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The Flash

  1. The Flash Mob: Season 1 Finale, “Fast Enough”

    Ahhhhh! The Flash's first season finale, and boy was it a good one! But don't take my word for it; what did you all think? (Spoilers, as always.)

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Flash and Supergirl Team Up on Magazine Cover and Also in Our Hearts

    Today needed this.

    Great. Now all we can think about is how great this crossover would be on actual television. Thanks, Variety. (via

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  3. Grant Gustin Writes Flash Fans a Touching Thank You as the Season Finale Approaches

    Newsflash: Grant Gustin <3s you.

    CW's The Flash has been a great joy for superhero fans everywhere, and the star/Flash himself, Grant Gustin, wants all those fans to know how much their support means to him with the first season finale coming up on Tuesday.

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  4. DC and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Is Like The Avengers With Time Travel, So Basically Awesome

    All the TV is happening!

    We recently learned the title, synopsis, and what Caity Lotz's role would be for the Arrow/Flash spinoff TV series Legends of Tomorrow, and now there's finally a trailer to go with it—and it looks like a lot of fun, as well as a lot like what some other superhero franchises are doing, and not in a bad way.

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  5. DCTV Podcasts Team Up To Fight Cancer In Superpowered Marathon This Weekend

    You don't have to be super-powered to do some good in the world.

    For those of you who don't know, I'm a co-host of a fan podcast called Supergirl Radio, which is educating the world about Kara Zor-El in anticipation of the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS! Even cooler is that Supergirl Radio is part of a DC TV Podcasts family that includes Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, and Legends of Gotham. Usually, we just team up to talk superhero television. Now, we're teaming up for a much more important cause: to fight cancer.

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  6. The Flash Mob: “Rogue Air”

    It's the final countdown!

    What did you fine folks think of last night's episode?

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  7. CW Arrow/Flash Spinoff Legends of Tomorrow Gets Series Order, As If You Had a Doubt

    Oh thank god, we can finally stop calling it "Other CW Superhero Show."

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  8. The Flash Mob: “Grodd Lives”

    Why hello, Grodd! Nice to meet you!

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  9. The Flash‘s Candice Patton Talks About the “Honor” She Feels Playing a Strong, Black Woman Like Iris West

    "Young black girls are seeing themselves on TV as leading ladies."

    There have been differing opinions about Iris West on The Flash. Some people think that she's a great character whose potential is being squandered. Others see failures of hers on the show as indicative of a problem with the character itself. However, one thing that can't be denied is that The Flash is not only a diverse show, but it's a show that dares to showcase diversity as a fact, rather than as an anomaly.

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  10. The Flash Mob: “The Trap”

    What did you think of last night's super-eventful episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but if you're behind, you may want to steer clear. This one has a lot of spoilers.

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  11. Gerry Conway Says DC Entertainment is Ripping Off Creators

    It's not like you don't have the money, DC.

    Whenever you see comic book characters leap off the page and into a new medium - like all the DC shows on television right now - you're probably thinking Wow! Whoever created these characters must be making BANK! Not necessarily. In fact, thanks to changes that happened once DC Comics became DC Entertainment, comic creators are making a lot less.

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  12. The Flash Mob: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

    Cisco, I could hug you to death.

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  13. All About Arrow: “Broken Arrow”

    This photo is Oliver's reaction to the title of this episode.

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  14. Someone Over at Google Translate Is a Huge Comic Book Nerd

    I'll be honest: I have no idea about the technical magic that goes on at Google on a daily basis, so I'm just gonna go ahead and point to good ol' fashion time travel on this one.

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  15. The Flash Mob: “All Star Team Up”

    It's another Arrow crossover! This train's off the rails! What did you think of this week's Flash? Let's talk it out in the comments!

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  16. The Flash Cast and Creative Team Talk Diversity and the Importance of Representation

    "When we met Jesse Martin (who plays Detective Joe West) in New York to convince him to be a part of this show, he said he always loved comics but never saw his face in them. Now he can. Now there's a whole generation of kids who can watch these shows (and see his face, too)."

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  17. CW’s The Flash is a Great Superhero Adaptation But Iris West is Getting Left in the Dust

    A good character with overlooked potential.

    I truly love CW's The Flash. It's my favorite live-action comic book adaptation TV series, largely because it embraces its own absurdity with a great sense of fun. Telepathic, sentient gorilla? We got that. Villains with the guts to call themselves Captain Cold and Pied Piper? Sure, we'll include them and more. But it's possible, and sometimes necessary, to also acknowledge that things you enjoy might have a thing or two to criticize. Ikeep scratching my head over Iris West.

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  18. The Flash Solo Film Wants Phil Lord and Chris Miller; Furious 7‘s James Wan May Direct The Rock Again in Shazam

    The Flash and the Furious.

    Take these rumors with a grain of salt the size of The Rock's neck.

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  19. The Big Flash Twist and an Extended Look at the Rest of the Season Have Us Running Wild

    Last night's episode of The Flash was an excellent one but it ended with a extra long "this season on The Flash" promo which revealed some seriously cool things. Let's discuss!

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  20. The Flash Mob: “Tricksters”

    Mark Hamill guest starred on The Flash last night and... OH MY GOD!!!!!!

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