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Steven Moffat

  1. Moffat Says We’re All Wrong About What Number Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Is

    It's not every day that I agree with Moffat.

    Doctor Who fans have grown comfortable over the years with referring to each successive incarnation of the Doctor by their numerical order, but current showrunner Steven Moffat threw a wrench into things with the introduction of the War Doctor who came between the Eighth and Ninth Doctors. The idea that the numbers for the following Doctors might have to change has caused an unexpected rift in the fandom, so Moffat has decided that we're all wrong.

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  2. Doctor Who Script Leak Leads to Disciplinary Action

    They'll be sorry. So sorry.

    BBC Worldwide has begun pursuing disciplinary action in response to the script and episode leaks last week.

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  3. Doctor Who News Roundup: Comedian Cast, New Scriptwriter Announced, And a Crazy Moffat Star Wars Rumor

    We've got more news than Satellite 5!

    The eighth season of Doctor Who doesn't premiere until August, but we're hearing more and more news about it all the time. For example, comedian and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar (pictured above) is apparently going to be a part of the finale episode, which is pretty rad. Oh, also, we heard this really weird rumor about Steven Moffat and Star Wars that we obviously need to discuss, because what now?

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  4. Things Get Victorian In First Pic From The Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

    "F***ity hi!"

    Sure, we've seen set pics and trailers before, but this is the first image actually from season 8 of Doctor Who. I can't tell, but it sure looks like Peter Capaldi's Twelve might be rocking some fingerless gloves, Aidan Turner in Being Human-style (oh, those were the days). Steven Moffat also had some things to say to Entertainment Weekly about the premiere episode, titled "Deep Breath" and featuring the return of the Paternoster Gang (Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax).

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  5. Steven Moffat Reveals Actual Details For Sherlock Season 4!

    The game will eventually be afoot!

    Just yesterday, Sherlock star Martin Freeman seemed to be talking about of turn yet again by suggesting the series would return first for a Christmas Special before an official Season 4. Someone, the word "bollocks" was shouted and today, Steven Moffat has made an official announcement on Sherlock's return.

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  6. Doctor Who Cast Will Not Be Making Appearances at SDCC This Year

    Wibbly Wobbly Womp Womp.

    San Diego Comic-Con is an overwhelming time for many a nerd. So many panels to attend! So many booths to visit. So many fandoms to emotionally invest in! But good news for some of you: it might be a little less stressful for Whovians this year, because you won't have to wait in long lines for a Doctor-themed panel. The bad news is that it's because there won't be one.

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  7. Today in British TV: Paul McGann’s Pick for Lady Doctors, “Brilliant” Peter Capaldi, Sherlock Alum Joins Ripper Street

    Timey wimey, spacey wacey.

    Plus: Paul McGann says a Doctor Who video that set the ‘net abuzzing when it was released before the 50th Anniversary special will be getting a sequel. This news is not as good as it could be.

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  8. You Won’t Need a TARDIS To Meet the Doctor on Doctor Who‘s First International Tour

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances


    The BBC has just announced that Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman will be visiting seven cities in five continents this summer as part of an international, whirlwind Doctor Who tour. Are any of those cities yours?

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Matt Smith is Shocked

    Things We Saw Today

    I think I need this decal on every single one of my outlets. (via ElectricStickerCo on Etsy) 

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  10. Number Crunching Doctor Who Shows Reduced Roles for Female Characters in Moffat Era

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

    For her Media Research Methods course, Rebecca Moore and several other students did a bunch of observation and data analysis right along the lines of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Except instead of focusing broadly on television and movies, with is difficult and expensive enough, they narrowed their focus to Doctor Who, and even further to the first six seasons of the show's modern run. Specifically, Moore, et al., were focusing on a few quantifiable attributes of the treatment of female characters, in order to confirm or deny more anecdotal claims that the show's depiction of gender has become less progressive since the ascension of current show runner Steven Moffat.

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