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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Stephane Roux

What It Says On the Tin

Wonder Woman and Superman Are Ready to Bring the Pain If You Don’t Go To New York Comic Con

This new New York Comic Con poster, drawn by Stephane Roux, pairs Wonder Woman and Superman with the completed World Trade Center tower. We think it looks pretty cool. As DC Women Kicking Ass points out, Wonder Woman is refreshingly light on the cleavage, plus she’s not wearing implausible-for-flight-scenes heels and she and Supes look like they’re ready and willing to kick some butt with their super-muscly gams. Even if Diana’s left leg looks attached at an odd angle and her ribs are weirdly prominent, on balance we at TMS approve.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive

The Mary Sue Exclusive: the Cover of Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #7

Grace Randolph‘s series about what happens when the problems of superheroes intersect with the problems of their normal spouses continues with #7, out in May. Boom! Studios offered us this exclusive look at Stephane Roux‘s cover art and the issue’s synopsis!