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  1. Oh My Glob, Taiwan Has an Adventure Time Train


    Cartoon Network took over one of Taiwan High Speed Rail's trains, festooning both the inside and outside with characters from Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, and more. There's also a pretty nifty video on the making of the train, the YouTube description for which reads: "Jake the dog also features on an on-board post-box, and passengers are encouraged to mail postcards to their friends and families, plus their favorite websites, onboard." OK, I might have added a few words in there. (images by THSRC, via Tumblr)

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  2. Raid on Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse Nets 435 Dog Penises

    A raid on an illegal dog slaughterhouse in Taiwan turned up an especially bizarre and grisly sight this week -- a refrigerator full of hundreds of dried dog penises, which we think you'll agree qualifies as "bizarre and grisly" even in the context of "illegal dog slaughterhouse." The penises, which are sometimes sold as ingredients for herbal wines used locally as aphrodisiacs. Why exactly you'd need a stockpile of hundreds of them is beyond us, though that could have something to do with how hard we're working not to think about it right now.

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  3. Cry for Attention: Taiwan Makes QR Code From 1,369 People

    Taiwan wants to let the world know that it exists, and they have decided the way to do that is to assemble 1,369 people to form a massive human QR code. In general, QR codes are stupid, but this one is really interesting due largely to the fact that it is made from people. Since the purpose of the event was to promote Taiwan's image and make people more aware of the island, we can officially call it a success. Taiwan, you have our attention.

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  4. Good Job: Apple Maps Includes Surprisingly Accurate Images of Top Secret Radar Base

    The conversations had about Apple's Maps app offered in iOS 6 tend to center around just how terrible it is. This is especially true in countries outside the United States, but really nowhere is safe from Apple's horrifying cartography. Taiwan, however, is having the exact opposite problem. See, Apple Maps is a little too accurate when it comes to a top secret military radar base located in Hsinchu. Technically, this still falls under the "terrible" category.

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  5. Taiwanese Blogger Jailed for Posting That Noodles are Too Salty

    A Taiwanese blogger whose name has only been released as Mrs. Liu, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for saying that the Sichuan Flavour Beef Noodle Restaurant has noodles that are "too salty" on her blog. That's not all she said either. In the offending blog post she also noted the presence of cockroaches and called the owner a "bully." After finding out about this scathing review, the restaurant's owner promptly sued for defamation. During the hearing, the judge decided that while Mrs. Liu's comments regarding the cockroaches were passable by virtue of being statements of fact, her comments on the noodles were out of line; she had only eaten a single serving of the noodles and was not in a position to judge the restaurant's menu on the whole. She recieved 30 days jail time, two years of probation afterwards and was required to pay roughly $6,800 in damages in addition to being told to apologize. Noodles are serious business in Taiwan. (via

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  6. Taiwanese CGI Rings in the New Year with Father Time 2010 and Baby New Year 2011 Kicking Each Other in the Face

    Ridiculous Taiwanese "news network," NMA TV, rings in 2011 by showcasing a fight between Father Time 2010 and Baby New Year 2011. The video features an old man sneakily kicking a baby in a top hat in the face, and a retaliation of floating bicycle kicks. Though Father Time 2010 loses out, Taiwanese CGI declares the year ends on a cliffhanger, as many of 2010's biggest issues begin to gang up on Baby New Year 2011.

    Did I mention the baby in a top hat is wearing a diaper and has a gun? Because the baby in a top hat is wearing a diaper and has a gun.

    (via Mediaite)

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  7. Taiwanese CGI Takes on TSA Outrage

    Haven't been closely following the outrage over the TSA's latest battery of unpopular rules, the critics of which say that they force air passengers to choose between humiliating examinations-by-groping and "porn-scans" in possibly carcinogenic X-ray emitting machines, possibly violating 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, all for the sake of empty security theater which does little to actually increase safety? You're in luck! The insane but pop culture-savvy Taiwanese animators at NMA have distilled it all down to one handy short animation, complete with dynamite-laced "Osama's Secret" lingerie and a "patdown in a private room" that begins with creepy porny saxophone music. (via Laughing Squid)

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  8. Couple’s Webcam Chat Takes a Turn for the Worse [Video]

    Watch as a hardworking young man's webcam call from the office to his girlfriend takes an embarrassing turn for the worse in just 23 seconds. Former Geekosystem intern Michael Suen tells us this video/possible ad-for-who-knows-what has been "going viral on various Chinese social networks," but no knowledge of Chinese is required.

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  9. Taiwan’s Best Animators on How the iPhone 4 Saga Really Went Down: With Lightsabers

    The Taiwanese animation mavens at Apple Daily have evolved beyond simply retelling news stories with quirky Machinima into the realm of high art. Consider their latest short, which covers the iPhone 4 saga.

    Not only does it manage to succinctly cover the basics of the controversy, the allegations of worker exploitation by Foxconn, the police raid on Gizmondo Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's suspiciously warehouse-like home, Consumer Reports' bombshell review, and Apple's free bumper offer, all in under two minutes, but it equips Steve Jobs with a Darth Vader helmet and a lightsaber, turns AT&T logos into literal balls-and-chains, and depicts the Reality Distortion field as a literal electric-blue forcefield. In short, the writers for the new Futurama should be a little worried for their jobs right about now.

    Video below:

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