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Team Coco

  1. Get a Look at Conan’s Studio With Its New 360° Camera for a More Interactive Late Night Experience

    It's like you're watching the show while awkwardly standing on stage with everyone ignoring you!

    Conan O'Brien's got himself a new toy -- a 360° camera for his studio. As you can see in this sample, it lets viewers click and drag their way around the set to look wherever they'd like. It's obviously a bit of a gimmick, but what do you think? Is this something that's actually going to be used by fans?

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  2. Let Chris Hadfield Tell You Which Space Movie Is Most Accurate and Other Absolutely True Space Facts [Video]

    Space Fact #1: Chris Hadfield is the best.

    Retired astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is pretty much the greatest, and now he and Team Coco are using his vast body of astronaut knowledge to clear up any misconceptions people may have about space. And also mustaches. Space and mustaches, and the relationship thereof, which Hadfield is an expert on.

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  3. Watch This Supercut of Harrison Ford Angrily Pointing at People, Courtesy of Conan O’Brien [Video]

    Get off my lawn! Wait... plane. I meant plane.

    Really, we should have all seen Harrison Ford's current penchant for grumpy old manitude coming. He is very good at being angry, after all -- and as last night's episode of Conan shows us, he's got a couple of classic moves to express that anger. Well, one classic move. He points a lot. Like, a lot.

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  4. Conan O’Brien Versus E3 [Video]

    Coco Goes Loco for Games

    Most videos of E3 focus on the usual types of attendees-- games journalists, developers, PR managers, and booth babes. This year, talk show host and clueless gamer Conan O'Brien crashed the party. He tried out some of the big games on display and spoke to a number of familiar faces, including Microsoft's Major Nelson and the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet. It's especially funny to see an outsider's perspective on an event that we scrutinize annually.

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  5. Clueless Gamer Conan O’Brien Gets To Play Himself in Injustice: Gods Among Us [Video]

    Spoiler alert: He is worse than Aquaman. Take from that what you will.

    Conan O'Brien isn't much of a gamer, but damn it all if he's not going to review your favorite video games anyway for his "Clueless Gamer" series! This time he's taken a look at the hit new DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us with Team Coco's resident nerd Aaron Bleyaert. His many insights include judging Superman for the Fortress of Solitude's alien Zoo, noting that Zod would probably make a pretty good pope, and introducing us to a (hopefully) playable version of the superhero he co-created with Bruce Timm, The Flaming C.

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  6. Team Coco Shows Their Take on MoMA’s Video Game Art Exhibit

    In response to the Museum of Modern Art's new video game exhibit, Team Coco has decided to show us what some famous paintings would look like if they starred some of our favorite video game characters. Turns out, they look awesome. A lot of them are funny, but we'd be careful about laughing at Master Chief's Mother, since she's probably got a Needler underneath that frock.

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  7. Rent the Conan Studio on AirBNB

    AirBNB, the couch surfing service that allows one to rent an entire country if they so wish, has a listing for the Conan studio. No, not that Conan, and there's only one of those Conans as far as we're concerned. The funnier one. Team Coco has put Conan O'Brien's studio up for rent on AirBNB, available for a few days from October 10 to October 13. Amenities include a "celebrity-grazed" sleeper sofa and an air mattress that has fallen in disrepair.  Of course, one must wonder if Team Coco is going to have one of the sketchy AirBNB experiences.

    Hacker News points out that the couch surfers booking the studio will be filmed for the show, so they must be okay with that, making the AirBNB rental some sort of comedy bit more than a publicity stunt. Those comedians and their comedy. Head on past the break to check out the studio's amenities, and check out the listing over on AirBNB.

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  8. NBC Wanted to Stop Conan from Tweeting

    When NBC fired Conan O'Brien last year in favor of giving Jay Leno his time slot back, they worked out a deal in which O'Brien was forbidden from appearing on TV and/or disparaging the network that dangled the Tonight Show in front of him and then snatched it back. What we do know is that not long after that deal was made, O'Brien took to Twitter. What we didn't know until now was that NBC wanted that Twitter account shut down. Because when you've already disappointed so many fans in the 18 to 49 demographic, why not go big or go home? Definitely go after a former employee's Twitter account. Brilliant!

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  9. Which Celebrities Did People Force to Follow Them the Day Twitter Exploded?

    Earlier this week, a Turkish heavy metal fan discovered a major bug in Twitter that allowed users to force any other person on Twitter to follow them. As news of the glitch went viral, it quickly brought Twitter to its knees, and the service was forced to temporarily reduce everyone to zero followers and disable follows as they patched the bug and reversed illicitly obtained forced follows.

    While there's many a teachable moment to be had in the mayhem, one social media company, Row Feeder, took the opportunity to analyze which Twitter users people forced to follow them using the glitch. Not surprisingly, the top 20 forced followers were almost all celebrities and other public figures, and while it would be silly to read the list as an absolute measure of popularity, it's no coincidence that the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Conan were so widely sought.

    Who came in at #1? Find out, and check out the full list, after the jump:

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  10. Leno’s Mean-Spirited Facebook Gag Puts Times Square Bomb Suspect on “Team Coco”

    Add this to the list of things Jay Leno has done to Conan O'Brien that Conan would probably never do to him: In a Facebook-centric gag on last night's Tonight Show, Leno briefly showed a fake Facebook page for Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing this past weekend. (Since fake Facebook pages are always funny.) In addition to participating in such uproarious activities as "rollerblading" and "blowing up Nissan Pathfinders" and being a member of "Al Qaeda" and the "Pakistan Frequent Flyers Club," Leno makes the terror suspect a member of Team Coco.

    And this isn't some Photoshopped ONTD scam, either: You can see it at the 3:45 mark in Hulu's official clip from the show. Video evidence after the jump:

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  11. Attention, Comedy Nerds: Conan O’Brien Is Going On “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour”

    The rumors were true - Conan O'Brien is going on tour, beginning April 12 in Eugene, Oregon. The news was announced via his Twitter feed this morning, a website has been set up (, of course) and more details about what to expect have been revealed. The web site is referring to the tour as "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour" and promises "a night of music, comedy, hugging and the occasional awkward silence." The tour will stop in 30 cities including Universal City, CA (close to his old studio) on April 24 and Radio City Music Hall June 1 (across the street from his older studio). He'll also make a stop at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. The tour is sponsored by American Express, and tickets are available at

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