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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

the internet

And I'll Form the Head!

Best of Hail HYDRA: The New Marvel Meme Sweeping The Internet

According to Know Your Meme, the “Hail HYDRA” meme has been around a while because, well, HYDRA is a Marvel Comics institution. But they cite Twitter user ‏@ReyEstupendo (his Bert & Ernie above) as the first to start the current iteration spawning from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It reminds me of the #TrueDetectiveSeason2 meme which was equally entertaining, but not nearly as nerdy. Anyway, recent events have caused it to completely explode and we’ve captured a measly 21 amusing instances of it we’ve found online.


Elsewhere on the internet

An Ode to All the Regular Cats Who Are Never Going to Get a Viral Video

Play this for the cat in your life who is feeling a bit glum about how when they go viral all they get is a trip to the vet.


Do Try This At Home

Adding Googly Eyes To Book Covers Makes Them 500% Better

Feeling intimidated by difficult literature? A blog called Googly Eye Books has an obvious solution. This is ridiculously hilarious and also reminds me of one of my favorite SNL sketches ever. The more you look at this the funnier it gets, and I really don’t know why, but I’m not going to question it. Never doubt the googly eyes.


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Monday Cute: The Animal Old Folks Home Finds Out What the Fox Says

Finally. Now everybody just lay off the fox, he’s sensitive about this kind of thing, you know?


it's time to play the music

A Love Song… For Internet Trolls

The Doubleclicks are starting a new project for the rest of 2013: Weekly Song Wednesday, promising a new song every Wednesday for the rest of the year. And to kick it off to a perfect start, they’ve got this wonderful love letter to trolls and hateful commenters everywhere. Enjoy.

Previously in The Doubleclicks


Elsewhere on the internet

Do You Want to Know Why Everybody Is Talking About Horses and eBooks?

If you’re an appreciator of strange things on the internet (and no, on the internet a site called The Mary Sue does not really qualify as strange), of procedurally generated twitter accounts or mysterious YouTube channels, you’ve probably already been tearing your hair out about this all day. But if you aren’t, you might be mighty puzzled. Remember Pronunciation Book, that weird internet thing that some folks thought was counting down to new Battlestar Galactica? Well, it’s not. Perhaps you follow infamous supposed spambot Horse_ebooks on Twitter, for its thoughts on repeating random semi-related words over and over again? Prepare for disappointment.


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Ben Affleck Breaks Silence On Batman Casting

Yes, it’s true, Ben Affleck has finally talked about being cast as Batman. And no, this isn’t a joke. The actor went on Late Night Jimmy Fallon where the host asked him about his reaction on being asked, his excitement, and what he thinks of The Internet.


this exists

It’s Been A Hell Of A Day, Watch Some Cats Time Travel, Space Travel, & Dance

Warning: This video contains dinosaur licking.

(via Tipster Brad)

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Hello Sweetie

Here Are 12 Things The Internet Did To Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi

It’s officially official – we have a new Doctor. We learned via a live, worldwide event yesterday Peter Capaldi would be taking over for Matt Smith on the long-running sci-fi series. While we enjoyed what the internet had to say about John Watson’s new mustache, we knew there’d be considerably more reaction to Doctor Who’s newest cast member. So here, in honor of Capaldi being the twelfth, are 12 things the internet did after the announcement.



On Internet Friends and In-Person Friends, Or As They Are More Commonly Known, “Friends”

A couple weeks ago, I spent an afternoon chatting with an old friend on Skype. Back in the day, she and I were steady companions. We even shared an apartment for a year and a half. As we talked, we worked out how long it had been since we last caught up (December, at the earliest). The names of a few other friends came up, people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years. The lack of contact was understandable. I had moved away. Things change. People grow apart. It happens.

“It’s just so hard to find time to catch up,” my friend said. We both nodded, with sad shrugs and “what can you do” expressions. That’s life, right? But as we sat there in mutual agreement, something started to bug me. I have another set of friends, every bit as dear, that I keep in touch with often. Daily. Constantly. The difference is, those people don’t live far away. They live on the internet.