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  1. Swedish TV Host Starts Fire Live on Air While Frying Cheese Doodles for Some Reason

    The Muppets would be so proud.

    Today is Cheese Doodle Day, evidently, so this morning Nyhetsmorgon host Jenny Strömstedt asked her viewers for tips on how to best "prepare" them (because I guess just eating them out of the bag with your greasy cheese-stained fingers isn't proper in Sweden). Then her co-host suggested she try to flip them in the air while frying them over a stove, and everything worked out for the best. Wait. Is the best supposed to be on fire?

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  2. A Swedish Reality Show Hunts Down Online Trolls Jay and Silent Bob-Style

    To Catch a Redditor?

    They're going to skip the ass-kicking part, though.

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  3. Fans of Pippi Longstocking Protest the Removal of Racial Slurs From Children’s Show

    If you're getting sentimental for derogatory terms, it's time to check your privilege.

    Pippi Longstocking, the heroine of Astrid Lindgren's books and a 1969 TV show, helped popularize "girl power before it was known." And now the nine-year-old, a cultural icon in Sweden since the first book was published in 1945, has received a much-needed modern update to remove racial slurs and reflect Sweden's diversity—and fans are not happy about it.

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  4. Sweden’s Gaming Industry Might Consider Adding “Sexist” Labels To Games

    How soon can we move to Sweden?

    Welp, guess the social justice warrior dystopia is here! Time to pack up, everyone. Great work!

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  5. This High-Tech Haircare Ad Would Make Your Commute Way More Awesome [VIDEO]

    My hair looks way worse than this after waiting for the subway in the morning.

    Subway advertisements are generally pretty lame - unless you're in Stockholm, apparently. Haircare company Apotek installed some hi-tech sensors into the monitors projecting their video ads on subway platforms, and the results are mind-blowing. Because, there's wind, and... you're right, that was terrible. Anyways, just watch the video.

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  6. Swedish Cinemas Are Integrating the Bechdel Test Into Their Rating System

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    When deciding what movie to go see, moviegoers are used to a rating system providing them with a few basic facts. The level of violence in the film, for example, and whether there’s sex or cursing. Now theaters in Swedish cinemas have added something new to their ratings system: Whether the film passes the Bechdel Test.

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  7. Amazingly Complex Battlestar Galactica LARP Plots Jump to America

    Yeah, this is about LARPing, and it's totally awesome.

    A Battlestar Galactica-inspired live-action role-playing game that featured 140 characters, detailed costumes, and the interpersonal conflicts and relationships that defined the rebooted Galactica took place in March on a retired naval destroyer in Sweden, which is pictured above. Yes, all of this happened before, and its creators want it all to happen again in the United States.

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  8. Language Police: Google Kills Swedish Word Meaning “Ungoogleable”

    Near the end of last year, the Language Council of Sweden released its list of the newest words added to the Swedish language, one of which is the delightful term "ogooglebar" -- seriously, just try to say it out loud without smiling -- a word that translates as "ungoogleable." Turns out, Google had a problem with that term, and just the idea that they might have to talk to Mountain View's lawyers was enough to get the language council to back away from "ogooglebar," denying it official status as a word in the Swedish language.

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  9. Seal Pup Gets Lost In Swedish Forest, Is Rescued By Kindly Hunter

    Need something to brighten your Monday morning? A seal pup's life basically turned into a Disney movie this weekend when the adorable critter got lost discovered in a Swedish forest, four miles from the open sea it calls home. Don't worry, though! A good-hearted hunter found the pup and returned it to its home, demonstrating that every once in a while, things just end up working out the way you hope they will.

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  10. This Just Got Real: Swedish Police Raid Call Of Duty Session

    When a ten-person strong team of Swedish police officers responded to an emergency call over the weekend, they didn't know what they were in for, but considering the details they had to go on -- the caller's description of the situation stated had included the sound of gunshots and frantic cries for help -- they can be forgiven for expecting the worst. Happily, rather than  gruesome abbatoir they may have anticipated, the officers were instead confronted with... a group of teenagers playing Call of Duty.

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