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  1. If We Had a Really Big Telescope, Could We See Star Wars?

    And then if we get the super-high-tech-laser from Paycheck, could we watch Firefly, too?

    Everyone likes watching Star Wars. They're awesome movies, and I think we've all had that majorly trippy moment when we realize "A long time ago" means that everything we're watching happened in the past. But if it was so long ago, and so far away, that the light is reaching us now-- does that mean we could theoretically watch Star Wars live?

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  2. Check Out the First Amazing Pictures of the Sun from NASA’s IRIS

    NASA stares into the Sun so you don't have to.

    NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) satellite has been open for less than two weeks, and already it's returned the first images from its mission to study the Sun's atmosphere. The combined ultraviolet telescope and spectrograph is pulling in amazing views as well as valuable data on energy transfer in the Sun's interface region.

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  3. The IRIS Telescope Opens Its Eye to Space

    We're one step closer to pretty space pictures in our inbox!

    In exciting space news, the door on NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) telescope is open. The door was successfully opened by the IRIS Lockheed Martin team today at 2:14 PM EDT, and it's a pretty major milestone for the IRIS in its 60-day checkout period. When that's over on August 26th, the instrument will go into "normal science mode" and we can probably expect some lovely images shortly there after.

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  4. Look To The Skies! Watch Saturn Make A Beautifully Close Approach To Earth Tonight

    1.3 billion kilometers is a great distance, but tonight consider it relatively close. That's how far away close Saturn will be to the Earth tonight. What does that mean for you? It means that with a telescope -- even a cheap one -- you can get a beautiful view of another planet that's more than 800 million miles away. Oh, you don't have a telescope? Go buy a telescope. There's still time.

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  5. Comet to Buzz Earth This Week, Watch It With Your Own Eyes

    Sure, you can watch an alien on TV, but it's way more arresting when one walks right by your open window, right? In the same vein, it's particularly exciting when a piece of space debris -- like, oh, a comet -- shoots by our own atmospheric windshield. That's right, folks.The comet known as C/2011 L4 will be buzzing the Earth this week, and it will be visible to the naked eye.

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  6. Telescope That Lives in a TARDIS

    Amateur astronomer Duncan Kitchin had a telescope that was annoying to continually carry outside when he wanted to use it, but couldn't just leave outside, exposed to the elements. So, instead of build some sort of roof or little shack, Kitchin went the obviously better route and built a TARDIS in which his telescope can remain safe. He created a concrete base for the telescope, installed a mount, attached the telescope, then gave it a home that is bigger on the inside. The door of the TARDIS detaches and the box is on wheels so Kitchin can easily expose the telescope. Time and Relative Dimension in Telescope?

    (Duncan Kitchin via Discover)

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