abomination. Sometimes, you luck out (see: J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek). But sometimes, you cringe at the thought of who might be stepping into a role (see: M. Night Shyamalan’s Avatar: The Last Airbender), or what childhood memories would be crushed next (21 Jump Street).

Since we’re gluttons for punishment, and sometimes stay up all night worrying about these kinds of things, we’re going to share 10 Worst Case Scenario movie adaptations and reboots of how Hollywood could go totally wrong.


Power Grid

10 Ways To Become Immortal

What’s to explain? Immortality. You want it.

No, don’t give me any of that crap about living longer than your loved ones or statistically if you can’t die than eventually you’re certain to get trapped in a situation where you wish you could. The human race wants to live forever. Somehow. This is why we have anti aging cream, children, art, and religion.


Power Grid

10 of Our Childhood’s Animated Films That Could Really Bear Closer Inspection

Hollywood has historically had difficulty navigating the choppy waters of how to produce and market animation that is not sunshine, rainbows, and Aesop lessons; and the past twenty or thirty years have been no exception. On the flip side, plenty of video store employees have fallen on their own swords when deciding where to shelve the latest animation. Remember when explicit hentai like La Blue Girl (don’t look it up if you don’t know; it’s no-holds-barred tentacle porn) was put right next to volumes of Rainbow Brite? We do.

Mostly, though, the animation in our Power Grid was actually intended for kids. The directors of these films simply had a more…expansive view of what children could handle, which sometimes landed them in hot water with critics and outraged parents.

Come walk down memory lane as we recount some of the strangest, most innovative, and (occasionally) most unfortunately categorized animated works that hit the screen and VCR during our young years.


Power Grid

10 Reasons Not To Mess With Trees

This Friday is Earth Day, and more than that, it’s also Arbor Day (at least here in the USA). While last year, various Earths got all the glory in our Power Grid, this year we’ll be paying tribute to trees.