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The Colbert Report

  1. Things We Saw Today: Our Game of Thrones Sweatshirt Of Choice

    Misandry! (via Human)

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  2. The Colbert Report Honors America’s First Woman In Space

    I am a pioneer and so can you!

    "Before Sally Ride flew, the only three females NASA had flown were two spiders and a monkey."

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  3. [Updated] Marvel Turns To Comedy Central’s Colbert Report For Its Next Big Announcement

    Well, at least they went with a giant nerd this time.

    Just yesterday Marvel made a splash when they announced Thor would be replaced by a woman (and keep his moniker) in an upcoming title. They've just revealed there will be another announcement tonight, this time on The Colbert Report.

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  4. Stephen Colbert’s Answer to Deadly Female Storm Study: Hurricane Butch McBalls

    We got a front of TESTOSTERONE AND TERROR moving in from my fists...

    In response to a controversial study released Monday that shows hurricanes with female names claim more lives, Stephen Colbert has devised a plan to prevent bias and stupidity from killing people this storm season. Enter Butch McBalls, Magnus Van Thundercrotch, and the Condo Killer—all of which technically are gender-neutral, right?

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  5. Patrick Stewart Shares the Secrets of His Eternal Youth With Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report

    There must be something in all that Earl Grey tea.

    What if Gandalf, Professor X, Magneto, and Harry Potter joined forces? We'll never know, because the Harry Potter people didn't call Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen to offer them a part in the movie franchise. It's OK, Patrick Stewart. The wounds will heal with time, which you've got plenty of — being that you're immortal and all.

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  6. Stephen Colbert Paid Tribute to Letterman Like Only Stephen Colbert Can

    He is The Late Show, and so can we.

    Things have been moving pretty quickly since David Letterman announced his retirement last week, and though we're excited about Stephen Colbert as his replacement, it's sad to see Letterman go. No one feels this bittersweet emotion more than Stephen Colbert, and no one can express it quite like him, either.

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  7. Colbert Takes On Massachusetts Upskirt Ruling for Freedom

    what is this I don't even

    The Colbert Report
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    The good news: a day after the ruling Massachusetts state representatives voted in legislation that would apply a $5k fine and jail time to upskirting, with penalties twice that if the victim is a minor.

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  8. Ms. Marvel on the Colbert Report


    The Colbert Report
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    Stephen Colbert is a notably giant nerd, but call me a cynic: I didn't think the news of a new Ms. Marvel would ping on his radar. Of course, I'm quite happy (and amused) to be wrong.

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  9. The 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos the Internet’s Produced Since Last Week

    Okay, folks. Looks like people really, really love the Harlem Shake meme that's still making the rounds. It might be slowly dying off at this point, but a number of late bloomers joined the party since we last posted about the best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced so far. Given that some of those made over the past week are actually quite good, they really deserve their own roundup. Hit the jump to check out the seven best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced since last week.

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  10. Breaking Bad, As Performed by the Cast of Downton Abbey [VIDEO]

    For A More Civilized Age

    The Colbert Report
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    There is very little that makes my heart gladder than posh, classy people being silly. I'm not sure what it is in particular about Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, and Rob James-Collier, in character, performing scenes from Breaking Bad on The Colbert Report that makes me so giddy... frankly, I think it might be that the sleep deprivation that's followed in the aftermath of last night's The Hobbit screening has left me a few (million) brain cells short today. That might be why I'm gigging like a loon at Lord Grantham screaming "You mother—!" upon learning who shared his top-secret recipe for "Earl Blue." Or maybe it really is just that funny, and I'm not as out of it today as I think I am. (via: Deadline) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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