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  1. Taxidermist Recreates Face of 2,500-Year-Old, Heavily-Tatted Siberian Ice Princess

    Magic? Magic.

    For those of you not up on your early '90s archaeological breakthroughs (guilty), back in 1993 Novosibirsk scientist Natalia Polosmak excavated the remains of "Princess Ukok," a mummified woman whose elaborate tattoos are still the best-preserved body art to ever be discovered.

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  2. Here’s Nicole Kidman as a “Sinister, Seductive Taxidermist” in the Paddington Bear Movie

    Ok then.

    Can't say we've been following this project too closely but WHAT EVEN IS THIS MOVIE?!

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  3. TaxiClear Could Turn the Whole World Into Your Weird Laboratory

    Forget everything you know about displaying dead animals!

    Visikol is a chemical formula that turns intact animals into surreal skeletons, and if fundraising efforts are successful, it may soon be available to the general public. Fluorescent mice for all!

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  4. Things We Saw Today: A Fresh Batch of Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs

    Things We Saw Today

    What? What else were you expecting? (photo credit unknown; via That's Nerdalicious!)

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  5. Meet Ermine-y Granger and Ron Weasel-y

    This is just like magic!

    The Bloggess just rounded out her collection of animals taxidermied in the image of Harry Potter characters with a toad immortalized as Mad-Eye Moody. If you look closely, you can see that it even comes with a transmogrified Draco Malfoy! Previously in Harry Potter

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  6. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Rogue Taxidermist Cat Grey Takes on Dave Houser

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    Cat Grey appears second in this exclusive clip from AMC, and I must admit that her ideas on why taxidermy appeals to her as an animal lover are nothing but practical. Previously in Taxidermy

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  7. Exclusive: Meet Beth Beverly, Rogue Taxidermist on AMC’s Immortalized

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    AMC's new reality show Immortalized certainly has an intriguing premise. On the surface one might thing "Oh, it's Project Runway for taxidermy," which, I suggest, is already a pretty compelling pitch. But the structure of the show is actually pretty different. Beth Beverly isn't a contestant, she's actually one of four regular expert taxidermists on the show who will be competing against upstart contestants. AMC was kind enough to offer this exclusive character video explaining what her art is all about! Previously in Weird Taxidermy

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  8. No, Thank You. I Do Not Want A Taxidermy Rancor Head On My Wall.

    thanks but no thanks

    So this is obviously photoshopped but the idea remains. Would you hang a rancor head on your wall if they existed outside the Star Wars universe? What about a Wampa, Tauntau, or Bantha? I do, however, own a Tauntaun sleeping bag. Which is perfectly acceptable and not gross. (via Neatorama) Previously in Star Wars

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  9. This is a Squirrel With a Cowboy Hat Riding a Rattlesnake

    It's a cold, dreary Thursday, and now that Daylight Saving Time has hit, you can add "dark way too early" to your Thursday adjectives. So, to brighten up (or ruin, we guess) your day, we wanted to let you know that this taxidermy squirrel with a cowboy hat riding a rattlesnake exists.

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  10. This Badger is a Theremin, Your Argument is Invalid

    From David Cranmer, the man who brought you the Furby Gurby, comes the unholy spawn of taxidermy, electronic instruments, and a badger. It's called the Badgermin and it's a theremin inside a badger. For those who aren't aware, the theremin is a hands-free instrument made famous by b-movies and the song "Good Vibrations." Why it's in a badger is anyone's guess, but it certainly does manage to turn the weird up to 11. See a video of the Badgermin in action, after the break.

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  11. These Taxidermy Animal Heads Have Guns for Horns

    Artist Peter Gronquist's latest exhibition, entitled The Evolution Will Be Fabulous, features several taxidermy animal heads in which the horns have been replaced with firearms. That is all. See more after the break.

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  12. Man Creates Horrifying Taxidermy Koopa Paratroopa Out of Real Animal Parts

    For the Super Iam8bit art exhibition starting in August, artist Darick Maasen hacked together some dead animal parts and created the above realistic-looking Koopa Paratoopa, and by realistic-looking, I mean, oh my god. Adorable flying turtle no more.

    (Darick Maasen via GamesRadar)

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  13. 18th Century Taxidermy Unkind to Noble Lion

    This is, or rather was, a Lion. How did this happen to a majestic king of the Saranghetti? The story goes that in 1731 King Frederick I of Sweden received a lion as a gift from the Bey of Algiers, and was so enamored with the beast that when it died he tried to have the beast taxidermied. After all, what was a source of prestige in life could continue long after death when properly stuffed and mounted. The only trouble was that for whatever reason, the taxidermist was only given the pelt and the bones of the beast to work from. The story goes that the poor taxidermist, lacking the modern conveniences of Wikipedia and Google image search just didn't have the find understanding of large feline bone structure to put together a convincing facsimile. What you see above is the result. Now, I am no expert, but I think that's only half the story, because when seen from the side the lion actually has quite a ferocious appearance.

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  14. Disturbing: Piggy Banks Made with Real Pigs, the site behind the suitcase stickers depicting drugs, sex toys, and kidnapped stewardesses, has somehow managed to disturb us even more: They're selling piggy banks made out of real piglets which have been "taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug." Somewhere, a PETA brigade is lighting torches and sharpening pitchforks.

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