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  1. Study Finds That Netflix, Hulu Users Prefer to Watch Way Too Many Episodes Of Their Favorite Shows At Once. You Don’t Saaaay?

    Today In Obvious

    Not that I speak from experience. I absolutely did not stay up until the wee hours last night watching an entire season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Nope. Why would you say that?

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  2. New Sailor Moon Will Stream Simultaneously Worldwide This Winter

    i'll just leave this here

    First the bad news. The new Sailor Moon anime that was announced last year will be ready to air this winter, not this summer, as planned. The good news is that the new anime will not air only in Japan. It was announced at the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event #2 that the new show, which was announced at last year's Anniversary Event, will be available to stream worldwide when it airs, allowing fans in many countries to enjoy more crime fighting and magic from the Sailor Senshi.

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  3. Seattle Public Library Introduces Free Video Streaming Service

    No, it's not exactly Netflix grade. But then again, you're not paying for it either.

    Want streaming video on your computer but don't love paying for services like Netflix or Hulu? Well good news, skinflint -- if you live in Seattle that is. Seattle Public Library just announced a new service that allows patrons to stream videos and music through a service known as Hoopla for free.

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  4. Excited to Binge Watch All of Amazon’s Original Shows? Too Bad!

    There's something to be said for losing a weekend watching every episode of a season, but Amazon is banking on a different plan.

    Amazon is diving into the original streaming content pool with its political comedy Alpha House sometime late 2013 or early 2014, but when it does come out it's not going to be coming out all at once, according to executive producer Jonathan Alter. There go your plans for a 10-episode John Goodman marathon. So what is their plan exactly?

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  5. The Upcoming Shows That Make Me Glad I Have a Hulu Account

    As I was scrolling through shows on my Hulu account the other day, I noticed that they posted trailers for all their upcoming shows. I took some time to watch them all, and while some were better than others, overall I'm actually pretty pumped about most of them. Here's a quick rundown of the Hulu shows that have me excited.

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  6. Amazon Prime Matches Netflix Monthly Plan, Still Offers Everything From Before

    Amazon's really wanting to bolster their Amazon Prime subscriptions, apparently. The annual subscription, which runs $79, wasn't cutting it for them. If you're the type of person that regularly purchases items from the online retailer, the annual account's worth it for the free two-day delivery alone. In addition to that, Amazon Prime also offers a collection of television shows and films that subscribers can watch, like Netflix. Also like Netflix, Amazon Prime's just added a $7.99 monthly plan. That means streaming plus all the other goodies associated with an Amazon Prime account for the same price as just streaming elsewhere.

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  7. Dish No Longer Looking to Turn Blockbuster Into Netflix Rival, Might Not Know What to Do With It

    When Blockbuster was snatched up by Dish Network, the plan was to turn the brand into something of a Netflix rival by providing streaming content to mobile devices sold by Dish. Unfortunately, Dish's expectations of federal approval didn't come to fruition, and so that plan initially fizzled and now it looks like they're not going to pursue it further. It looks like Charlie Ergen, founder and chairman of Dish, might not know what exactly to do with Blockbuster now that they have it.

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  8. Amazon Prime Instant Video Will Soon Include Most of Netflix’s Newest Films

    These days, Netflix doesn't garner as many new releases as it once could claim. When the streaming service lost Starz, they also lost the ability to show off a good deal of Disney and Sony content. Now it looks like the service will have even less to differentiate itself from Amazon Prime Instant Video, as Amazon has entered into "a multi-year licensing agreement" with Epix -- the same "premium entertainment network" from which Netflix gets a number of its new releases.

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  9. Turns Out Only About Half of the U.S. Can Actually Stream Video From Netflix

    the internet is serious business

    If there's an inherent bias in blogging, it's that the blogger and their audience, are necessarily in a place that has a steady internet connection. Don't got an internet connection? You're way less likely to blog, read a blog, comment on a blog, or get into the ideas that regularly sweep the internet. The internet idea that's probably most relevant to this particular news item? That the world is ready for streaming, a la carte television to become the default way that folks get their cable subscriptions delivered to them.

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  10. It’s Not Just You: Many People Are Cutting Their Cable Loose In Favor of Streaming (Legal and Otherwise)

    And So It Begins

    If you have found yourself making the decision to dump your cable company and just see what's available online, you are part of a growing TV audience that is moving further and further away from conventional cable. About 1.5 million households canceled their cable subscriptions in 2011, which is a small but significant drop in the cable-viewing audience. Instead, these defectors are moving on to online streaming on sites like Hulu (for now, at least), Netflix, iTunes, and other -- ahem -- less legal venues. Some say it's a direct result of the recession, and cable companies might want to do a little soul-searching to retain -- and regain -- their audiences.

