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Super Bowl

  1. Here’s the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Teased During the Super Bowl [Video]

    Maybe this super cold, snowy winter is just intense viral marketing for this movie?

    "Nerds" and "people who like football" aren't entirely mutually exclusive, but I'm guessing that some of you may have missed the new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that was teased during last night's Super Bowl. A short teaser with the National Anthem in the background played and then directed viewers to this one.

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  2. Our Favorite 2014 Super Bowl Ads Both Aired and Unaired [Video]

    Great Moments in Advertising

    Whether or not you care about the Super Bowl, you probably know that it marks the airing of some of the best commercials and that companies spend a lot of effort and money to make an impression. We've collected our favorite Super Bowl commercials as well as a couple commercials that won't be aired during the game but are clearly related to it.  From Tom Hiddleston in a Jaguar commercial to the Muppets being awesome, there's a lot to love here.  On a related note, if you're going to watch the Super Bowl and you see any gross and sexist ads, you can always tweet about them with the hashtag #notbuyingit to tell the advertisers you're not interested in the way they sell things. And hey, if you were only going to watch for the ads, accept this as your excuse to spend your day doing something else. Commercials start after the jump!

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  3. Watch the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl Here!

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    Regardless of how you feel about the Super Bowl and football in general or whether or not you care about the commercials, it's hard to beat the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.  For your enjoyment, here are livestreams of each. You are welcome.


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  4. Here’s How to Watch Today’s Super Bowl Commercials Without Watching the Dumb Super Bowl

    Football is the worst kind of ball.

    You may have noticed a common thread in today's Geekosystem posts. That thread, of course, is that football is boring. That's because it is. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl tend to be pretty good, and for years we've had to suffer through football to see them. No more. Here's how to watch just the commercials.

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  5. Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen Are A Little Confused About This Whole Super Bowl Thing

    I See What They Did There

    I don't know a lot about American football but I probably know less about the World Cup, or whatever. Talk to me about Quidditch and we're cool. Anyway, Sirs Stewart and McKellan are having a bit of fun with the Super Bowl here. I approve. (via SirPatStew on Twitter) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. British Supervillains Are 1000% Better Than Regular Ones, As This Jaguar Ad Shows Us [Video]

    It's because of the Revolutionary War, obviously.

    Like us, you've probably heard whispers around the Internet of Jaguar's Super Bowl ad, which features a bunch of British actors (Tom Hiddleston) talking about evil they are in a very suave and attractive way (Tom Hiddleston) and then getting our of helicopters like badasses and driving away in fancy cars. Oh, did we mention Tom Hiddleston is in it?

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  7. Uncle Jesse, Joey & Danny Tanner Are Still Living Together According To This Super Bowl Teaser

    Great Moments in Advertising

    The kids of Full House have been long gone but the bros just couldn't bear to be apart it seems. Bless you, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget. We'll see more Super Bowl Sunday. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. Princess The Football-Predicting Camel Has Passed Away, We Might As Well Cancel The Super Bowl

    God needed another 2,000 pound camel angel.

    Sports fans everywhere might not realize that for the past twenty years, the success of their favorite football teams was dependent on the will and predictions of an unlikely source: a 2,000 pound camel named Princess.

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  9. Penguins, Puppies, Pygmy Cats: Puppy Bowl X is Nigh!

    We have so much to live for.

    As far as we're concerned, life is just one big intermission between Shark Week and The Puppy Bowl. Thankfully, Feb. 2nd is almost upon us, and Animal Planet has lots of ways for us to chase the winter blues away while we wait for the shameless celebration of all the things cute.

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  10. Today in Geek History: Nabisco Introduces the Oreo

    In the distant future, when alien archaeologists dig through Earth's sediment and uncover traces of our glorious existence, they will inevitably unearth our most iconic product. They shall find the Oreo, the ubiquitous "chocolate sandwich cookies," which was introduced on this day in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company (aka Nabisco). That's right, Oreos are 101 years old. What did you do for its centenarian birthday last year?

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  11. The Super Bowl Ad We Forgot: the One With a Warrior Princess

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    In my rush to remember all the Super Bowl ads from last night that were worth remembering, I forgot this Toyota commercial. It's got a pretty familiar plot of a genie whose wishes always have a bit of an ironic twist to them. Sort of a monkey's paw kind of thing. Except there's one particular wish in here that gets an "ironic" twist that we have entirely non-ironic positive feelings for. See if you can figure out which one it is. (via Think Progress)

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  12. Monday Cute: Marta Makes Puppy Bowl MVP


    We were so struck by the idea of Baynonce this morning that we just didn't have time for a Monday Cute. Fortunately for us, Animal Planet has just announced their Puppy Bowl MVP, a little pup named Marta who stood up to a lot of canines twice her size. Yup. Everybody go home. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  13. Here Are The Trailers You Missed If You Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl Last Night [Video]

    Didn't watch the Super Bowl? Not even for the commercials? We understand -- large men being paid huge sums of money to run into one another very, very fast isn't exactly everyone's thing. In fact, when we put it like that, it can even sound like a rather silly pastime. Or maybe, like yours truly, you watched the game on CBS's stream, and didn't see the big budget commercials the event is famed for, instead being subjected to that stupid Blackberry commercial like a bazillion times. Either way, you're short new trailers -- and some new footage, even -- from Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Worry not, though -- you can check them out below. We won't even make you sit through a half hour of blackout to see them.

