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The Doctor

  1. Doctor Who Finale Recap: “Death in Heaven”

    *insert funeral march*

    For real this time, my thoughts on the Season 8 finale of Doctor Who.

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  2. Is Doctor Who‘s Missy Reveal Progressive or Patronizing?

    Is she just a consolation prize?

    I'll be honest -- I really wasn't expecting Moffat to surprise me in this episode. Instead, there were two proper, spine-tingling, didn't-see-it-coming surprises.

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  3. Doctor Who Recap: “Dark Water”


    When they say "dark" they aren't kidding around.

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  4. Man Does Perfect 11th Doctor Impression, Gets Expletive-Filled Praised From Matt Smith

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

    I wonder if Jake Dunsbridge just realized he sounded like Doctor Who's Matt Smith one day or if he had to try really hard at it. Either way, this impression is so good, the Doctor himself had to weigh in.

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  5. Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat Takes Credit For Gender Swapping Time Lords But Says Politics Won’t Make A Female Doctor

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

    When I heard Steven Moffat was talking about women playing Doctor Who's Doctor again, I wanted to crawl into a hole with a bear. That can probably give you an indication of what he said.

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  6. DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan Blinds and Super Mario Backsplashes

    Make your house look bigger on the inside.

    Geek craft blogger and friend of Geekosystem Kristy GD will cover all of your geek home improvement project needs. If your place is a little bare, why not decorate with the Doctor's name? (Written in Gallifreyan only, of course.)

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  7. 5 Reasons to Love the 11th Doctor

    Hello Sweetie

    Doctor Who returns at the end of the month, meaning Matt Smith is going to get all adorable up on our TV screens every Saturday night for the rest of the spring. Life is good for a Whovian. But for long-time David Tennant fans, their love of the 11th has been slow and at times, tempestuous. Sure, he’s not as controlled or as clever, but he’s sweet and thoughtful and more honest about his affection. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the show and the impending return at the end of the month, I’ve compiled five reasons lovers of the 10th should forget that drip and make room for the 11th in their hearts.

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  8. The BBC Enlists Famous Children’s Authors To Pen Doctor Who Short Stories For 50th Anniversary

    Today in Awesome

    Once upon a time, there was a man called The Doctor. The BBC had the fantastic idea of inviting author's of famous children's works to collaborate on a series of eleven short stories for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Fans rejoiced. The End. 

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  9. Happy 49th Anniversary Doctor Who!

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

    With all the talk that's been going around about Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, we almost forgot we had to get through the 49th first! Today, we honor the many years of both the classic and modern versions of the BBC children's series with our favorite way to celebrate - GIFs!

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  10. “Neil Gaiman Is Writing Another Doctor Who Episode,” Says Neil Gaiman.

    Good News Everyone!

    Fandoms collided when it was first announced long-time Sandman author Neil Gaiman would be writing an episode of the long-time science fiction series, Doctor Who. "The Doctor's Wife" was quite unlike anything we'd seen before - he gave the TARDIS a physical form my way of Idris, actress Suranne Jones. The Season 6 episode was wildly popular and with that in mind, you'd think Gaiman would take his bows and exit stage left. But we all knew that wouldn't happen, right? Gaiman let it slip in his acceptance speech at the Hugo Awards, that he's working on another Doctor Who episode. So, what's it gonna be this time? Is the sonic screwdriver going to turn into a talking cat? *crosses fingers* 

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