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Street Fighter

  1. Things We Saw Today: A Condensed, 8-Bit Version of The Walking Dead

    It's dangerous to go alone.

    If you're behind on The Walking Dead, this 8-bit NES-style recap should get you shambling up to speed in no time.

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  2. These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole ‘Nother Level

    Hey! Listen!

    I enjoy making papercraft in my spare time, but this...I bow to this. These amazing dioramas are created by a gent named Wuppes, who clearly knows his way around a cutting board. Arcade and console classics are his jam, and he's got replicas of everything from The Legend of Zelda to Bubble Bobble. Click through to have a gander at his work.

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  3. Watch the New Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Webseries That Puts Street Fighter Movies to Shame

    Unless you're into "so bad it's good." Then, you probably love the Street Fighter movie.

    Street Fighter movies have been, let's say, less than great. So, Joey Ansah, Christian Howard, Mike Moh, and some other dedicated Street Fighter fans, martial artists, and film professionals took matters into their own hands, and now you can watch the awesome results in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

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  4. A Special Editors’ Picks-Only Episode of The Geekosystem Podcast This Week With “It’s Animorphin’ Time!”

    Time? Where we're going, we don't need time.

    We were pressed for time this week, so it's a special short Editors' Picks episode this time around. We still manage to get in a fair bit of arguing, particularly about pronunciation. Here's what we're into this week!

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  5. Blanka Tries to Convince Us He’s Not a Baby-Eating Monster in Street Fighter Red Tape

    The TSA's guidelines on monster travel are surprisingly thorough.

    The logistics of a green, electric monster (whose dietary habits remain the object of speculation) participating in a worldwide street fighting tournament aren't easily dealt with. He might have trouble getting through customs, but the Street Fighter legal department isn't even sure they can get him on the plane.

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  6. Joey Ansah Has Strong Feelings About Street Fighter Characters, and That’s What Makes Assassin’s Fist So Great

    Unlike my strong feelings about video games, which just lead to me playing too many video games.

    Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist's Joey Ansah has strong feelings about the way licensed movies are handled, and it really shows through in the series. The story deals with the origins of Ryu, Ken, their master, and Akuma, and instead of shying away from taking these characters seriously, it uses characterization to drive the action.

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  7. The Pete Holmes Show’s Street Fighter Red Tape Finally Brings in Guile

    Ah yes, ol' Camp Boot. Home of the boot camp.

    So, we love The Pete Holmes Show, but we also know that it sometimes tends to beat its recurring sketch concepts into the ground just a bit. Damn it if the mere sight of Joel McHale in a Guile wig didn't almost make me spit my coffee out all over my computer, though. You keep doin' you, Pete. And God bless America!

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  8. Pete Holmes Has Some Bad News for Ken in Latest Street Fighter: Red Tape Sketch

    You're just a blonde, headbandless, red Ryu, Ken.

    In the latest episode of the Street Fighter: Red Tape sketch series from The Pete Holmes Show, Pete has some bad news for Ken about his application to be in the next tournament. It turns out they've already got a Ryu.

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  9. Round Two! Disney Heroines As Street Fighter Characters

    Last year, we shared the first batch of Mike V's re-imagined Disney heroines. Today, some new challengers appear. I know Mulan's the obvious choice here, but personally? My money's on Lilo. Hit the jump to see our favorites.

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  10. Kumail Nanjiani Plays Dhalsim in Latest Pete Holmes Show “Street Fighter: Red Tape” Sketch

    Yoga bureaucracy!

    In the latest installment of the "Street Fighter: Red Tape" sketch from The Pete Holmes Show, comedian Kumail Nanjiani threw on a baby skull necklace to play Dhalsim. The problem this time around is how does one market a violent yoga "master"?

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