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  14. No, You Were Not the Only Person Who Thought of Bane When the Lights Went Out During the Superbowl

    Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

    Shortly after Beyonce's rocking Halftime show/impromptu Destiny's Child reunion last night, and less than two minutes into the second half of the forty-seventh Super Bowl, half of New Orleans' Superdome went black (or at the very least, quite dark) from a power outage that lasted more than half an hour. And many a nerd across America stood up from their couches, smirked, and said "This is where Bane walks out, right?" Hey, we watch the Super Bowl too, you know. At the very least to see the movie trailers, eat food, or because we learned to love the game in marching band. So just in case you are one of those nerds and thought that you might possibly be alone in making that connection, I've gathered together some evidence to the contrary. Because maybe it wasn't Bane who shut down the Superdome. Maybe it was... Baynonce.

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  15. This Autotuned Super Bowl Superfan Supercut Proves Folks Sure Do Like Sports [Video]

    We here at Geekosystem aren't what you'd call major sports fans. Well, except Ian, but he's the odd man out. Even so, we're more than willing to watch the Super Bowl when the time comes, and we get that people get really invested in their teams. Jimmy Fallon seems to understand this as well. He asked his viewers to submit videos of themselves in their team gear, talking about why they're fans, and saying "woo" at least once. Well, Fallon then had the people behind Auto-Tune the News make it into a music video, and it's glorious.

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  16. 2.1 Million People (Legally) Streamed the Super Bowl

    Using data from two measurement firms, Omniture and mDialog, NBC stated that 2.1 million tuned into the live stream of Super Bowl XLVI this year. Of course, NBC is counting the legal stream, and given the prevalence of illegal ones, one can only assume the total number of people who streamed the Super Bowl, regardless of legality, is much higher. In NBC's release, they said the legal stream of Super Bowl XLVI represented the most-watched single-game sports event online ever.

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  17. The Idea of Naked M&Ms Is a Little Weird, But It’s Not Really Nudity [Video]

    Great Moments in Advertising

    So, this was one of those "famous" fancy Super Bowl commercials (some of us actually, I don't know, watch it for the game, but okay) featuring the new female M&M. She is the brown-shelled one, and when some giggling, childish dudes see her at a nightclub (a place where M&Ms go), they think she's naked, with her naughty, chocolaty "skin" exposed for all to gawk and stare at. But the way I see it, I think everyone is way off base. None of these M&Ms are naked or appear naked. What they are is even more disturbing. What am I talking about? You'll have to come inside.

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  18. OK Go Plays Music By Running a Chevy Into, Over Things in Super Bowl Ad

    Thus far we have seen OK Go dance on treadmills, sing with dogs, perform with a camouflage marching band, and execute a song with a massive Rube Goldberg device. However, last night's Super Bowl ad may have topped them all for complexity, when the band used a specially modified Chevy Sonic to perform their song "Needing/Getting." It involves actuated mechanical arms, air-fed melodicas, a thousand wrecked instruments, and some pretty impressive stunt driving on the part of frontman Damian Kulash. Trust me, you need to see this.

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  19. Super Bowl Reaches Over 12,000 Tweets Per Second, Doesn’t Come Close to Annual Movie Screening’s Record

    With each subsequent big event, we continue to see Twitter's tweets per second record rise. Super Bowl XLVI was yesterday, and one can assume that Twitter was pretty active. If you didn't see the people you are following spamming your feed to death with extremely informative tweets like "!!!" or "omg," you still probably wouldn't be surprised to know that Twitter was quite active during the game, especially during the last three minutes, which is when the tweets per second count was at its highest. During the last three minutes of the game, a count of 12,233 tweets per second was reached. This eclipsed last year's Super Bowl tweets per second record of 4,064, but didn't come close to an annual Japanese screening of Castle in the Sky, which hit 25,088 tweets per second.

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  20. The Feds Take Down 307 Domains in Preparation for Super Bowl Sunday

    The big game is on Sunday, so what better time for the Federal government to start seizing sports-related domains left and right under charges of illegal streaming and sale of unauthorized merchandise? This has actually been going on for a while now, but today marks the largest seizure to date: 307 sites in total, 16 of which were allegedly doing the streaming thing, the rest allegedly handling the unauthorized merchandise part.

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