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Steam Greenlight

  1. Things We Saw Today: This Captain Marvel Jacket Is Superfly

    And cozy. Oh God, does it look cozy.

    This handmade Captain Marvel-inspired jacket is available for $60 in sizes XXS-5XL from Etsy seller Dorisz1dSz. Shhhh, wallet. Shhhhh.

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  2. Hatred, A Game About a Serial Mass Murderer, Has Been Banned From Steam Greenlight

    Hatred's trailer made waves earlier this back in October for being... well, pretty disturbing. Basically, it's about a serial mass murderer who goes on a 'genocidal crusade' against innocent civilians because he hates the world—you know, every goth middle schooler's dream! But now the game's getting attention not for its hyper violence, but for getting banned off of Steam Greenlight.

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  3. Steam Compromises on Greenlight Fee, Adds Concepts Tab That Doesn’t Solve Problem

    When Steam Greenlight first launched, developers could freely add their video games to the mix and take their chances at bubbling to the top for a shot at being on Steam. Unfortunately, this submission process appears to have been largely unmoderated. Things quickly devolved, and Greenlight became a stream of horrifying and pornographic endeavors. Steam quickly instituted a $100 fee to curb this onslaught, but that outraged the indie community. As something of a compromise, Steam Greenlight now includes a Concepts tab where folks can throw up ideas to see if they stick before taking the $100 plunge.

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  4. Steam Greenlight Actually Comes Through, First Game Now Available

    Steam Greenlight, and by extension Valve, has been accepting community votes to determine what games they should bring to the service. The list of the first ten games chosen for review was released two weeks ago, and now the very first title of the initial batch has been made available: McPixel. Granted, McPixel was already available through the developer, but this is first of what hopefully will become a long line of titles brought to Steam through their Greenlight endeavors.

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  5. Steam Gives Green Light to First Batch of Greenlight Games

    It's been less than two weeks since Valve first launched their Steam Greenlight service, but the company has already made their first batch of picks. This comes after the community waded through the various submissions to cast their votes as they saw fit, allowing those games eventually chosen by Valve to reach a certain threshold. Only 10 made the cut this first time, and now the real discussions start happening with the folks behind those games on bringing them to Steam.

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  6. Steam Adds $100 Submission Fee to Greenlight, Displeases Developers

    Steam Greenlight recently released to much fanfare. The system provides a way for indie developers to potentially appear on Steam while also gauging the community's response. Essentially, if a game receives enough positive attention from users, Valve will look at releasing it on their platform. This bypasses all the hassle previously needed to see an indie game appear on the service. Much like anything that accepts public submissions on the Internet, however, Greenlight has had a fairly poor signal to noise ratio. To help cut the wheat for the chaff, Valve has implemented a $100 submission fee. Some folks aren't so happy about this.

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