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The Hobbit

  1. Things We Saw Today: Do You Even Party City, Dog?

    Like this is gonna fool the undead.

    Well, this is upsetting. If you want your pet to be the dog park outcast, you can find one of these costumes on Amazon.

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  2. Break out the Cherry Tomatoes: Here’s Some Of Billy Boyd’s Song From The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

    brb, sobbing into my second breakfast

    We're only letting you know about this so you can prepare yourselves accordingly when the final credits roll on the very last Middle-earth movie ever. You know, at least until they figure out a way to turn The Silmarillion into a trilogy. Anyway, start stocking up on tissues now.

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  3. First Battle of The Five Armies TV Spot: Angst, Arrows, Etc.


    Following the reveal Thursday of the final Hobbit trailer, Warner Bros. has also released the first TV spot for The Battle of the Five Armies.

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  4. Actual Dragon-Man Benedict Cumberbatch Smaugs Around On The Floor In The Hobbit‘s DVD Extras

    "Cumberbatch Cumberbatch DRAGON PELVIS LUNGE Cumberbatch Cumberbatch."

    Delivering quality voice work while capturing a dragon's snakey physicality can't be easy (especially without other actors or sets to work off of), but it seems Cumbersmaug handled filming like a champ. A faintly ridiculous, mildly terrifying champ.

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  5. The Last Hobbit Trailer Is Finally Here And Oh No Everything’s on Fire

    Including MY HEART

    All of those intense close-up teaser posters were leading up to this moment, and boy is it dramatic. Hella orcs! Thranduil being snippy! Dwarf feelings all up in the everywhere! Possibly some more Gandalf and Galadriel ones, too! It's everything we could have ever wanted.

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  6. Air New Zealand Has Done Another Cameo-Filled, LotR-Themed Safety Briefing

    Dean O'Gorman, why are you wearing a seatbelt you are on a horse.

    I may not get to cavort around New Zealand anytime soon—something about it costing money, I dunno—but at least I get to watch "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made." You milk those Middle Earth movies, Air New Zealand. You milk them as long as you possibly can.

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  7. Holy Smaug Pile! Peter Jackson Spent How Much Making The Hobbit Trilogy?

    Enough to buy multiple giant elks.

    Last year word was Peter Jackson's time on The Hobbit trilogy so far cost double what The Lord of the Rings trilogy did to make. But a new report has the films running Smaug hoard numbers.

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  8. Get Ready to Cry: Billy Boyd’s Gonna Sing in The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

    That time we all had so many feelings about Faramir.

    Well, maybe some folks won't be crying. Don't look at me like that Denethor, you're a garbage father anyway.

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  9. The Entirety Of The Hobbit Book In LEGO In 72 Seconds

    Yes, P. Jax, it is possible.

    It's 33,000ish seconds shorter than the Peter Jackson version, and it includes (pretty much) no Tauriel. Make of that what you will. If you want to marathon the cinematic-length version, you can do so when Battle of the Five Armies comes out on December 17th.

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  10. Galadriel and Gandalf Are Gettin’ Hella Cozy In Latest Batch Of The Hobbit Posters


    What, you thought they were gonna stop after all of those intense close-up posters? Naaaah. Not when there are ships to ignite! Click through for the rest of the The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies posters, featuring Thranduil's army, Thorin's throne, and more Gandalf/Galadriel lovin' then you can shake an angry Celeborn at. 

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