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The Blair Witch Project

  1. Happy Halloween: Famous Women of Horror… As Cake Pops

    Don't Panic

    It was hard to pick which of these four cake pops, made by Lou Lou P's Delights, would go best at the front of the post. They're all just so... scary!

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  2. People Can’t Figure Out Why The Cabin in the Woods Is So Awesome, So Here Are a Few Solid Reasons For You [SPOILERS]

    Allow Us To Explain

    So, you may have been trying to avoid all the buzz that surrounded The Cabin in the Woods, which, if all you have seen of it is the commercials and online ads, is being marketed as your typical "young people in a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by supernatural evil" kind of movie. However, if you'd been anywhere near the internet before its release on April 13, you would have known that there were tons of people who had seen this movie, either at SXSW or at a more recent screening, and could not talk about it because of the massive secret about the framework of the movie that could not be revealed that there was zero indication of in the ads. A friend told me, between the SXSW premiere and the 13th, that Joss Whedon -- the movie's co-writer and producer -- said if the secret to this movie got out, he would hunt that person down in their own home and kill them, or something to that effect. (Apologies for not finding Joss Whedon saying that exact quote. Not kill, but mock -- the "threat" can be seen here.) Now that the movie has been out for over a week, some of you have seen it, and some of you are planning on it. And some of you might be wondering, as you hear all the hyperbolic statements about "the spoilers" and "the awesome," what makes this movie so astoundingly great and unique. Don't worry, I'm going to tell you. However, I'm also going to discuss the whole movie, so if you haven't seen it, and you're avoiding spoilers, I strongly urge you to trust me (and everyone else) to see the movie to find out for yourself how great it is. Because after the jump: tons o' spoilers. And now: Why The Cabin in the Woods is everyone's new favorite horror movie.

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  3. Look At This Baby Recreating Scenes From Classic Films, Look At Him!

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Oh babies, puppies and kittens. Why must you be so adorable when embarrassing photos are taken of you? At least the animals won't ever grow up to resent you for it (they do that silently). But thanks to your moms and dads we have some delightful imagery to entertain us. Take a gander as six-month-old Arthur Hammond as his mom helps him recreate some icon movie images from the history of cinema. Above of course is his homage to The Blair Witch Project, hit the jump  for five more. 

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  4. Is There Going to Be a New Blair Witch Project?

    Consider the Following

    The producers of the original Blair Witch Project would like you to remember the no-frills original movie that was released in 1999 and became a gigantic hit after some truly experimental (for the time) Internet marketing and kindly forget the nearly unrelated sequel (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) that ended up a huge flop. In order to achieve this, they are considering another Blair Witch sequel that will be more related to the original that we all liked so much and even include the original actors. That's weird, because I think they were supposed to have been lost forever in those woods? Okay, you have our attention.

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  5. NASA: Apollo 18 Is Not Real

    Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

    In an official statement that will surely sadden the days of the be-tinfoil-hatted masses, NASA has clarified that the Dimension Films movie Apollo 18, which opened today, is not, in fact, a documentary but a fictional movie made by movie people. While it had some involvement, as it oftentimes does when someone wants to make a movie about space, there was never an Apollo 18 mission and there is no secret footage pertaining to it. Remember that time Fargo said it was based on true events? And then it wasn't? It's like that, guys. NASA promises you.

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