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  1. 2015 Is the Future: Tesla Cars Are Getting Autopilot in a Software Update in Just Three Months

    The future of the '80s is finally here.

    There was an urban legend when I was growing up about someone who thought "cruise control" was autopilot in their RV, turned it on, and went in the back to make a sandwich. Tesla Motors is set to make that tall tale obsolete in the coming months with a real autopilot mode for its cars to drive themselves down the highway.

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  2. This Musical Tribute To Nikola Tesla Is Approximately 1000000x Cooler Than Thomas Edison

    Seriously, Thomas Edison is the worst.

    Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal) loves Nikola Tesla. Like, really loves Nikola Tesla. Inman loves Tesla so much that Inman actually saved Tesla's former laboratory from destruction, owns it, and now wants to turn it into a Tesla Museum. So rad. To educate the rest of the world about how awesome Tesla is, Inman and Sarah Donner created this musical homage to his brilliance, and it's pretty great.

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  3. Watch A Chainmail Dress Protect Its Inventor Against 500,000 Volts Of Electricity

    Dry-clean only.

    Anouk Wipprecht designed this fashionable and functional chain mail dress with the help of ArcAttack, and wore it herself at Maker Faire when her models were too nervous to try it in action. To build a bad-ass, lightning-resistant, 600-rings-of-chainmail dress for your own use, you can follow step-by-step instructions over on Instructables. Hall of the Mountain King not included.

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  4. Good Guy Elon Musk Just Made All of Tesla Motors’s Patents Open Source

    His business card should just read "Elon Musk: Basically Tony Stark."

    Elon Musk just made all the patents held by Tesla Motors open source, paving the way for more innovation in the electric car market. It's great news for anyone looking to build an electric car, and even for anyone hoping to someday buy one. The real question here is, "Why?"

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  5. North Carolina Moves Towards Banning Sale of Tesla Cars, Because…Yeah, We Can’t Figure It Out Either

    If you live in North Carolina and want to buy an electric car from Tesla motors, here's hoping you already did that, because doing so stands to get a lot more difficult in short order. A bill moving through the state legislature there would make it illegal for Tesla -- or any other car manufacturer -- to sell cars directly to consumers in the state.

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  6. Brad Bird’s Unnamed Sci-Fi Film Gets a Name Switch, Flirts With George Clooney

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Look, this will all make sense in a moment. Brad Bird, see, the guy behind The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, is working on this unnamed science fiction film, according to Hollywood buzz. Written by, yes, Damon Lindelof, it's currently running with the code name 1952, understood to be a codename that may or may not have anything to do with the actual content of them movie. The movie was also briefly known as Tesla, which, again, may or may not actually be related to the subject of the movie. Who is currently related to the movie? George Clooney.

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  7. Tesla Can’t Charge From 0% Battery, Can Be Permanently Bricked

    So it seems that Tesla cars have an interesting problem that you might not think an electric car would have; they can't charge from 0% battery. If you leave a Tesla parked for too long, its background systems -- which are permanently running  -- can drain the battery all the way down, at which point the car is effectively useless unless you purchase a new battery from Tesla for about $40,000. Your Tesla can get "bricked."

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  8. Geekolinks: 7/14

    The trouble at Twitter Inc. (Valleywag) Tweet. (McSweeney's) Hmm: Vaseline's Indian skin whitening app (Styleite) Tesla on death rays (Letters of Note) Geeky My Little Pony mods (Boredville) iPad alternatives: Where are they now? (TechCrunch) 6 Boring New England locations made awesome by H.P. Lovecraft (Topless Robot) (title image via Great White Snark)

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  9. Electrocuted Elephants, Perpetual Energy, and the GM Electrovan: The Bloom Box in Context

    While the name “energy server” might conjure up a high tech device unfathomable before this century, the newly unveiled Bloom Box is actually based on a much more staid concept: the fuel cell. While in recent years fuel cells have been all the rage due to their potential usage in everything from cars to laptops, their origins actually go back almost 200 years.

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