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  1. All About Arrow: “The Fallen”

    What did you folks think of last night's episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but beware of spoilers if you're behind!

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  2. iZombie Recap: “Virtual Reality Bites”

    On tonight’s menu: hacking, snacking and lip-smacking.

    As you can probs tell from the title, this week’s episode, “Virtual Reality Bites,” is loosely gamer-themed as Liv tries to solve the murder of an infamous hacker and RPG player. On paper, this plot might sound kinda lame, but it works like a specialized charm spell on screen, especially as a couple of our fave characters get to geek out in the process.

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  3. The Flash Mob: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

    Cisco, I could hug you to death.

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  4. All About Arrow: “Broken Arrow”

    This photo is Oliver's reaction to the title of this episode.

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  5. iZombie Recap: “Flight of the Living Dead”

    Let’s call this one "Liv & Dick."

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  6. Someone Over at Google Translate Is a Huge Comic Book Nerd

    I'll be honest: I have no idea about the technical magic that goes on at Google on a daily basis, so I'm just gonna go ahead and point to good ol' fashion time travel on this one.

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  7. The Flash Mob: “All Star Team Up”

    It's another Arrow crossover! This train's off the rails! What did you think of this week's Flash? Let's talk it out in the comments!

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  8. The Flash Cast and Creative Team Talk Diversity and the Importance of Representation

    "When we met Jesse Martin (who plays Detective Joe West) in New York to convince him to be a part of this show, he said he always loved comics but never saw his face in them. Now he can. Now there's a whole generation of kids who can watch these shows (and see his face, too)."

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  9. iZombie Recap: “Liv and Let Clive”

    Time to cop to some secrets!

    Since iZombie started just a few weeks ago, it has mainly been focused on our leading lady (and undead Veronica Mars!) Liv Moore, and her quest to do good by the brains she’s eating. But with Episode 4, things change a bit, as we turn towards Liv’s partner in solving crimes, Clive.

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  10. CW’s The Flash is a Great Superhero Adaptation But Iris West is Getting Left in the Dust

    A good character with overlooked potential.

    I truly love CW's The Flash. It's my favorite live-action comic book adaptation TV series, largely because it embraces its own absurdity with a great sense of fun. Telepathic, sentient gorilla? We got that. Villains with the guts to call themselves Captain Cold and Pied Piper? Sure, we'll include them and more. But it's possible, and sometimes necessary, to also acknowledge that things you enjoy might have a thing or two to criticize. Ikeep scratching my head over Iris West.

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  11. All About Arrow: “Public Enemy”

    Dammit, Ra's.

    What did you think of the **** hitting the fan on last night's Arrow? Tell us in the comments below, but as always, beware of spoilers!

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  12. The Big Flash Twist and an Extended Look at the Rest of the Season Have Us Running Wild

    Last night's episode of The Flash was an excellent one but it ended with a extra long "this season on The Flash" promo which revealed some seriously cool things. Let's discuss!

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  13. The Flash Mob: “Tricksters”

    Mark Hamill guest starred on The Flash last night and... OH MY GOD!!!!!!

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  14. Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders Cast For Arrow/Flash Spinoff Superhero Series


    Yes, I had to specify which Hawkgirl. THERE ARE A LOT, OK?

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  15. Black Canary Gets Her Own Funko Pop And Action Figure (And Some Other Arrow & Flash Characters, I Guess)

    More lady toys are good news for everyone! Black Canary is finally getting her own Pop! Vinyl and ReAction figure from Funko - along with Oliver Queen and the rest of the residents of Starling City. The Pop! figures will be available in May, and the ReAction figures in July.

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  16. All About Arrow: “Suicidal Tendencies”

    My kinda honeymoon.

    What did you think of last night's Arrow? Sound off in the comments below, but beware of spoilers if you're not caught up yet!

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  17. iZombie Recap: “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”

    Episode 2: Dead Sexy and Lovin’ It!

    After last week’s super brainsssy series premiere, iZombie was back last night with “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” This intriguingly sexual (gettin’ there in a hot minute) follow-up ep not only introduced a new villain/possible future lovah for our zombified Veronica Mars, Liv Moore, but also got down to business about the kind of business the dead can get down to in this world.

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  18. The Flash Mob: “Rogue Time”

    The Flash gets all Doctor Who on us with a little time travel action! What did you think of last night's episode? Let's talk it out in the comments - but beware of spoilers!

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  19. Could Lexi Alexander Be Fulfilling Our Superhero Dreams By Directing An Episode Of Arrow?

    Don't let me down, CW.

    Be still our hearts! Could it be true? Lexi Alexander returning to the superhero universe?

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  20. All About Arrow: “The Offer”

    We're back after a month-long hiatus! And we got some cliffhanger resolution! What did you think of this week's episode? Let us know in the comments - but beware of spoilers!

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