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text messaging

  1. Lolz: FCC Sez W3 Can Text 911 by May 2014 =D

    Well now, this is certainly an ironic development. According to an article distributed by the Associated Press, the FCC is working to give mankind the ability to reach emergency services at 911 via text messaging. You read that correctly, the very same distracting activity that has led to so many vehicular tragedies and other lethal mishaps will soon become our lifeline. You know, for those moments when we find ourselves trapped under rubble or are about to be mauled by a grizzly bear. Only after you text your friends first, naturally.

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  2. Happy 19th Birthday, Text Messaging!

    On December 3, 1992, Richard Jarvis received the world's first text message on his Orbitel 901 cellphone from Neil Papworth. The text of that first message is a bit premature, saying: "Merry Christmas." In a twist which seems to foreshadow the birth of services like Google Voice and spam texting, this seminal text was sent from a computer.

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  3. AT&T Removing Individual Limited Text Messaging Plans Starting August 21

    Starting August 21, AT&T will be slimming down and removing its limited text messaging package -- ten bucks for one thousand texts -- leaving the twenty dollar Messaging Unlimited plan as the sole survivor. AT&T users will have no other choice regarding text messages when the change takes hold, other than a pay-per-text and pay-per-picture-or-video plan, which will cost twenty and thirty cents per messages, respectively. The Family Unlimited Messaging plan remains unscathed. An AT&T representative confirmed to Engadget that current AT&T customers can keep their texting plans, even if they switch phones. Though the removal of the limited texting plan may seem inconsequential at first, there are likely to be a large amount of annoyed customers, since all AT&T is really doing is forcing customers to pay ten more dollars for text messages than said customers may have wanted. (via Engadget)

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  4. Texting From A Teletype? Yes Please

    Mdziewie, a Pole with a fondness for old tech it seems, decided that he would rather text from a Teletype instead of a phone. Now, if you're anything like me, you're probably thinking "Awesome! What is a teletype?" Well, as it turns out, a teletype is what the ancient romans used for electronic, peer-to-peer communications way back in the mid-20th century. The particular model Mdziewie is using was new in 1963. These telegraphing typerwriters haven't been in wide use for decades, which makes Mdziewie's schizo-tech texter all the cooler. The teletype can both receive and send text messages, what's more, it does it in style. Portability schmortibility, I am all for devices with rhythmic clacking noises.

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