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  1. Testosterone in Part of a Bird’s Brain Makes Them Sing More, but Doesn’t Help Them Mate Successfully

    It basically turns them into guys who hit on everyone with cheesy pickup lines.

    Male canaries woo potential mates with song, and a new study shows that delivering testosterone to one part of the bird's brain increases the frequency with which the bird sings, but doesn't improve how well they sing. They can basically talk to women, but don't necessarily know what to say.

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  2. Science Finally Proves That Lumberjacking Is More Manly Than Sports

    Express your rage against the trees.

    It seems the popular association between testosterone, the hormone associated with masculinity, and competition, may be overstated. Scientists studying an isolated population in Bolivia found that men engaged in competitive sports got a measurably lower boost in testosterone than those who chopped down trees, a non-competitive activity.

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  3. Researchers Find Biological Indicator of Being a Rude Loudmouth

    Researchers studying verbal aggressiveness think they may have found a way to track the trait all the way back to the womb. A study by scientists at the University of Buffalo claims to have found a link between verbal aggression and a person's 2D:4D ratio -- a comparison of the length of index and ring finger that can offer insight into levels of testosterone exposure in the womb. The result could be a system for learning whose first instinct is to the tell people to "Come at me, bro," at a very young age.

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  4. Obese Teen Males Have Less Testosterone

    Man, some dudes just can't catch a break. According to a study published online today in the journalĀ Clinical Endocrinology, obese teen males have up to 50% less testosterone as their leaner counterparts, a condition that could lead an increased likelihood of impotence and infertility in adulthood. This, uh, this really isn't going to make it any easier to be a heavy dude in high school, and for that, we are sorry.

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  5. “Butch Cupcakes:” For Guys Whose Veins Pulse With Testosterone, Buttercream

    For those gentlemen who feel that biting into a small, round, sugary cake with creamy topping and pink sprinkles is emasculating, your time has come. Thanks to NYC's Butch Bakery, you can now revel in your sweet, sweet carbo-load with the confidence that comes with decorative chocolate discs in one of six styles: Woodland Camo, Wood Grain, Houndstooth, Plaid, Checkerboard or Marble.

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