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  1. Drink Some Nerdy Tea Inspired By Sherlock, Doctor Who, & Supernatural

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    Etsy shop BeastlyBeverages caters to nerds and tea drinkers simultaneously. They've created blends corresponding to characters from British TV, like Doctor Who and Sherlock (where tea is often drunk), but also Supernatural. There's also a "Feels Recovery" option. Check out some of the packaging with art by artsyunderstudy, Amy Learoyd, and Kafers.

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  2. Tea Kettles: How do They Work? Science Finally Has an Answer

    Tip us over and explain yourselves, science!

    We know that tea kettles whistle, but we didn't know how they whistled until this morning when we read the newly discovered explanation in the journal Physics of Fluids. Heck, we didn't even know that we didn't know how it worked. Why not put the kettle on and read this while making yourself a nice cup of tea?

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  3. Figure Out How Much Caffeine Is In Your Drink With the New Caffeine Orange

    Like Flash Rosenberg said, we have thumbs so we can make coffee.

    While some mornings are made for enjoying a cappuccino or some soy-chai-misto-thing, others are a mad rush to jumpstart your body as quickly as possible. In honor of those mornings, here's an awesome new device: Caffeine Orange. It tells you how much caffeine is in your drink -- so you can figure out how much you need in order to feel human.

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  4. The Fandom Tea Party: The Day the Long Arm of Pop-Culture Touched the West’s Classiest Beverage


    Over the past few months, a situation has developed. I have become completely engulfed in my love of tea. Tea has become the bowtie to my Eleventh Doctor, the Dumbledore to my Harry, the flowing raven hair to my Jon Snow. One might call it an offset of Anglophilia, an active side-effect of watching one too many shows that air on BBC, but I have accepted my fate. Luckily for me, we live in a magical age where getting overly emotional about things like fictional characters and hot beverages can by some crazy random happenstance mesh, to be accepted by some group of lovable weirdos on the Internet, and I happened to stumble into what I will refer to as the “tea fandom” at the perfect time. One mythical night, not too long ago, I was introduced to my new favorite trend in warmed-up flavored water: fandom teas.

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  5. Panda Poop is Used to Make What Could Be the World's Most Expensive Tea

    Sichuan University professor An Shi has been awarded a patent for a tea that uses panda feces as fertilizer. Pandas only digest about 30 percent of the bamboo they eat, and bamboo, similar to green tea, contains a cancer preventative. So, considering about 70 percent of bamboo is left in the panda excrement used to fertilize the tea, the tea is supposed to provide cancer preventative effects. The tea, due to using excrement from a rare animal, could cost upwards of $69,000 per kilogram.

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  6. Students' Study Finds That Your Tea Has Got Some Extra Ingredients

    Put down that Darjeeling, dear friends, because that tea may not be what it seems. Students at New York's Trinity High School recently had a study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports which found that commercial teas are chock full of extra, unlisted ingredients. The teenage scientists wanted to work on a project using DNA barcoding to investigate the makeup of food items. It turns out that every species has a distinct portion of their DNA that can be sorted out amidst a mish-mash of genes and genetic material. The team went about their investigations by purchasing more tea than any human should, including 70 teas and 60 herbal teas from 33 companies in 17 countries. Once purchased, they tore open the tea bags, and sorted through the grass clippings tea leaves inside. After they'd matched up similar looking plant material, they sent their samples off to a commercial DNA lab for testing. Their results were surprising.

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  7. Porcelain Pistols: A Way to Make Tea Sets More Aggressive

    Artist Yvonne Lee Schultz's porcelain pistols are replicas of James Bond's Walther PPK and the newer P99, created in order to leave the holder "in a quandary between the luxury of pleasure and violence." And they're made for matching tea sets! Check out Schultz's various tea-and-gun sets below.

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  8. Nanofiber Tea Bag Makes Water Safe to Drink for Less Than a Cent

    South African researchers have come up with an ingenious, ultra-low tech means of dealing with the unclean drinking water that poses such a great health risk in the third world: Specially made tea bags. Nanofibers in the bags trap contaminants, and granules of carbon, which are harmless to humans, kill off bacteria by shredding through their cell membranes. Best of all, from a public health perspective? Each bag costs less than one cent to produce.

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