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  1. See Five Years In the Life Of the Sun In New Awesome NASA Time-Lapse Video

    Spoiler alert: The sun is cool-looking

    The sun is living a pretty interesting life out there. And NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) celebrated its five-year anniversary on Feb. 11th, which means they've treated us all to a five-year-spanning time-lapse of what the sun's been up to for those years. Predictably, it's pretty damn epic.

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  2. NASA Catches The Sun Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

    Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

    Trick or treat, smell my heat, give me something good to eat (like a planet)!

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  3. Scientists Have Found Our Sun’s First Sibling

    Welcome to the family, HD 162826!

    You can take the star out of the cloud of dust and gas, but you can't take the cloud out of the star. After years of searching a new study has identified the first ever star known to have emerged from the same "birth cluster" as our sun--and our celestial sister from the same space mister may host habitable planets.

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  4. Kate Mulgrew To Narrate A Film About How The Sun Revolves Around The Earth Because Everything Sucks

    Set phasers to sadness.

    It's a sad day for fans of Star Trek Voyager : Captain Kathryn Janeway herself is lending her voice to a "documentary" about how the Sun revolves around the Earth and how NASA is leading a conspiracy to keep the truth away from us. Oh, boy.

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  5. Miserable Alien Life is Possible Around Bigger, Brighter and Hotter Stars

    At least they're not death stars.

    Move over sun, there may be a bigger star to steal the spotlight. Recent studies suggest that hotter and brighter stars are capable of providing the right conditions to form life.

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  6. Good News, Everyone! The Sun Won’t Actually Die As Soon As We Thought

    The bad news is that death, however slow its approach, continues to be inescapable.

    We know you were all worried about the possibility of our  sun becoming too hot and eventually drying up all the Earth's oceans with its fiery wrath. Well, it's okay! You can all relax now. It's probably going to happen a few billion years later than we thought it would, so we have plenty of time to destroy the planet ourselves first.

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  7. Stare At The Sun All You Like With Spectacular New Images From IRIS

    Carol never wore her safety goggles. Now she's missing out on some awesome space pics.

    Ever since IRIS opened its telescopic doors on July 17th of this year, it's been hard at work getting us awesome photos of the Sun so scientists can get a better look at its surface. We saw the telescope's very first pictures about four months ago, but they were still kind of rough at that stage. Now we've got better ones, and boy, are they gorgeous.

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  8. Comet ISON Could Give Us a Pretty Good Light Show, If the Sun Doesn’t Tear It Apart

    Maybe the sun is just jealous of other balls of light in the sky?

    The comet ISON has been hurtling around the sun for over 4 billion years, and on Thanksgiving, it will get so close to the sun that it temperature will reach 5,000 degrees, which is hot enough to melt iron. At that distance, it will also be exposed to the sun's powerful tidal forces, which may rip the relatively small comet apart completely.

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  9. NASA’s Instagram of the Sun’s Atmosphere is Beautiful and Frightening

    Don't make the sun angry. You wouldn't like it when it's angry.

    NASA posted a picture on Instagram today that looks like some kind of horrifying death ray from a sci-fi movie. In reality, it is a picture of the aftermath of a solar filament eruption on the Sun, which does nothing to ease our fears of something from space killing us in a fiery apocalypse.

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  10. Yes, It’s Possible the Earth Could Survive the Death of the Sun — Not Likely — but Possible

    It's amazing what you learn by reading more than a headline.

    On Wednesday we shared the latest video by AsapSCIENCE, a YouTube channel we love, that asked the question, "Can we survive the Sun's death?" It's an interesting video that concludes that it actually is possible, but the reaction by many Twitter users has been dismissive. We'll explain further, since they clearly didn't watch the video.

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