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  11. UPDATED: Pretty Soon You’ll Need To Pay For Cable To Use Hulu


    Bad news, Hulu users. It was revealed today that the streaming service is taking the first steps toward making you prove you are a pay-TV customer before being able to watch anything. Please don't throw anything at your computer monitor, you still need it to read The Mary Sue. Editor's note: We have some updated information on this news after the jump.

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  12. Tom Hanks Brings Futurist Series Electric City to Yahoo

    Venerable search engine-homepage-media company Yahoo has announced that Oscar winning actor and nice dude Tom Hanks will be streaming an original, scripted sci-fi webseries called Electric City through the company's video service. This would be Yahoo's first foray into scripted content, after greatly expanding their video service.

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  13. Disney-ABC Teams Up With Netflix and Amazon to Stream Alias, Lost, and More

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Netflix continues to step up their streaming library: A new deal was announced with Disney-ABC this morning, and now several shows that have appeared on ABC, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel will stream on Netflix. But that's not all -- another deal with Amazon Prime will give their streaming service the same shows, adding 800 episodes to their library. Not to be outdone, the deal with Netflix will make new episodes available 30 days after they air on network TV. So, this morning, Netflix and Amazon looked at each other and said, "Well played. Well played, indeed."

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  14. Netflix Dropping Qwikster, Will Deliver DVDs Under Netflix Name (Just Like It’s Been Doing)

    Never Mind

    Hey, remember that time Netflix said that they were "making some changes," that it was going to be exclusively streaming and separate its instant video from its DVD delivery service? Well, as Emily Litella would say, "Never mind!" Netflix has announced that just three weeks after announcing Qwikster for DVD delivery, it's ditching that idea and just sticking to offering all services as Netflix. Oh, Netflix, you incorrigible scamp.

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  15. DreamWorks Animation Ditches HBO For Netflix

    And So It Begins

    In a move that further emphasizes the growing impact of streaming video over paid TV channels, DreamWorks Animation has passed on a deal with HBO to stream its content on Netflix instead. This comes after the failure to renegotiate a new deal with Starz, which said that come February, it will no longer be streaming content on Netflix that includes movies from Sony and Disney. So, score one for streaming video and Netflix, which really, really needed a victory.

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  16. Netflix Will Start Streaming Discovery Channel Shows, Mythbusters Too? Pretty Please?

    and let it be known

    Right in the middle of this, shall we say, turbulent week for Netflix, the soon-to-be "exclusively streaming" video company has announced that it has made a deal with Discovery Communications to stream shows from several of its satellite channels, such as TLC, Science, and Animal Planet. That includes shows such as Man Vs. Wild, Say Yes to the Dress, and, we really, really hope Mythbusters. Seriously, does this mean we'll be able to stream Mythbusters? Because that would be the really good news.

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  17. The Best Science Fiction Shows Without “Star” in the Title Available on Netflix Watch Instantly

    If there’s something to be said about streaming video instantly via Netflix, it’s that the ability to pick up and watch shows that long ago saw their final credit sequences is almost magical. There’s nothing quite like hitting a few buttons to have a show that went off the air years and years ago back in pristine condition. I suppose having the discs in whichever format that is currently preferred comes close. But we’re a people that have grown accustomed to instant gratification and, well, this is instant streaming. Why go out and buy full seasons of older shows when you can just sit back and enjoy them without ever changing out of your pajamas? Why even put pajamas on? Some of the best that Netflix happens to be streaming currently comes in the variety of science fiction television shows. Lots and lots of them. That said, there are obviously the classics. Just about anything with the word “star” in the name would automatically make any normal list of this kind. So, ignoring anything with the word “star” in it, I present the science fiction shows you should be watching right now

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  18. Cable Companies Claim iPads Are TVs

    Brace yourselves, because you might start rooting for the cable companies on this one, and I know how shocking that could be for some of you. In a series of statements, different cable providers are arguing that iPads and other devices are essentially TVs and that they, the cable cos, can distribute content to them under existing agreements. At issue are apps and alternative viewing methods provided by the cable companies to their users. For instance, Time Warner Cable (until recently) allowed users to view TV content via an app. It's these non-traditional viewing methods that are under attack, and that cable companies are desperate to defend in order to keep you, the little guy, from throwing out your set-top-box and blissfully watching Netflix and/or Hulu until the cows come home. Though I am loath to say it, having more options to view content does diversify the streaming video marketplace, giving customers lots of options. Moreover, it makes purchasing cable through providers a little more worthwhile, since you can get the content you're paying for whenever you want. But deeper still, this seems to show how scared cable companies are of services like Hulu, and how real competition in the video space actually is making it a more dynamic marketplace. (via Broadband Convergent, image via Steve Rider)

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  19. Is Amazon Competing with Netflix Now?

    Amazon has reported major profits selling books. Is it trying to take over streaming online video as well? Engadget reports that for a little while, Amazon Prime subscribers saw a screen offering free streaming video, which looks a lot like Netflix Watch Instantly. Does this mean Netflix might have something to worry about?

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