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  1. Sleepy Hollow Alum to Star Alongside Bruce Campbell in Starz’s Evil Dead Series

    Join us...

    Way to keep making an improbable project seem significantly cooler, Starz: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Girlfriends and Sleepy Hollow actress Jill Marie Jones has signed on to co-star in the 10-episode Evil Dead sequel series Ash vs. Evil Dead.

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  2. Here’s Outlander‘s Official Return Trailer & Some Talk Of A Certain Impending Scene

    Let's discuss.

    I'm just gonna come out and say that I'm pretty scared about Outlander's April 4 return.

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  3. Here’s A Tease For Outlander‘s Return, Looming Darkness & All

    Oh, aye, Sassenach.

    Here's your reminder that Outlander is returning eventually (April 4), and as Sam Heughan says, "if you liked the first half of the season, the second half of the season's a lot darker."

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  4. Brace Yourselves, Deadites. Bruce Campbell Promises the Evil Dead TV Series Is “the Real Deal”


    Evil Dead is coming back again, but this isn't going to be a quick cash-in remake. The movie series is getting a true continuation on TV in Ash Vs. Evil Dead with its original characters, creators, and even iconic star Bruce Campbell, and he's got a lot to say about why this new show is the "real deal" that fans have been waiting for.

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  5. So We’re Getting an Evil Dead TV Series Starring BRUCE CAMPBELL

    Raised from the dead by the Necremakeicon.

    Evil Dead will rise from the grave again—this time, thanks to Starz. The premium network will bring Sam Raimi and producing partner Rob Tapert back together with none other than Bruce Campbell as the series' main character, Ash. Groovy.

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  6. Watch Bear McCreary Performing Songs From The Outlander Score Live At SDCC

    Oh, aye, Sassenach.

    Outlander premiered this year at San Diego Comic-Con, and composer/super-talented performer Bear McCreary was there to bless the audience with his music. Here with fiddler Paul Cartwright and singer Raya Yarbrough, McCreary performs the themes from Outlander.

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  7. Bryan Fuller On American Gods: Casting A White Man To Play Shadow Would Make Us TV’s “Biggest Assholes”

    And a bunch of A-Holes they are not.

    When a beloved book is adapted for film or TV, fans are going to have a lot of understandable concerns: will the spirit of the original work be destroyed? Will the adaptation be crafted by the right creative talent? And will any and all of the story's diversity be honored? In the case of Starz's series adaptation of American Gods: yes, absolutely, and praise be to Bryan Fuller.

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  8. Bryan Fuller Promises American Gods Adaptation Will Have A Similar Scope To Game of Thrones, Says Gaiman “G.D. Better” Write Episodes

    Everything's coming up Gaiman.

    It just keeps getting better: For Gods fans who might have been worried that the spirit and enormous scope of the novel would be lost in its transition to the small screen, Fuller made some statements today that should reassure even the most intense of Gaiman purists.

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  9. Outlander Already Renewed For Second Season; Star Sam Heughan Auditioned For Game of Thrones Seven Times

    That's—wait for it—outlandish!

    Only one episode of the time-traveling bodice ripper that is Outlander has actually aired on the Starz network so far, but the show's definitely coming back for another season. Gosh, I can't imagine why everyone's so interested in... um... what was I saying? I got distracted by Sam Heughan's withering Scottish smolder. Excuse me.

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  10. Highlanders Rejoice: The Entire First Episode Of Outlander Is Online

    Oh, aye, Sassenach.

    Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series is being adapted into a TV show by Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore for Starz, and it's premiering August 9th. But lucky for you, lovers of burly Scottish men and time travel stories, you can watch the entire first episode of Outlander right now, right here.

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