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  1. Survey Says 17% of British Humans Are Totally D.T.F. With Robots

    Or maybe they're just super into Daft Punk?

    A recent survey was conducted to measure human opinions on robots in society, and one of those opinions was that 17% of those surveyed said they would have sex with a robot, and they might have to -- 15% of respondents also said that the Internet is killing their human-on-human sex lives. Thanks a lot, Internet.

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  2. Hate Your Job? New Gallup Survey Says So Does Almost Everyone Else

    Knowing you're not alone in hating your job probably won't hate your job any less, but maybe it will brighten your miserable day?

    I really love my job here at Geekosystem, but it turns out I'm in the minority. According to a Gallup survey only 30% of the 100 million Americans with a full-time job are "actively engaged" at the workplace. Half the workforce is "not engaged," and the remaining 20% are "actively disengaged," meaning they straight up hate their job and, "roam the halls spreading discontent."

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  3. GameStop Says Most Customers Won’t Buy a Console That Can’t Play Used Games

    Rumors abound that the next Xbox will be unable to play used games, and some people aren't happy about it. GameStop is clearly against that because of the business they do in buying and selling used games, so to try to show Microsoft that maybe this plan is a terrible idea, they surveyed customers and found that 60% of them said they would not buy a console that doesn't play used games.

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  4. Survey Tricks Folks Into Crafting Compelling Arguments Against Their Own Opinions

    If you've ever read comments on, say, a political website, it can appear that folks in general really aren't willing to see any viewpoint other than their own. They can almost seem incapable of fathoming how someone could hold an opinion opposite the one they have. As it turns out, people actually are a lot more flexible than that, and not in a yoga kind of way. Well, maybe also in a yoga kind of way, but not just. Researchers in Sweden managed to get people to support opinions opposite of the ones they originally held by tricking them into thinking they supported them in the first place.

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  5. Survey Says iPhone Has Highest Retention Rate at 89%, HTC Second with 39%

    According to a new survey by UBS Investment Research which polled 515 international "high-end customers," Apple's iPhone has the highest retention rate among smartphone users, with an enormous 89 percent of users claiming they're going to stick with the brand when the next generation releases. The second highest retention rate among smartphone users is HTC, with 39 percent, a staggering gap between first and second. Interestingly, Research in Motion, once king of smartphones with their BlackBerry line, took the biggest hit, with their retention rate dropping from 62 percent to 33 percent in the last 18 months. Android vendors Samsung and Motorola brought up the top 5 rear, with a respective 28 and 25 percent retention rate.

    The Android software did better than the Android hardware, with 55 percent of users saying they'll keep with the operating system, although 31 percent of Android users claimed they are going to defect to Apple for their next phone. Interestingly, the survey found that 50 percent of people who plan to switch brands for their next phone plan to switch to Apple, whereas only 10 percent of phone switchers are going away from Apple. What're your thoughts? Can't wait for the next iteration(s) of the iPhone(s), or do you just really want to stick with the openness of Android?

    (AppleInsider via Techmeme)

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  6. Want To Know Why Japan Isn’t Buying the Nintendo 3DS? Survey Says…

    As anyone who is following the little device knows, the Nintendo 3DS isn't selling like its last-gen incarnation or its console counterpart did at launch; meaning, it hasn't been selling well. Over in Japan, normally Nintendo's safe-haven, Sony's PSP is regularly beating the 3DS on the sales chart, and Nintendo's 3D handheld's sales figures quickly dropped below half of what Sony's seven-year-old handheld was managing. Goo Research set out to figure out why the 3DS wasn't selling like Nintendo's Wii and DS before it, and administered a survey to 1,110 people in Japan, 39.5% male and 60.5% female. Want to know why people aren't buying the Nintendo 3DS? Head on past he break to check out the top 20 results from the survey.

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  7. Surveys Peg Which Pokémon are the Least Popular Across All Five Generations

    With Pokémon Black and White releasing in early March, the Pokéworld has entered its fifth generation of Pokémon, unleashing almost 650 Pokémon into the digital wild. A series of five surveys--as Kotaku points out, with large sample sizes, one of which with over one million participants--have determined which Pokémon are the least-remembered from each generation. Each survey simply calls on participants to name Pokémon off the top of their head, records the percentage at which each Pokémon is named, then compiles the results into a handy chart that allows us to both simultaneously feel badly that not many people remembered Exeggutor, but also wonder why not many people remembered one of the most ridiculous-looking and ridiculously named Pokémon of all time. Head on past the jump to see the full breakdown.

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