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Super Nintendo

  1. EarthBound Finally Rereleases on Wii U Virtual Console

    Pigs are flying somewhere.

    Well, the impossible is now possible: Nintendo of America has finally rereleased EarthBound. It's been a whopping 18 years since the beloved RPG was released on the Super Nintendo, and it's back to download legally off of Wii U's Virtual Console RIGHT NOW. This is great for older fans who want to relive the classic and a new generation that wants to experience it. Hopefully they won't need to write any "y cant earthbound crawl" messages.

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  2. Seriously Nintendo, Stop Giving the EarthBound Franchise the Shaft

    A week or two ago, video game aficionados were caught off guard when IGN reported that EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi hinted at a potential re-release -- or a "republication" as he put it -- of the highly lauded and equally obscure Nintendo RPG franchise on Twitter. Nintendo is no stranger to repackaging some of their more classic titles either as anthologies or revised updates featuring new graphics and additional bonus features never before seen in the original. From Super Mario Bros. to Pokémon, nearly every franchise has at least seen one re-release in some form or another within U.S. markets, but, despite the fervent pleas of the devoted and nostalgic, the company has always looked over giving the Super Nintendo's EarthBound its proper due with a second lease on life in America, not to mention two games from the series that never reached the West. Even if Itoi's words ring true, this history of neglect on Nintendo's part  is something that cannot be ignored any longer.

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  3. OUYA Can Play Emulated Games, Will Likely Be Its Sole Purpose

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's hardly been two weeks since OUYA development kits reached the hands of prospective and independent game developers everywhere, and already we've seen what may be the zenith of its potential. OUYA owners have been posting gameplay videos on the console's official message boards demonstrating that the console meant to revolutionize the home video game market and provide an outlet for developers is pretty much being used to run emulations of classic games of the past instead, especially titles from the immensely popular Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 systems.

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  4. Paul Rudd’s Super Nintendo Commercial from 1991

    Back in the winter of 1991, a fresh-faced, 22-year-old actor named Paul Rudd starred in a commercial for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which had just hit American shores that August. Must've been an easy gig, though: His slack-jawed excitement at getting to play titles like Pilotwings and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was clearly 100% genuine. (via Agent M Loves Tacos)

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  5. Mario Kart in Real Life: Or, a Celebration of Mario Racing Geekery [Slideshow]

    Bringing the world of Mario Kart to real life is nothing terribly new -- seriously, how great is it to bring anything Mario into the real world -- but Tomy has added a new wrinkle to this game. Now, you can race your remote controlled car and use power-ups against your competitors. Because striking down your foes with lightning wasn't sweet enough.

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  6. Make ROM Backups of Your Classic Games — Legally — With Retrode

    It used to be that if you wanted to make ROM file backups of your dusty old cartridge games, you had to have a pretty solid technical background and access to hard-to-find development software. Of course, you could just download ROMs from torrent sites, but the legality of doing so is murky even if you own the games in question -- and besides, then you can't carry over your saved games, which in addition to having sentimental value, could represent hours upon hours of work.

    Enter Retrode, a gadget that lets you legally make ROMs from your Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games and shoot them over to your computer via USB.

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  7. SNES, N64 Emulation may be Coming to iPad

    If ThinkGeek ever does get around to making that real-life iCade, it looks like you just may have something to do with it (if you don't mind voiding your iPad warranty and pissing off Nintendo): ZodTTD, the programmer who brought us classic gaming emulators for the iPhone like snes4iphone, psx4iphone, and gameboy4iphone, has unleashed a demo video of an un-jailbroken iPad playing Mario Kart. On Twitter, ZodTTD also posted a picture of an associate playing Super Mario 64 on a jailbroken iPad:

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