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  1. Australian Company Flirtey Making Unmanned Aerial Textbook Delivery a Reality

    In the future, there is no excuse for not doing your homework.

    Australian startup Flirtey is pioneering the future of dropping knowledge with unmanned textbook delivery drones. Patience will be a thing of the past when you can get anything you want delivered the very same day by a robot that flies straight to your smartphone's location.

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  2. 1.5 Million Educational Blogs Taken Down Over Single DMCA Notice From Textbook Publisher

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, violation notices are no joke. Well, okay, the system they're involved in is a joke, but receiving a DMCA notice can be rough going for web hosting firms. Depending on the sender's tenacity, even one of these notices can spell doom and gloom. It's for this reason that those on the receiving end are quick to respond to the things. This, often as not, results in a knee-jerk reaction. One shining example was how the textbook publisher Pearson managed to get exactly 1,451,943 educational blogs taken down over a single DMCA notice last week.

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  3. Doing It Right: California Passes Creative Commons Textbook Legislation

    The textbooks for college courses can cost a pretty penny, especially if the publishers keep putting out a new edition year after year. Even if students manage to find someone to purchase their used copies, it's still a losing proposition for the average student. That all might change soon in California. Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation that will eventually provide free, open-source digital textbooks for 50 of the state's most popular courses.

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  4. 350,000 iBooks 2 Textbooks Downloaded in Three Days, But Does That Matter?

    According to Global Equities Research, Apple's outing into the textbook market with iBooks 2 seems to be off to a good start with some 350,000 textbook downloads in a mere three days. Add to that about 90,000 downloads of Apple's free textbook creation tool Author, the amazingly low cost for producers and consumers of digital textbooks, and it would seem that education is finally ready to jump the digital divide. Or is it?

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  5. Apple Announces iBooks 2 for the iPad, Aims to Weaken Students’ Backs

    As part of an education event in New York City today, Apple announced iBooks 2 for the iPad which will attempt to use tablet technology to make textbooks better and more interesting. Naturally, iBooks isn't going to be dealing with straight electronic representations of traditional several-pound, text-and-image textbooks. No, iBooks is all about the bells and whistles. Bells and whistles like 3D images, video, and multitouch gestures. No word on whether any of this actually makes reading for class fun.

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  6. California Fights Back Against Texas Board over Controversial Textbook Changes

    Good legislation out of California?  I guess it had to happen sometime. In reaction to the noted conservative bias of the Texas Board of Curriculum, State Senator Leland Yee has introduced a bill that would require the California Board of Education to pay special attention during its textbook reviews for any of the changes approved by the Texas Board, and then report those findings to the state secretary of education and the state legislature, presumably so that those textbooks can be altered or rejected. Much has been said bout how, as the second largest purchaser of textbooks in the country, the Texas school board has the ability to dictate the content of America's school books.  Well, California is the largest purchaser of textbooks in the country, it just, uh, can't buy any new textbooks until 2013, due to legislation introduced in order to save school districts money.

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