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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Swedish Cinemas Are Integrating the Bechdel Test Into Their Rating System

When deciding what movie to go see, moviegoers are used to a rating system providing them with a few basic facts. The level of violence in the film, for example, and whether there’s sex or cursing. Now theaters in Swedish cinemas have added something new to their ratings system: Whether the film passes the Bechdel Test.



Lady who Drove a Train into a House, I am Impressed

We frequently find ourselves impressed by the accomplishments of women around the world here. Whether it’s Sunita Williams being a total boss in space, the consistently awesome winners of Google’s Science Fair, or Anne Hathaway diverting a creepy question. But it’s safe to say this is a slightly different kind of impressed. Less… in awe, and more… grudgingly respectful?

Anyway, a Swedish cleaning lady drove a train into an apartment building and no one was injured.


the internet is serious business

First Web Index Declares Sweden Winners of The Internet


Sweden, you have earned the first “official” World Wide Web bragging rights.

As reported by CNET Asia, the newly-crafted Web Index shows that Sweden is better than the rest of us at using the Internet. How is such a thing measured? The five-year survey of global web usage was conducted by Sir Tim Berners-Lee‘s World Wide Web Foundation, and uses a variety of factors to determine how the Internet is being used to impact growth and development in 61 countries. This includes tracking the number of users, strength of a nation’s technological framework, and counting broadband connections, but also looking at the much more nebulous factors of “political impact” and distribution of information across networks. Secondary data was gathered from multi-lateral organizations such as the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and yes, Wikipedia.


Rights of Passage

Latest SOPA Defense: Sweden’s Apparently Non-Existent Yet Thriving Film Industry

The lawmakers on Capitol Hill are running out of ways to get people on board to vote for the U.S. Senate’s highly controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (known as the Protect-IP Act in the House of Representatives), so now they’re claiming that those scurvy-ridden internet pirates have completely obliterated the film industries of several countries, including Sweden. Sweden, a country that has apparently not produced any feature films since the advent of the internet … except for, I don’t know, Let the Right One In, the entire original Millennium Trilogy, you know. Nothing anyone’s ever heard of … if they are living under a Washington Monument-sized rock. Or they’re just lying. But here’s the good news: one lawmaker has a great idea to make this bill seem really unsavory to support: porn.


Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

24-Year Old Woman Becomes the Youngest Member of the European Parliament, Also Second Pirate

Back in 2009, Amelia Andersdotter, then 21 years old, ran for a seat in the European Parliament as a member of Sweden’s Pirate Party — and that June, she won. Now 24, Andersdotter is finally about to take her seat after years of bureaucratic delays, becoming the second member of the Pirate Party to become a MEP and the youngest person ever to do so. Among the major parts of her platform: a united Europe and a focus on telecommunications.